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  1. Little information needed

    Thanks for the information.
  2. Little information needed

    Thank you for the information.
  3. Little information needed

    Hey there guys, once again sorry if those answered in the past, but can't seem to find a corresponding answer, will we have our vehicles in TownSquare for the Pleage we have paid for? And also will their be any RolePlay involved besides the basics of living life like Sims? Can we drive our vehicles? Will we be able to choose our careers ? And can I also get a link to what SWAT module is. Thank you very much for your help. Sorry if this was already answered can't find it.
  4. Release date

    Thank you very much for your help.
  5. Release date

    Hello there citizens of identityrpg, I would truly like to apologize if this question was asked in the past. I joined this forums last night and supported the developers because I like the way this project is coming out. I just wanted to know when will this game be playable for Pleagers, once again I am sorry if this question was asked in the past, please do not come to this thread and start telling me things, I am just looking for a simple direct answer not a tutor.