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  1. Heya all ya wonderful folks! My name is NoUnicornNo and I hail from the USA or as many in my country like to phrase it the Trumpocrasy. I am an artist - both working digitally and in oil paints and well anything else that catches my fancy. Been screwing around with the magicalness of resin sculpting......I also 3D Model and work primarily out of Maya however I am currently trying to transition towards 3D Coat....hmm love me some Zbrush as well. I have a cat named Jasper who owns my soul. What else...ah...hmm... I also enjoy growing potatoes and making Vodka out of them. (shrugs) well this is my intro and I'm looking forward to running around getting into mischief in game with all y'all deviants!
  2. 4 the Artists

    So painting using an *in Game I suppose it would serve immersion if they sold paint tubes and degradable brushes..which would allow for indepth mixing possibilities so the game wouldn't be flooded with paintings all using the same Cadmium Red....if artists were able to craft custom frames and stretch their own canvas.....maybe for metal sculptors having a tool like an angle grinder and metal be voxel based while sculpting haha oh man I'm sure the developers and programmers have enough on their plate but it sure would be interesting to see how far this can run from an artists viewpoint producing their work from within Identities engine. * if the paint tube hues "quality" were influenced by the artists lvl of pigment mixing...haha Man I can't wait for Identity to launch!!!
  3. 4 the Artists

    Hmm so what software is the in game illustration tool most like....Photoshop / Painter/...Sai I work mainly out of Photoshop so I am just wondering what sort of curve I'm looking at
  4. So I create digital art and was wondering....would I be able to somehow import my art into Identity and sell it (for Identity cred at least) via a gallery store (I or another enterprising art peer in-game operate) or some such. That would be fantastic and wonderful & you would win all the apples. * Apples may not be turned in for Oranges
  5. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Sweet models - are you good folks using substance in your pipeline? That texturing is tops
  6. So would it be possible if someone loves creating 3D assets they could design and sell them on Identity as viable assets for others to use? Sort of like how there is SimResource for the Sims. ex. Art Nouveau Table Set