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  1. Ummm ?

    you just not informed correctly, they re made TS 3 times, fired and hired new people because the quality of the game was not on point , thats one reason why they had to restart ts.
  2. Anyone still play?

    and where did i say u are? i said IF, if you're not hating everything s fine bruv
  3. Anyone still play?

    what lights? in the appartment? they work for me, also i havent got lag... To answer the topic question: I dont play anymore really, but i keep following the development, im so excited for the full game! i'll play when new updates and content are out, i check every update ingame ;D But you know what? it doens't matter that people aren't playing right now! TS was meant to give us a first view of the game so we can see what to expect, what we can do etc. And they did just that! If you're hating because TS is small, hasnt got much content etc, get over it! it s meant to be that way! It s not meant to be a full game where people keep playing for weeks and weeks!
  4. Constructional Thoughts

    You can get gta 5 for 30$, sometimes less:p
  5. 💒 Add a church in the town square 👰

    you'll be able to marry in the full game if im not mistaken, so they might add a church later, not sure how they plan to add marriage.
  6. Lighting in buildings

    if you like to report things, go to the bug report section
  7. Town Square isn't what people are portraying it as.

    Well since u were gone u kind of missed al the problems haha, they have been pushing out updates very well and alot of bugs are already fixed and the game is pretty proper playable right now. it's still got some bugs and glitches but they are still fixing stuff. Be happy u missed the buggy launch and enjoy the game now ; D
  8. i ve done everything, mostly just chillin in the lobby, sometimes meeting people or you encounter random small roleplays or random talking and fun stuff, curious to see what the future is bringing!
  9. You do realise gta 5 is 60-70 gb right?
  10. Developer blog.

    probably, but that's not good at all, they used to release dev blogs somewhat at the beginning of the month. They said the dev blogs would stop and they would bring identity insiders, but i don't see them coming
  11. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    using "one task left" does not mean anything anymore, it s been one task for 1.5 - 2 months
  12. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    5 months ago we were also "close":p
  13. are we even going to see identity

    Sent u a pm!
  14. Opinions.

    uhmm, he meant the CARS cost a whole day salary, and he is right with that! To me the prices for appartments, cars are just ridiculous x D
  15. Dev blog?

    it s not coming out today i guess:p i start to assume we just get 2 dev blogs in september, if they can handle that