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  1. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    using "one task left" does not mean anything anymore, it s been one task for 1.5 - 2 months
  2. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    5 months ago we were also "close":p
  3. are we even going to see identity

    Sent u a pm!
  4. Opinions.

    uhmm, he meant the CARS cost a whole day salary, and he is right with that! To me the prices for appartments, cars are just ridiculous x D
  5. Dev blog?

    it s not coming out today i guess:p i start to assume we just get 2 dev blogs in september, if they can handle that
  6. Everyone is mad, and I get why but...

    if they need time till late september , early october to complete this one task, they have literally been working 2+ months on that one task, doesn't that sound ridiculous?
  7. Everyone is mad, and I get why but...

    here is the topic again, stating "making a game costs time", and i understand that, but how in the world do they manage to work one month on one task being something with the inventory ui, i know bugs pop up, but that one task taking one month? sounds ridiculous to me!
  8. Biggest Development Flaws

    i agree! in the beginning i also recommended this game to my friends, one friend even pledged! but now, i would NOT recommend the game at all, because of all these flaws. What about the dev blog? is it coming in september, together with the dev blog from september? is it maybe coming in october? what about that ONE TASK of coding, it takes a month to get one problem solved?? i understand that making a game takes long, but taking a month to get one thing correct and get all the bugs out? wow! i am really really losing sympathy for this game, and that sucks because i was really hyped for the game but that is really dying down now, and im 100% sure i am not the only person who has this feeling!
  9. Everyone STOP!!!!

    this game might come out in 10 years or so, i really am losing trust in this game! It takes sooo long to just finish one damn task, the dev blog is sooo late, it already almost september, time for ANOTHER dev blog, so are they releasing 2 dev blogs in september? no real transparency, not much communication, ... I agree making a game takes a long time, but this long??
  10. 14 days with no dev blog ?

    it s still not out, and they wanted it out a week ago x D It keeps becoming later and later that they're dropping the dev blogs.
  11. Much upgrade higher prices now

    In my opinion, prices are insane x D 100$ for an appartment? even 300 for the penthouse? That's aloot of money!
  12. Last task

    i know they want everything to be perfect, but saying that one fix brings more bugs, and this one task taking weeks and weeks, how is that possible? this makes me think that the persons working on this task is either not skilled enough, or almost not spending time on it...
  13. Town Square Server Size

    Nop not at all, devs confirmed 50 people per server for town square....
  14. they won't soon, but i assume they also only started it recently since the other task was done. Since that task took weeks, i bet this task will also take weeks, so it might be done at the end of august.
  15. Town Square Server Size

    ther eare planned to have 50 players in every town square server. Full game is supposed to have 300+ people in a server.