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  1. Uhm, why?

    Why is everybody here asking to most irrelevant questions? Why would you wanna know if this game will have a launcher, or will receive updates through a launcher (just an example and yes this question has bee asked), I see so many bullshit questions. Why the fuck.
  2. Long early access, game will die

    Just like H1Z1 or other early access games, if Identity will allow players to play very early when there isn't a lot to do, people will stop playing it, before it even releases
  3. Why Is identity so delayed?

    It'll be worth it
  5. Where can I read the English Q&A?
  6. TheDynasty Posted a new Q&A with the devs!

    tbh, I didn't like TheDynasty, but he did a great Q&A!
  7. Counting the days

    The Town Square module is already 18 days late! Great! Let's see how fucking long this will take
  8. Will the "Town Square" module be late ?

    No it won't be in time.
  9. Just discovered you can have a .gif as a profile picture lol

    1. flowermouth
    2. winampw
    3. Dscheksn


      I'm on it :) Still don't want to pick the first garbage that comes up. It has to be something with understatement that people recognize when they see it ^^

  10. • QUESTION: Starter Items?

    Wait, some say temporary hotel room and someone else said apartment... What exactly do we get lmao
  11. Couple of questions :P [POLL]

    Hmm that's smart, thanks!
  12. Discord invite?

    Sup guys I'd like to join the Discord
  13. Couple of questions :P [POLL]

    What whould you do else? (for the poll)
  14. Hey guys! Love the idea of Identity but I've got some questions: 1. How will this giant game ever be completed with a small group of (some even parttime) developers? 2. How can a governor create new laws? Really make a difference for a town? 3. Drug trafficing, really cool, but why would anyone in Identity buy drugs? There won't be any profit for people that make drugs. 4. Wouldn't it be a kind of fucked up world when 25% of the people play as a cop? Thanks in advance!