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  1. Heii I hope a developer can answer it.. an approximate size is enough for me^^ greetings from germany John Allington
  2. Heii everyone^^ Does anyone know how much memory Identity will use? Because we have to download it.. so yeah.. Greetings from germany John Allington
  3. How many GB will Identity take?

    maybe i got it wrong... Identity will be realeased in Q2 or Q3 in 2018? And the Beta will playable in Q1 2018? Geetz John
  4. How many GB will Identity take?

    Okee.. thanks for the info.. yep the first module.. I'm so excited *o* but you dont know when it finally comes out... right? Greeetz John
  5. How many GB will Identity take?

    Hello, i wanna know how big Identity will be.. is anyone know something about that? I asked Paratus in PM but he not read yet.. i know he is busy and i am not the only one in the message box^^ thanks for help John -Allrounder- I like it to help where i can - Design(Pictures, Banners and Wallpapers) - Programming - Teamspeak 3 Server Setup(other on demand) - Translate German/English