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  1. New Community Manager!

    Thanks for the updates, guys. However, might I suggest for those that don't use twitch or discord that it may be worth re-posting the content on the website as brief update announcements. Like myself, I have a few friends that can't wait for the release of Identity, but only view the website for updates on progress or news. It can't hurt to inform people across all mediums
  2. New Community Manager!

    Is there any reason why there's no updates been provided for all of November? Is there somewhere else where the updates are being posted or is there just nothing to update this month?
  3. RV Usage

    Finally... someone that understands what I meant! ...and as far as the meth-lab configuration goes, surely the meth lab equipment is already in your RV? Otherwise how does you driving out into the wilderness without any meth equipment allow you to make meth when you pull over?
  4. Is the RV used for anything else other than meth production? If not, what stops the police just from pulling over every single RV they see to arrest them for meth production right at the start? Would it be possible to produce meth anywhere if you have the right materials and processing units?
  5. New Community Manager!

    Right, but you're not really understanding what I'm saying... lol. Either they have really bad planning with how they initially divided the modules up (as there's requirement to move content from one module into another in order to get a sense of completion out of it), or they're not disciplined enough to stick to their own project structure (by working on stuff they shouldn't yet be working on - by their own deadlines and dates)... so which is it? It can't be a case of "I'm not happy with it, I need to keep working on it", since in a video game that would mean the module will never be released. No video game developer is 100% happy with their released product. They always think something could be tweaked or added to improve the game. If this game is to ever make it to its final release date, the developers need to have clear goals and deadlines for specific areas of the game... they've already set those, but they're continually pushing them back, so it comes back to the initial question; which is it?
  6. New Community Manager!

    But we're not looking at an actual release here, we're looking at a beta test. Some content can (and probably will) be missing and that doesn't give a representation of what the final product will be. With your analogy, it's more like a book cover being released ahead of the book, to get a critique of its appearance. It isn't necessarily exactly how the cover will look, it's a rough idea to show the potential reader a glimpse of what's to come.
  7. New Community Manager!

    I'd prefer neither. This isn't the actual game announcement, it's purely a module from the game to test certain elements, so as far as the announcement goes, they should be able to provide a specific date without delay, whether the module is being tested while fully complete or not. Obviously I'm sure they'd prefer the module be completed, but it isn't a necessity, and from what I've read, they seem to be adding more content to the module that wasn't initially intended to be in the module (so that's likely where the setbacks are occurring). Either way, I'm expecting a module announcement in the next few days...
  8. New Community Manager!

    ...so they're really using up all the time in October just to announce when the module will be released then, huh?
  9. Question

    Don't you have to meet someone in-game first to receive their contact number?
  10. EDIT: I did this wrong
  11. I know right? I reckon it'd be quite cool to pretend to be some big-shot business guy in a suit, saying they'd sort out a transaction in allowing the person to buy a factory through them for a reduced price, then taking off with the money while rocking a fake identity!
  12. Cinema Copyright

    Let me just update you; "no one" is an exaggeration of how minimal the population of the game's players will be watching the movies in the cinema.
  13. Cinema Copyright

    ...so these are movies that no one will be watching then?
  14. Cinema Copyright

    Is there a list of what movies will be accessible to watch in the cinema? It does state you'll be watching real movies, in real-time.