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  1. Don't you have to meet someone in-game first to receive their contact number?
  2. EDIT: I did this wrong
  3. I know right? I reckon it'd be quite cool to pretend to be some big-shot business guy in a suit, saying they'd sort out a transaction in allowing the person to buy a factory through them for a reduced price, then taking off with the money while rocking a fake identity!
  4. Let me just update you; "no one" is an exaggeration of how minimal the population of the game's players will be watching the movies in the cinema.
  5. ...so these are movies that no one will be watching then?
  6. I want to be a con artist.
  7. Is there a list of what movies will be accessible to watch in the cinema? It does state you'll be watching real movies, in real-time.
  8. How does the copyright work in the Cinema? I don't know much about copyright, but at least in the UK, if you're broadcasting to a wider audience, you need a special broadcast licence (that's why when you got to the pub, you'll see a little pint glass in the bottom right corner of the screen, to state it's a special broadcast suitable for public houses).
  9. ...you're all arguing over the need for the apartment to be a safe-space, and that the developers don't want to "risk" it. What are they risking? Why not just simply have it as a customisable server option where breaking and entering is permitted with a police player count requirement? If people want to go to an apartment and not have it broken into, where people can only come and look at your stuff and that's it, then play the official servers. If you want to have break-ins, home security, and the rest that goes with it, then have the option enabled on your custom server... I'm failing to see what the big problem is. In the end, on the official servers without B&E, players won't be interested in coming over to your house, to see what crap you've put in there. You'll get maybe one visitor a week to your house that's happy to sit there and look at what generic rubbish you've painted and hung on your wall, or what shade you decided to make your upholstery... the vast majority of players won't be interested. It's like in real-life, how many of you have gone round to your friends house just to see the new painting they decided to put up in the hallway, or where they've moved their sofa to as part of a furniture re-arrangement? Hardly any of you... In my opinion, B&E gives apartments an actual purpose, as well as a purpose to decorate and furnish them. If all it is is a safe place to be AFK, then what's the actual point of decorating it if you're AFK and the only one that could see it?
  10. I mean from the context of, what stops someone being a cop one minute, then being a hitman, then being a robber, then being a cop again, then being an EMS...? If you introduce yourself one day to a person, and they're a robber, and the next day they kill you because they're a hitman, you end up not being able to trust anyone at all because of no consistency.
  11. Is there anything to stop players from getting a job one moment, then switching sides to another job a few minutes later? Would it impact their eligibility for hiring?
  12. A server I've developed for just over two years is being re-launched tomorrow. It has a lot of unique features in an Altis Life server, and doesn't contain any client-side mods... so anyone can join. I haven't seen any rules stating you can't advertise Altis Life servers on here (apologies if there are, by all means delete this post if so!). So, for the server details; IP: Name: [UK][TLG] Three Lions Gaming | 30+ Custom Features Player Count: 100 You can view a list of our unique features on our website: http://three-lions-gaming.co.uk/index.php The video on the homepage is mostly out-dated due to an earlier version we released a while back. You can view a quick preview video of the modifications I made to "Kavala Square" in the editor mode, here: https://plays.tv/s/LRtQQ4uE6Ns- If you're looking for something to do in the meantime before Identity comes out, I welcome you to come check out our server tomorrow on it's launch day!
  13. But that's my point... The police force for example, at least in an Altis Life server, it's always hard to find someone who is willing to be a cop, and take the role of being the cop rather serious, or at least serious enough that they're not sat there randomly tasing civilians, or speeding around just because they can't be bothered to adhere to speed limits. To build an entire police force with those people may take literally thousands of people that join your server. Some days, you're going to log in and find absolutely no police officers online, and then as you say, players can just exploit it and rob everyone with no consequences. The video details that the police force has a structure to it... I presume by this, it means there are different branches where players are assigned different cases, or there are ranks that you progress through and have different roles to play as while you are that role... But I have to question that... what if, say the sergeant rank, has players sit behind a desk, and micro-manage other players? Sure, it's a nice role to be "the boss" for a bit, but it'd get boring. What happens when no players want to fill that role, or players only in that role are online? Does the police force collapse as a result? Ultimately, I think NPCs would work extremely well in this as "placeholders". It wouldn't take much away from the immersion if NPCs took part in some of the jobs to keep the system going. Sure, you can't have a friendly conversation with them, but maybe all they need to be able to do is say "Hey, how's it going?" if they pass you on the street... or even just give you a friendly nod as you walk by. The Bank would need to have some form of security in place, otherwise what stops absolutely everyone from robbing it as soon as the last police officer logs off for the day? If there's a fire service, and houses that can be set on fire by an arsonist (I have no idea, I haven't seen anything on this), who puts the fire out? Does the fire just spread and burn the entire city to the ground if there aren't any Fire service online? As cool as it may be, being a police officer and cruising around with your partner (your friend) to bust bad guys. If you're playing the game alone because they're offline or away or whatever, it may make the difference to your experience if you have a simple NPC keeping you company coming out with witty one-liners everyone once in a while as you make an arrest, or even have the NPCs mentor you as you're learning to be a police officer. In no way am I saying "Make NPCs the focal point of interaction" for this game, I'm simply suggesting to the community, it's worth considering their involvement in the finished product, and how they can greatly add to the game.
  14. It's a shame... hopefully the developers would consider it for a future addition to the game, as it could add a lot of dynamic options to what already exists.
  15. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the players being the most active... that's what makes Altis Life that much better than GTA. That said, an empty server can be something that plagues the game. It may be better if the player slots were first roaming NPCs, that allowed minimal interaction (or scripted conversation)... when a player joins, the NPC occupying that slot gets "deleted", potentially not instantly, maybe they'd wander off to a remote location and then get deleted.