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  1. This looks great
  2. Glad to hear, we'll need you cooking 24/7
  3. Sounds great, cant wait until release
  4. Sounds great, cant wait until release
  5. Cool, would be awesome to have you in this operation
  6. Awesome, you can do whatever job you do best or like most
  7. Love to have you cooking for us 24/7
  8. I'll probably be starting a meth operation like in Breaking Bad lol I'll need some people: 2-4 meth cooks to be cooking meth 24/7 1-3 truck guys to be moving the meth constantly 2-4 guys keeping security and making sure we aren't followed Once we make enough money we can start buying more RVs, more trucks, and bribing politician/police. We're not a gang or mafia we just run an operation for cash$$$
  9. Hello

    I want ferrarri carĀ 

    Gr Eric

  10. 44 magnum
  11. Just donated $30.00 and just curious if you guys had to guess a beta release date when would you say?