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My name is Arcanion, duo to the recent situations within my old crew they have disbanded and i am currently without a crew. I am looking for a European crew or a crew that support the European time zone.


What i can bring to the table;

I am a motivated and experienced gamer. I am obedient and like to think of myself as someone with a strategical mind. Therefor i will always speak my opinions to my superiors at the right moment but i know how to shut up and do as i am told. Furthermore i believe a can keep my cool in a stressful situation.


Information about me:

Age: 18

Availability: 2-3 hours in the evenings 9 in the weekend.

Microphone?: Yes



For any other information please make a reply and i will attempt to answer to the best of my ability.






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Let me introduce myself to you, i am Ragnar ( as you may already know ). 

Im the leader of the Sovngarde and i can offer you an spot in our rows. Maybe take a look at my Thread about the Sovngarde because there is more info ^^

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