YO! My name is QuakIIE

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Hey everyone i'm QuakIIE

I'm 19 years old (soon to be 20) and from Denmark. I have been playing life mods for many years and some of those years I have spent managing the communities, I have been kind of jumping from one to another a half year here and there to keep it interesting. Some of you might know me so hit me up.

This project have been my dream for a long time and giving that i'm not connected to any certain community right now I really hope IDENTITY will be a part of me from now on. I'm so excited to experience the community full on from now on because it really seems like everything's coming together.

But I will see you guys out there

QuakIIE over and out B|B|

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QuakIIE, welcome! I really hope Identity will meet all of your expectations! We'll do everything in our power to ensure Identity is exactly what you hope it will be!

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