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éèê Malden Life ÃÃé!!!

âÃà êÃÃàÃê ÃÃéèê ÃÃÃé éÃÃ

âÃà êÃÃàÃê ÃÃéèê ÃÃÃé éÃÃ








Custom Malden Map

- Added Malden Bridge Crossing

- Added Malden Island Border Checkpoint

- Added Chop Shop Area's with built up rocks and stairs for hight acsess

- Added 3 Diffrent Rebel Zones (2 spawnable (North Island and East) and 1 seperate (West))

- Added Redesigned Le Port

- Added Custom built NHS and Police stations

2 Levels of Rebel

- Added Rebel Level (2 Mill + Level 5)

- Added Advanced Level (15 Mill + Level 15)

Bank Located On Ship

- Added Static explorable ship

- Added Multiple acsess ladders to areas on ship

- Added Bank Vault

- Added Built up Rock Barrier + Fortifications with acsess

- Added Located in a bay that will keep combat out of the general pop

- Added Money Launder and Currency Exchange 

Custom Runs

- Added All runs hand placed most with added buildings

- Added Runs balanced on reward

- Added DvD Run - Pick up Dvds then create films at the Porn Factory (Illigal Run) and return them back to the DvD shop (Easy Peasy)

- Added Added helicopter runs (With sling load boxes)

- Added Oil as a ONLY heli run (Illigal)

- Added Removed need for PickAxe.. Just need licence

Custom Textures

- Added 10 x Civ Clothes

- Added 15 x Civ Car Skins

- Added 5 x Police Clothes

- Added 20 x Polcie Veh Skins

- Added 50+ Custom Icons

- Added 3 x NHS Clothes

- Added 7 x NHS Veh Skins

- Added 6 x Reb Only Veh Skins

Many Scripts and Changes

- Added Custom XP system

- Added Custom UI

- Added Civ Action Menu (Show emotes, gestures and stances)

- Added Police deployables menu

- Added Bounty Hunter (Not active yet until i deam comunity is ready for it and RP rules have been fully understood)

- Added Sit on chair script

- Added View police database at every police HQ

- Added Gear restrictions

- Added Bleed out and incapacitated (5 min unable to respawn to prevent killing self)

- Added Capture sector (Gives extra XP and Cash boost to gang in command)

- Added All AI has been changed into signs or processing units

- Added Laptops with Warrent database (Civs can use unless caught) added to each PD

- Added 3D signs and Names

- Added Above head icons and positions for NHS and Police

- Added Custom Jail (Can only break out if you are picked up by heli)

- Added Custom lights and sounds too EMS

- Alot more... Will add too this as and when we keep updating the mission


Easy too follow RP Rules

- Added Rules added to the in game map menu as well as all key bindings



New database / New server

êÃæÃê êÃÃàà âÃÃè âªjoin us discordâ¬â

New Malden Life server please join it is really fun



 IP: PORT:2302

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