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Luke "The Heartless" Bond

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Name: Luke Bond





He was Born on a sunny day in LA on 23/07/1994. He was the son of two loving parents he had a sister and a brother. Sometimes his brother would play fight with him but it got too rough then, one day, he decided to join the army and, given that Luke looked up to his brother, he was happy for him even though he knew the possibility his brother might not come back from war. Luke would cry for hours hoping that he would come back safe and sound In school Luke would sit and read by himself.

 He always kept a locket around his neck with a picture of his family, it helped him feel safe and comfortable. One day when he came home from school, he got a knock on the door and his mother answered. She was shocked there was a man in military uniform holding a neatly folded uniform in his hands. She knew what had happened and, deep down, so did Luke. He dropped to the floor sobbing his eyes, distraught that he had lost his brother, the person to whom he looked up the most.


When he reached the age of 18 he decided to join the army to honour his brother’s memory. His parents and sister were trying to stop him from going but they couldn’t, he was too determined. Two days into boot camp in San Diego, Luke already had had enough. He was sweating like a pig, he felt like he was about to die he was working through the pain he got shouted at the most by his training officer saying things like “you will never make it here if you don't work for it maggot!” He started to work harder than ever, honing his skills and body to tough out the training, his resolve strengthening with every passing day.

In training, he met Sasha Eve and was instantly taken by her strength and personality. They found out that they had a lot in common over the 12 weeks of boot camp. He finally made his way through boot camp and officially became amarine, a regular trooper, he was deployed to Iraq under Operation Iraqi Freedom, assigned to Royal Marine Commando . Luckily enough, Sasha was deployed in the same unit with him. One day, barely into the campaign, they were patrolling when they were ambushed by insurgents with heavy explosives and assault rifles, barely able to fend off their attackers before backup arrived. One of their attackers, a man they later captured, attempted to detonate a fragmentation grenade inside the building they were hunkered down in; fortunately, Sasha was able to catch him off guard and wounded him before he even unpinned the explosive.


Their regiment decided to retreat once they had dispatched the remaining insurgents. When they returned, Luke thanked Sasha for saving his life, knowing he would have died if that grenade had made it through the window. They grew close over their battle bond and started to develop feelings for each other. They decided to not try things whilst they were serving but decided to get together once they finished their service. After they got out of the military, they decided to make good on all the plans they made when they were in the military, starting off with buying a small house on the beach in LA. On their first evening in the house, they invited Luke’s parents over for dinner, they quickly grew to like Sasha and soon, with approval, they were on the fast track for engagement. After their service, they still longed to return to the life of the military,But he knew if he went back to the army again he might not return so instead he decided to join the police force but he got cold mean aggressive Sarah left him for a lawyer and Luke did not like this he started working with gang members becoming a informant and getting gang members out of jail who know's how long he can keep doing this for Until the day someone finds out......



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