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*** Remark: The place name:"Identity" is provisional because no city name or similar is known yet.




Adrian Schulthess

Marktstreet 102

85456 Identity



 Police station Identity


 85456 Identity 


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

I hereby apply for the vacancy to become a police man. My name is Adrian Schulthess, I am 35 years old and come from Identity. 

After my studies I worked as a taxi driver in Australia for almost 5 years and got an offer to enter Identity. I worked there as a taxi driver for 4 months. In these 4 months I have seen a lot of crime. I have always had the idea to do this, actually I would like to work in a different way. After long deliberation, sleepless neighbor I have come to the result. I'm quitting the taxi company. I did this and have already received the confirmation.

I want to go to the police because it's a new area for me. I find it very important for me to complete an education in this area. To get to know new experiences as well as limits.


If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail to Adrian.Schulthess@Identity.com Or invite me for a personal conversation.

With best regards

Adrian Schulthess


My resume:

Primary school: evangelical primary school Pfefferhafen Year of birth: 1997 - 2001

Gymnasium: Protestant school land Gymnasium Pfefferhafen Year of birth: 2001 - 2013

Work: Taxi Company Identity Age group: 2013 - 2018



My name is Thomas. I am 28 years old and live in Zofingen. Zofingen is a small town in the canton of Aargau.

I would like to become a cop at Identity as I am very hyped on the game and have many similarities with Real Life. I'm aware of separating Real Life with Roleplay. To my experience: I have been playing Arma3 RolePlay for 2433 hours. Of it is over 1000+ police game hours. 


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