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  1. What will you RP in identity?

    i will roleplay an invisible person, and make noises without anyone can see me
  2. ur new cheif

  3. Finally Something Done Right!

    Happy to see this game at end of the month
  4. Town Square Module Estimated Release Date?

    just use next time the search bar, or better the FAQ
  5. Hello from germany

    willkommen, bin auch Deutscher
  6. German-Speaking-Community

    i am german too and i lead a community
  7. Module 1

    It says that there are 4 things to test right now!
  8. German kind of SWAT

    Da es sich in Amerika abspielt wird es wohl kaum Deutsches geben
  9. Where are you from?! (Europe)

  10. i hope that shit will never come in game
  11. Yo at @paratus

    end of 2020 maybe
  12. Was a good run but I'm not waiting anymore.

    finaly the game will always bee delayed, i also stay behind the developer, but now i feel trolled
  13. Make a seperate purchase for only a house

    There are many servers, so there will be enough houses
  14. Hello from Denmark!

    Jeg er ogesa dansker men bor i Tyskland
  15. Download the game

    everyone can play this game, you only need a internet connection or what did you mean with this?