Clothing Survey [Anonymous Answers]

Clothing Survey [Anonymous Answers]  

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  1. 1. Are you intereste in the current clothing brands for Identity?

    • I'm interested.
    • I'm not interested.
  2. 2. What style of clothing do you prefer?

    • Street
    • Elegant
    • Hipster
    • Flashy
    • Urban
    • I don't care a lot about the style.
    • Other [Please reply with what other style you like]
  3. 3. Have you heard of Invertus Clothing?

    • Yes, I have.
    • No, I have not.

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We're interested in your opinion about fashion in Identity. As we approach 1st module launch, we'd like to hear you opinions. We're also interested in creating clothes that people want to wear and create a lifestyle in.

All answers are anonymous. It won't take long to answer, so pleaseĀ give us your opinion!

Fashion just turned.

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8 hours ago, Hennessy said:

I want some overalls and some cowboy hats. Overalls for hunting and cowboy hats for flauntin.

Respectfully, we don't know if that is possible. We won't be making the clothes ourselves, but all clothing companies have to put colors or patterns onto pre-existing clothes. An interesting style nonetheless.

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