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Found 1 result

  1. C.L. GIA´s [Hiring]

    Welcome To C.L. GIA's We are a company that focuses on the most important and essential need in our customers life, luxury & well being. We're a high quality seller of the finest and most luxurious items on the market today and in the future. We offer good prices and excellent customer service, our first priority is always to keep you, the customer, feel at home and happy whenever you walk into our store. The joy and happiness you feel when shopping at C.L. Gia's is something we want you to take home with you, that's why we offer the best services on identity. Do you want anything custom made that is not in our selection? No worries, make your own design and send to us, we'll take care of the rest and you will receive your product delivered to your doorstep or ready to pickup at your closest C.L. GIA's store within 24h. Our Current Selections "le crâne d'or" ~Quilve Zati [Front piece of Coll.] "le collier en or" ~Zackó Meurí [Front piece of Coll.] "l'anneau de diamant d'amour" ~Fraci La Vouró [Front piece of Coll.] Want to Work at C.L. GIA's? We are currently hiring and looking for several positions to be filled out until the opening of C.L. GIA's. If you have an interest in jewelry or want to work for a luxury store, take the chance and apply down below in the comments, we offer a high salary. Down below you will find information regarding what positions are available and also how your application should be filled out in order for us to get the necessary information we need. Positions Cashier & Shopkeeper 0/2 Security 0/1 Salary Determined at the start of C.L GIA's, no negotiations until then. Application Form [Title] [Full Name] [Age] [Sex] [Description about yourself and your hobbies/interests] [Why you would want a position at C.L. GIA's]