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Found 1 result

  1. The Nazbol Insurgent Militia (NiM for short) is a National Bolshevik guerrilla army and freedom fighting faction that intends to engage in urban guerrilla warfare against the capitalist system using both un/controvention means of warfare The details of the organization remains low-profile. most than likely inhabited in the Urban/Semi-Urban enviroment of Identity Island, while undergoing occasional visits elsewhere. Activities may include: - Bombing the Police Department's headquarters - Bank roberies to secure funds for weapons and supplies - Helping allied factions - Intimidating/executing capitalists - Kidnapping capitalists as hostages - Logistics - Stealing armaments from Law enforcement officers or military officials ... and.... and... STORMING PARLIAMENT! Post within this topic and message my account if you are interested in engaging in "Nazbol Gang" NOTE: Logo is still in deveolpment P.P.S. Utilizing the forums as a means towards gathering intelligence on "National Bolsheviks Insurgent Militia" is deemed to be classified as METAGAMING, which is a prohibited practice within serious role-play servers.