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Found 1 result

  1. Identity Today News Agency

    IDENTITY TODAY NEWS AGENCY Hello, I am James. CO of ITN ( Identity Today News Agency ) ITN Is the first News Project to enter Identity, We believe that the Island of Identity needs a News Agency to keep Players around the Island updated of what's going on, From Political news to Car chases and Criminal reports.. and much more. We will provide our News through all kind of medias available in the game, Such as Radio, Newspapers, And TV. We will host (In-game) Daily news Reports at specific times in the game. And People who joins us will be able to put Reports on news papers and Host Talks and so on. And People who joins us also will be able to host their own Shows Related to News But after ranking up. Which will be stated later in another post. We will try our best to convince Identity to be able to give us specific props and stuff to use for the News, such as Microphones, Cameras, Special vehicles, And so on. Also we're not sure if its able to host the shows and Get paid for it untill now, So we will not be able to pay you if you join us, But your name will be famous around the Island, and experience the journalism experience. So, If you're interested in joining us, or have a Suggestion or a Question, Make sure you put it in the Comments! Thank you for your time. Sincerely James. ITN CO.