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  1. Hello From Turkey

    tamamdır ekliyorum şimdi
  2. Hello this game was reported to be the 1st place on April 23rd, but when did you play this game?
  3. Hello From Turkey

  4. Hello From Turkey

    1.modül ne zaman çıkacak 23 nisan deniyordu
  5. Hello From Turkey

    oyunu indirebiliyor musun ve ödemeyi paypal yoluylamı yaptın
  6. Hello From Turkey

    yok daha almadık ama dediklerine göre farklı sitede farklı ödeme yöntemi olacakmış
  7. Hello From Turkey

    Hoşbuldum Kardeşim
  8. Hello From Turkey

    Thank You
  9. Hello From Turkey

    Hello guys, i hope you all having a wonderful day. It have been so long since i looked forward to play a ROLEPLAY game My Game Developer Let me introduce myself.And let me introduce myself, My name is Cenk, I'm from Turkey I have been playing my own games since 2016 Wish you all the best, and i hope that we find new friends in this community . Have a Good Day
  10. Oh Okey Thank You Very Much
  11. Hello there I want to buy the game, but the PayPal payment has been removed in the area where I have different payment methods and when will the game be released?
  12. Hello something

    Okay, thanks for your help Bu çeviriyi paylaş
  13. hey folks hi why this game has no new videos and i want to ask you something more can i play this game directly at this moment?
  14. Hello I like this game very much How can I buy or play What I need to do and when to buy it!