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  1. DEVELOP Games to be Games Not A Fucking PR station

    If that were true then there wouldn't be so many trolls, just playing games to piss people off and get a rise outta them. Also there wouldn't be an abundance of players on shooter games that hide or play any cowardly way they can as long as they get the "win" that's all that matters. A WHOLE LOT out of 30 years I been playing games and it's gotten a whole lot worse in the last 10 or so can believe what you like, and your experience may be that you meet alot of cool people...but for me they are far and few between. People seem to want hundreds of friends, as a sort of validation of their life, they usually only play with a specific few people.
  2. True PC Platform Defining Game

    For the last 6-ish or so months since I got my 1st gaming rig...I've noticed a trend of blaming consoles for the state of PC games. What??!! PC games are alot harder to optimize because of the billions, possibly trillions, of combinations of components making up different people's PC's. Consoles are all the same, for that generation, so they figure out how to tweak and get the most of every lil bit they can. It's alot harder to do that with everyone having completely different gaming PC's. I see alot of people say essentially "what's the least I can spend" for this that or the other. I also see alot of people complaining things are goin as they wish, for whatever reasons. Identity is one of those games that can truly set PC gaming apart from, and not be held back by consoles. I'm a 30+ year console player, when I seen Identity, I decided it was time to make the jump, 6 months later I had my 1st PC. Dropped a $250 pledge to do as much as I can to help bring this game to life. I surely did not have it to spare, but I want this game to BE! It's a risk, but if they pull it off this could be the game of all games. A triple AAA company would take YEARS to develop this. So if you want identity to really come to life, spread the word and pony up some dough for your PC games to start being "PC Games". PC is the one place where the gamers actually have a say, use that power. Help them get it done, save up if you have to, they need us to stand behind them, and show our support, this could literally be the next evolution of PC gaming. Probably not if everyone expects small developers to create these awesome games that are way better than console games, and get paid less for them than these Triple-A companies get for most console games. I never put $250 into a console game. But I have a feeling Identity could be a game changer. So I'll go the extra mile to help it get there. If I had more I would give it up in an instant. If we want PC games to be a step above console games, and still have things the way they are on PC. We need to help or PC games will never evolve like companies making games for consoles.
  3. True PC Platform Defining Game

    I don't have the capacity to get into this right now but you can lay blame on the players...if we didnt buy shit for the sake of buying shit then it wouldnt sell. They do it because they can get away with it. That's what the industry has become. And gaming on pc for 6 months has shit to do with anything. I been playing console for over 30 years. I was simply using the analogy to explain to you how long it took them to optimize the ps2 components that were pretty much the same all the way thru. That's just one set up being optimized over years...PC optimizing is harder because of trying to get optimizations out for every different configuration. I'm by far not saying that there aren't lazy, people taking advantage...but that's not the have these indie developers trying to make games that Triple A companies take years to make...and the players rush them and bitch n complain about this that or the other, and then they usually want it at a way cheaper price but they want twice the game of that on console...well if you want it then you have to pay for it...sry bud that's unfortunately the way of the world and it won't ever change till WE band together as GAMERS and make them. We are too busy with the pc vs console measuring contest. Or the many other measuring contests in between.
  4. True PC Platform Defining Game

    Think about that for a second...So even after reading that there are millions and trillions of optimizations for all the different component specs out there. If all they did was optimize they would never get to make any games. You must not know how PC's work and what it takes to optimize. It takes developers years to pull all the potential out of consoles...hence why GTA 3 did not look as good as San Andreas...Same console generation but as technology evolved they learned how to utilize what they had to work with alot better than when it first came out. Which is pretty much how things in life go. You suck at things at first but practice makes perfect...Hhmmm that must be where that saying came from...Who'da thunk it.
  5. DevBlog #010

    I'm not even sure how to reply to this...The little girl comment was just a metphor, not to imply that most people here are female...just that they are acting like young lil females that scraped their knees...and not video gamers...As for the spend time in the game industry comment and the rest. Is that for meant for me?
  6. DEVELOP Games to be Games Not A Fucking PR station

    People have seem to forgotten why we play games...I play games to kill time, pass the time...key word is "time"... I too have grown bored of Pubg, too many inconsistencies. I am so sick and tired of people acting like winning some glitched out video game means there life hasn't been wasted up until this point. WTF! You don't base your self worth on having good luck with the hit box lotto. I have video of me waiting on stairs for a guy to come up, I knew he was there, he didn't know I was there. As he comes around the banister I slide out and my gun is literally in his face, as he comes towards bullets literally would have to go thru his face to come out of my gun. And yet 5 or 6 shots thru his face, with blood so I know I hit him, and he doesn't die but when my pinky toe gets shot off...It's ME that drops?!!?? I know everyone at some point or another has had this type of stuff happen. When the game doesn't exactly line up and what you see isn't quite what happens... Now when I play baseball, whether we win or lose is completely up to US, our skill our teamwork...Games arent based on skill they are based on your luck of inconsistencies going your way. Or hit box lotto as I like to call it...There are too many inconsistencies in video games for people to actually think that it's all them, and they are just that good...I've noticed alot of bullying on gaming today. People who have played a game since inception making fun of people that "suck" cause they literally got it a day ago...Now we all know once a noob plays for the same time they could be just as good or better. But they need an esteem boost, so they make fun of a noob cause he has less time in a game, like that makes them less of a person. That's why we make fun of people. Cause we feel insecure and want to feel better about ourselves. Apparently playing video games is as mature as the bus ride to 2nd grade...Yo mom was so fat she jumped in the air and got stuck! But with gaming... it's you suck so bad and I'M SO GREAT, so my life HASN'T been wasted. I can honestly say Gaming is changing towards a direction I dont wanna be a part of...I play for the glory, fun, competitiveness of battling against a good equally skilled or better team. I don't wanna play people below my skill so I can "win' because I need to pretend my life means something again. I want to earn my win, and not by using exploits in the games mechanics. People have forgotten why we play games. The difference between me and the posers... Let's say I have a record 6 kills in PubG (for shits and giggles) I got all my kills playing the game, moving in to the circle and winning the gunfights I got into. That's skill...Now the poser will say he got 8 kills and you suck blah blah blah...But what he doesn't say that is that EVERY ONE of his kills was gotten from people AFK from the plane. That's what a poser is...Someone who pretends and unfortunately gaming is infested with them. I get a kick out of people trying to inflate their self esteem by how well they can exploit a record to reflect what they want it to, not just play and it reflects what you can actually do. And I actually disagree with the game mode thing for some games...Like Black Ops, I bought that game for zombies(game mode) I had always hoped they made Zombies a stand alone game so I didnt have to keep paying 60 to play a fraction of the game I was buying. It's not so much where it comes from but what they do and add to it to make it, it's own actual game. If PubG was a bit more in depth with more maps and consistency. It could be a great game that stemmed from a mod for a mode. But with people eating up what lil they have...Why go all out and make a great experience when they can half ass it and still make oodles of money. That's what's wrong with people today always looking for the easy. Hard work is under estimated.
  7. DevBlog #010

    There is PROOF! Do people seem to think, that everyone that makes a game starts out with most of a game made...before they ask for help...You guys do realize that they came up with the concept, did the work, some proof of concept stuff...then they get funding to start the project (kickstarter) that's called "start up cost" You dont decide to open a restaurant and then next day your making grub for ppl...You gotta set it up, after you plan it...while your building your restaurant how do you "prove" your opening a can't exactly make a meal...the act of building is usually the proof. If they were trying to build Identity in a garage I wouldn't believe it...then I would think it's a scam. With this Idea if they make it work would net way more money than screwing some people. The proof is in the buildings they rented. Why waste that money for a scam, not like a ponzie scheme where ur making millions and u set up in an office. You need somewhere to work...there is plenty of proof if you have any clue how a new IP is started.
  8. DevBlog #010

    Wow...if you aren't part of the problem then your a part of the solution and I WASN'T TALKING TO YOU. lol you need to calm down and comprehend...don't assume please...I am just sick of all these people that have thrown down bare minimum (15-30) whining when there are so many more people needed, and it deters ppl from having faith in this game...If you weren't complaining then I wasn't talking to you. I usually reply to what someone says and then go on to the rest of my thoughts as they come. I'm talking in general to the people drawing negative publicity to the game. Making people thinks it's like others that have failed... This game can very well fail if it recoeves too much bad publicity. Considering the modules are not a requirement, they WANT us to have something to play with while they make the game, which also serves them as well as give us something to check out, feedback, bugs stuff like that. I would hate to see this game become No Man's Sky simple because it caught a bad rep from CHEAP impatient ppl. If it did fail I would hold it against all the shit talkers and not the developers...
  9. Is it worth the $60?

    That's not looking at things from both sides, thats looking at it like any help ruins the game...And there is gonna be so much shit to do and "work your way up to" That getting any pledge more than 30 is worth it...If only for the sake of helping a game you wanna see come to fruition. 500 gets you only 4000 and blah blah blah...With all the stuff you can do 4k isn't gonna put a huge dent in "working your way up". It's just a lil boost. I wouldn't suggest getting a pledge simply because what it can do for YOU either...Get it to show your dedication to supporting this awesome idea. Can't afford to donate more that's fine, do what you can...But don't tell others that it isn't worth it. That just isn't true...I felt it was worth what I pledged. If you were just donating to get ahead then no, it's not worth donating more cause you don't get that far ahead...But you help development alot with the collective of support. How fast can the game be made if we had 20,000 ppl giving 100 or more, instead of 20,000 ppl giving 30 dollars. That's a huge leap in what can be made and how fast it can be made...
  10. DevBlog #010

    The whole point of a scam is to put as lil as possible into screwing other people...Not actually doing the things required to actually make something, and then have it fail on you...Let me ask a question...Let's say you guys on here crying, actually decided to motivate yourselves to become something more than people bitching cause they pledged and things aren't moving fast enough. Let's say you decided to go all in take a risk to make your dream come true. So you get some good people together to get things started. You go through this that and the other to get thru kickstarter. Now you got some the real work begins...So for the foreseeable future your going to be putting in massive amounts of work and getting minimal pay if you want your project to succeed. Of course you could be like the games of the past that failed because you pay yourself more than you can afford to assuming the game will succeed, since you made it this far...But let's say you continue to live off of minimla wage because YOU, more than ANYONE...wanna make your dream a reality. Now imagine after all you go thru, these KIDS that obviously don't understand the concept of business, that pledge a minimal amount. Start drawing all kinds of negative attention becasue after all you put in...Why should you see things come together the way you want...You only put in everything! These people who have basically nothing invested, but enough to pretend they wanna "help", somehow think they have a right to complain about how you are going about trying to make your dream come true...And how dare you not listen to the expert opinion of someone who isn't doing it themselves but trying to tell you how to do things right...Cause they have so much experience with their minimal investment. Pledging anything doesn't give you the right to tear them down because you think things aren't moving fast enough for your liking. So to recap...After you pour your blood sweat and tears into a project to claw your way into making your dreams finally come true. Are you gonna put alot of stock in people who "pledge" then they have anything invested into this as you do...Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If more people really felt empathy, and not just sympathy as your crap on someone's dream... this might not be such a horrible world. But it seems easier to pretend to yourself you "know" what they are going thru and somehow you could do it better, and they must be doin something wrong.
  11. DevBlog #010

    There is a major difference in what you believe "they should do" and what they believe they need to do...The whole point in getting in on early development is to support an idea that you like...they made no promises...they did make a deadline for themselves and after they missed it they decided not to make that same mistake again. The whining was really bad for a lil while when the modules were delayed and it's starting to pick up again. If you don't have faith then take your money and get to steppin we don't need the negativity. If you do have faith then wait and see what happens and hope your investment helps Identity come to life. I really don't get it...are you sure you guys want this game to be real? I know I would love to hear more information...If I were doing things I would do them differently...but I'm not, am I. If it were up to you guys they should what, be using the worst PC's, working on the floor and cramped into a garage...showing you shit everytime u demand...and heaven forbid anything goes wrong...cause they are after all ...human...and I don't know what planet you live on...But bad shit happens to good ideas all the time
  12. DevBlog #010

    You guys have got to be just looking for any kind of attention...They are not the team who made blah blah blah...Again I reiterate they havent even entered the alpha phase yet...Hasn't there been plenty of video game footage a game is being made...and still fails...What does it matter how much you are kept in the loop. Who do you think they are... They aren't obligated to tell us rockstar for the last 7 years about RDR2. They WANT to keep us involved. But I would imagine it would be easier to just take money and sacrifice some artistic freedom. Then to listen to whiny little girls cast doubt on their project, deterring potential investors/pledges, because another team that was small made a a certain period of time, that was acceptable by your expert opinion...NOTHING IN SCOPE TO IDENTITY...But Hey! They were small, they made a game. So every small team should all be the same...all the time forever and ever.. I coulda swore Identity was a game unlike any other... yet your comparing them to small teams cause of the fact that they are both making a game...When you work a job, I would be suprised, do you wanna work in sub par conditions to improve your bosses bottom dollar...well why should they for some jerk off that pretends to wanna help, then cries about it taking to long for the game to be real, in your expert like logic. I can't wait till you naysayers have to eat some crow sandwiches. Even if the game were to fail...I honestly think it would because lack of support and self entitlement of pc gamers that want cheap all the time because...THEY SAID SO yea!
  13. DevBlog #010

    When was it delayed time and time was delayed one time as far as I can remember...its only been 2 years man. Red Dead is coming out in a year or so and they finally just released a video after how long??? Seriously grow up and you will see how naive you sound. If it was up to me I'd give u ur money back and ban thankful these devs can tolerate the hate. Your literally turning ppl away that come to the forums to check the game out...they see all the "oh they got my 30 bucks its been 2 years"...they should have milk crates for desktops...not getting a space suitable to create some great work. Come on do u hear yourselves...are you REALLY this thick or are you just looking for some drama...cause I can give u drama...and not at the expense of an awesome game. You do realize that even RDR2 is still not gonna be as good as Identity, as big, and involving so much from so many different aspects...and they released ONE VIDEO! FINALLY! After 7 was supposed to be released in 2017 but was pushed back till spring of 2018. You going and whining to rockstar how their multi-billion dollar company cant complete a game a PORTION of the scope and size Identity plans to encompass...seriously shush now you bother me Hell I'll be suprised if we don't see a RDR2 Identity Mod server where someone decides makes a better game than rockstar within Identities set world.
  14. DevBlog #010 long has Rockstar been working on Red dead Redemption 2...? Are you people really this dense...y do ppl like u clowns have anything to do with early access, development know're doing more harm than good, if you pledged and are bitching take your damn money back and go play something else...and then spend whatever to get the game again and feel like dumbasses when they make it. No wonder games fail with ppl like you on PC poser pc people should be on console...pc is for enthusiasts not wannabe's and poser with lint in their pockets....Whhhaaaaaa my 15-30 the whhaaaambulance...
  15. Peoples Coumputer Specs

    Cpu: i7-7700k Gpu: EVGA Gtx 1080sc Boost clock 2075Mhz Mem clock 5200 Mhz Mobo: Asus Tuf Z270 Ram: Viper Elite 16gb DDR4 2400Mhz SanDisk+ 480GB SSD Seagate Constellation 2TB HDD Psu: EVGA 850W Bronze Corsair Crystal Series 460X Mid-ATX Front/Side Tempered Glass Panels 28" 4k Samsung monitor 60Hz Mouse: Razer Naga Chroma KB: Razer DeathStalker Chroma XB1 USB wireless controller. Thermaltake Riing 3/120mm Adjustable Color Case Radiator Fans
  16. What platform

    Lol I wonder how many times you have answered this same post lol. I can't believe it's still being asked.
  17. Identity should be a third person game

    I think there should simply be a choice, if you want to play in either way you should be able to do so. Rpg's are all about choices, and giving people the option to explore, and use their imaginations.
  18. Google to Identity

    no when you oogle something you look at it. there is no G so google can't say squat as far as I know...Same with loogle fakoogle, as long as it's slightly different then it's good. I would think Identitweet, cause they actually use the word tweet, would probably rub twitter the wrong way before Oogle rubs google the wrong way.
  19. Is it worth the $60?

    I grabbed the 250 pledge as well, it certainly wasn't for the 2k, and other stuff that come with it...I bought a PC so I could play this game, and put aside 250 for games, but decided I wanted to see Identity come to life more than having a few extra games. While I wait for it to get developed, I have been enjoying all sorts of games that I could never play on console. To me, I think they are gonna need as much help as they can get. They definitely bit off more than they could chew, but getting more developers involved and getting their new office space, from the help and support from their player base. When they started this they knew they couldn't do it alone, so they got help from kickstarter, and the pledges made since then that have enabled them to go from mission impossible to mission attainable. PC gamers have the unique option to get involved with alot of the games that they play. I realize everyone don't have money growing on trees, niether do I. I had to make sacrifices to pledge that much. But Identity could be a game changer. If they can gamble and put everything on the table to make it a reality. I will do what I can to see that it becomes one of the games that really distinguishes PC gaming from consoles. I played consoles for so long, and I don't want this game to come to console atleast till consoles are rocking mini gtx 1080's or something like that. If I can get 250 before these pledges end I will definitely drop it...cause as enormous as Identity plans to be they are gonna need as much help as they can get. Being frugal only gets you so far...and honestly looking at how much and how long Rockstar put into GTA V with all their resources. I don't even think they should do 15-30 dollar pledges. I think they are hurting themselves giving away this game for that lil even though its for development so they don't scare the penny pinchers away. Games that don't get enough support from their player base either fail to come to light, or get outside funding from another source that usually wants to have alot of say over how things get made from that point on with their money. Which translates into a possibly alot of things changing and suffering so pledge as much as you can afford depending on how bad you want to see idnetity come to life, and not how cheap you can jump on the band wagon for...just my 25 cents
  20. DevBlog #010

    Y thank you.
  21. Any other games like Identity ?

    Yes there will be an underwater eco system, as well as caves, ruins, shipwrecks, to explore, and apparently treasure hunting too. Fear not they just released an update, and we have to wait a lil the end of Oct they will give us a release date for the town square module. Identity will have many different environments, country, cities, small towns, forests, mountains, and much much more. As for shops and such that all depends on the player base. There will very limited NPC's in Identity. So clothing store and other types of shops will be player run.
  22. DevBlog #010

    I am really starting to get irritated with these kinda of posts. How many times must it be said...Identity is a huge undertaking, being done by a small group, that IS getting bigger, NOT a Triple-A studio with hundreds of employee's and a blank check at their disposal. Really, I think its more of the constant negative whining, about a game more than 2x the size of GTA V, that is taking a small team to do things on your schedule...Maybe if people weren't so thick and instead of bitching "they got my $15-$30 and it's been two years...WHAaaaaa" maybe make some positive videos or posts drawing people in to the idea instead of giving them cause to think it could be exactly like other failed games. I honeslty think it's the spoiled self absorbed PC gamers, that want way better games but wanna pay as lil as possible to get it, that bring down the quality of games on PC. You guys belong on console, PC gaming is not about saving money.If you spent 3-4-$500 on a pc and then whine about how much games cost...Your gaming on PC for the wrong reason,YOU are the reason games for PC suffer. PC is for gaming enthusiasts. Cheap PC's are for the pretenders that want to feel like a part of something, without actually spending what is needed to be a part of pc gaming. You don't buy a Lamborghini with Honda pockets...I'm so happy that things are starting to pick up, and we will be hearing about the town square module release very soon. Then maybe all the naysayers will STFU now, and give it a chance to blossom. I swear it's like poop on the flower and expect it to grow thru 3 feet of shit. Give 'em a chance to make it, Rome wasn't built in a day. I can do analogies all day long.
  23. Robbing houses.

    I'm kinda torn on the robbing house could be a great way to add things like insurance, and security/alarm systems. But only if it were done right. You can't go in an empty someone's house. Taking everything they worked for...but...if it were like a mini game, like prison, and only certain things could be stolen. Tv's radio's, computers, maybe even some cash left on the dresser. I think it could add a risk managment element to the game. But I feel not in apts, since apts are pretty much apts, existing within each other. But getting house insurance, is necessary, it can be something that could add some extra risk to home ownership. Or maybe it could be a mini game, and there are specific "npc" houses that you can sneak into and try to rob, different skills give different choices on how to execute your plan and/or different difficulty housees with better security and booty...just my 25 cents
  24. Scuba Diving

    That is gonna be awesome! Can't wait till the exploration begins...
  25. Scuba Diving

    I believe there will also be ship wrecks that can be explored, and a whole underwater eco-system, I hope they have some treasure hunting.