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  1. New Delay is disconcerting, but I stay the course...

    I am well aware that it was my decision to buy a PC as it was my money that paid for it. I don't see what is my fault as I wasn't blaming anyone for anything. I never said anything about being pushed to buy a PC, for or from this game. I essentially said the prospect of this game made me buy a PC in anticipation of playing it. Which says a lot if you think about it. Why do I have to explain what I'm thinking? We have the freedom to post our thoughts...and that is what I was doing. I am voicing my opinion, and those that watch my stream that pledged, and seen the refund requests and doubters, wanted to know what I thought they should do. Not starting a debate of whose right and wrong. This is exactly why I don't really post on these forum's anymore...because it feels more like high school, than a forum for a game I'm anticipating. When I said, I got a PC because of this game, was to imply how badly I have to play Identity. I've been enjoying a lot of games on PC since I started playing last year, so pretty much giving credit to Identity for broadening my horizon's to PC gaming. If games are getting this awesome then I needed a PC. I am a gamer...I game where ever there are awesome games to play. I'm not holding a torch for a specific platform anymore. They don't hold a torch for all the money we give them. My post was more of a reassurance for anyone else in my position that might be having 2nd thoughts. To see that they aren't alone and just cause some ppl doubt and abandon ship, despite the delays, we still believe in their vision. I've seen more than a few refund requests, and the ppl I sent that pledged that brought their questions to me. No one came bitching to me, they were voicing their opinions to the person that brought to their attention, and influenced them to pledge, to Identity.They wanted to know if I thought the game is really coming. As I have a decent pledge. Them knowing I wasn't bailing was a reassurance in and of itself. I told them to think about how long it takes major developers to make games a fraction of this size. People can't be blamed for being cautious, just how they express those concerns, especially when deadlines are missed more than once. When you say things like, most of the systems are in place and it's not far off....then they miss the anticipated module release date 3 times, it can be worrisome, and honestly how are things moving faster than anticipated? Seems like it's just wishful thinking. So I understand why they feel that way. Personally I don't see this game coming to full release in the next year or even two. It takes major developers years and millions to make games a fraction of the size of Identity. My post was meant to be more of a vote of confidence even though we got another delay, and to voice some legitimate concerns. Like maybe not setting deadlines to release the modules, announce the release when they are ready to go. As it's been said theses things never go as planned things need to be adjusted, reworked, replaced and the list goes on.
  2. Let me say that my faith has been shaken not only because of the 3rd delay(that I know of) but because of almost every single one of the ppl who I told about this game and got them to pledge, has come back to me pointing out these facts to me and I gotta tell you, your not helping your case setting all these deadlines for yourselves and then missing them. I got to be honest here...this last delay is a bit disconcerting for a lot of people that I've sent your way. Dev blogs with more promises that this won't take much longer aren't very reassuring after the 3rd time ...Let me state that I bought a PC because of this game. After years on console, the idea of a game this epic, that can really distinguish PC gaming from console, made me decide it was time to get a PC. Now if they can pull it off, Identity can give us a game worthy of playing on some of these insanely priced rigs we pay for. But honestly after all the hype, 3 delays that I know of, 2 of which were further from the first because they didnt want to come out with a date prematurely and miss it. Which they did twice anyway...Now there is a more detailed progress tracker, which is honestly what we shoulda had in the first place, that doesn't look very complete. It looks so incomplete it that it makes me wonder how they could announce and miss 3 release dates in the first place. Now I'm not sitting here with a $15 to $30 "pledge"...In My Opinion that isn't a pledge. That's just trying to get an epic game for a pittance of what it's worth. I mean GTA went for $60 brand new for how long after it released? Gta is only life as a criminal. Not to mention they had a blank check to make it with thousands of people involved in development. Identity is life from a criminal side, working class side, civil servant side as well as many other aspects. And ppl think it's gonna get made by "pledging" $15-$30, now imagine how watered down GTA would be if they only invested a quarter or half of what they did to develop it. They put roughly 265 million dollars into developing/marketing, just the criminal side of life. Now either the fan base expects you guys to work a whole lot of hours, or put 264 million on top of our 1.1 million...That is why I DONATED what I did because this game can be so much more than gta, but it won't happen without our help... I am not asking for a refund, the money I put in was theirs to complete the game, or if they didn't. I really want Identity to become a reality. But if WE as their player base and investors, don't give them enough funding it won't come out. They'll either have to give up or get outside funding, if they get outside funding they could have to give up alot of artistic freedom's. We invest to keep the game WE want to see come to life...They would invest to make money, so certain things would get chopped. I paid for 60 my game, and gave another 190 towards helping Identity become real. I realize the scale of this game and what it's going to take to get made, and 1.1 million isn't gonna cut it. A massive portion of what it takes to make a game is man hours. People don't work for free...So if it took them so long to make gta with a blank check and thousands of ppl. How long and how much will it take to make a game that is bigger in scale than one of the biggest games released to date. To say GTA isn't massive is crazy, and this is so much bigger than that. This is like GTA, meets the Sims, meets police, fire & EMT simulator, meets politics & government simulator, meets drug making simulator, meets hunting simulator, and so on and so forth. So I am hoping that things really are going as good as we hear. But it seems to me that maybe we aren't being told the whole truth...are they getting enough funding, or something else...It seems that we are only hearing about the good side of development, honestly the only bad things I've heard is when a delay happens. I think we deserve to be kept in the loop a little better. At the very least more than a very cryptic progress tracker with no date and another "minor " setback promise. I have $250 into this game, I don't wipe my ass with hundreds either, but a game that's this massive of an undertaking is gonna need as much help as we can give it..With that being said we've seen a lot of telling us how fast things are moving, and top industry talent is working overtime in overdrive, and things are moving faster than they thought, you guys have a powerful new server making nightly builds for testing on steam. Everything is beginning to have that polished feel you expect in a real released game? Yet 3 delays, and only a scripted looking "game play" trailer...And now no release date just a more detailed progress tracker that really looks like there is a very LONG wait ahead of us...yet its predicted to be yet again a very "minor" wait.
  3. New Delay is disconcerting, but I stay the course...

    That detailed tracker shoulda been what we got in the 1st place before the 1 missed release, If it really is gonna be that minor of a delay...why bother making a tracker? I don't care about delays, I care about following thru with what ppl say. I followed thru on my pledge, as did many others who wanna see this game come to life...It just seems like everything is sugar coated instead of the straight truth, we dont hear much about bad until the delay actually happens...If we heard about what they are dealing with ppl might actually encourage you to push things back for the sake of development...Sony just pushed back Days Gone till next year (the word is simply cause it didnt wanna compete with RDR2) And for consoles pushing a game back seems to have the opposite affect on players. But on console if a game gets cancelled, it's all their money that they put in that's lost we lose nothing except a game we wanted to play. PC is a totally different monster. If you make a game and don't have any're doing something wrong. Any game this involved is gonna have issues...especially when there are a ton of ppl worried about paying $15 for a game clearly worth much more. I bet there are so many more ppl too cheap to actually help development than ppl who simply can't afford to throw more money in, and would only be able to afford the game on early access deal or a sale or something. The only thing that makes me worried is the player base not helping out enough. I'm not worried about delays, would just prefer it if we got it straight instead of everything is going so well then...delay...I just feel like oh well obviously things aren't going as well as we keep hearing...I'm starting to feel like a chimney...Their pledgers shouldn't feel like that.
  4. New!!!

    Congrats! I have 3 boys myself. Had my first one at 17, he's 21 now and just had his first kid, baby girl, life is going to completely change...I literally bought a PC in anticipation of this game...I have enjoyed many hours of gaming on lots of other games since then, but the sole purpose of getting this rig was Identity, and I got the speed demon package, because i really wanted to help as much as I could wish I coulda got enough to do the higher pledge...If they get the support they need no reason it shouldn't become a great game. As far as specs they are planning on having support for lower end PC's as well as higher end, but no specifics as of yet as far as I know. Less than a week, so excited! If you money situation is tight I'd get it sooner than later...every lil bit helps.
  5. System Build Suggestions

    If you want to get a 1080ti and i7 blah blah blah it is definitely worth it but not for 1080p with that build u can easily play most any game 60fps in glorious 2160p. 60fps is pretty standard right now but if u get a Gsync 4k monitor it will cost you. I have an AMD freesync monitor which only cost me 400. So I can't sync my gpu and monitor's refresh rates. But the pictures are still photorealistic for alot of games. I just have to use Vsync in game setting because I went for the cheapest 4k monitor at the time and this was last March. If you just want 1080p you wont need to spend any where near that.
  6. Need help with 2 monitors

    Ok I just got ahold of another monitor. What I want is to play my games in full screen on my 4k monitor, and have my twitch stream on the other monitor in 1080p so I can stay aware of my stream. Right now I have to use my phone and it sucks. Is there anyway this can be done? I have no clue how to set this up, if it is possible and could use some help, if someone would walk me thru it. My Discord is Drop me a msg if I'm not sitting in one of my channels.
  7. This is what's been pissing me off. I literally sent more than 20 ppl to check out Identity. 3 of them pledged OUT OF 20+ ppl. Everyone I asked, why they didn't pledge. Responded the same, has too many scam posts or taking too long and they will wait to see what happens before pledging to make sure it's not another No Man's Sky...THAT really irks me. I getting sick of being told by kids that I'm bragging because of what I say I put into this game. That's the way a KID thinks, I said what I put invested into getting Identity to compare to the people if people like me, who understand what it takes to make something from nothing. Can be patient with the developers and give them time to make one of the most ambitious games in gaming history. Yes, I belive Identity will revolutionize gaming. Then the posers that just want a cheap game, not to help development, can wait like everyone else without actually deterring people from the project. With help like that who needs enemies or your $15 or $30 if your gonna whine about it. Damn right I'm goin to be pissed my hard work is being sabotaged by so called "pledgers". Some posers trying to save a buck on an awesome game. These people shoulda waited for PRE-ORDER, NOT pre development and early access. I really feel they are doin more harm than good. But I know, I am a horrible person. Because how dare I get pissed off, they don't get mad they get annoyingly condescending and try to act like they are the voice of reason and they never get even slightly upset. One thing I hate about the internet is it gives these KIDS internet muscles and they talk like they would never talk in your face. Anonymity makes people brave. I paid my dues...I'll be damned if some kid my son would smack is gonna give me shit. Especially because they have a right to whine because they are unreasonable. Takes em forever to do their chores but dont make a game in a week and they wanna crucify you. They win I'm done with these forums it become too much measuring and condescending. Hope the game makes it. I'll see you in game if it does.
  8. Cinema Copyright

    Yea generally it's when u wanna ADD your opinion and not tear into someone for trying to help ppl understand. Unfortunately you can't just tell ppl they are wrong, it tends to trigger an attack response. So I explain myself. I'm 39 so I don't intend on changing. But I'm still learning stuff everyday.
  9. Oh wow lookey here, no hate, aggression, or virulence. Dude why is it, when I get on here this morning, You got something to say to everything I replied to yesterday. Try to tell me that I was wrong that the physics are better than GTA, it really seems like your hunting around for anything I say and trying to prove me wrong. It's starting to piss me off. I'm not boosting my posts by answering the same questions over and over. Copy and paste answers to different posts, like lots of newcomers seem to be doing. Find someone else and analyze their posts...I get aggressive when i'm attacked. You can't be like all cool on a few posts then telling me I'm ALWAYS HATEFUL AND AGRESSIVE AND VIRULENT on others you don't like.
  10. Cinema Copyright

    Lol I believe when the one guy said NO ONE will watch old movies. Another said don't assume that, cause they will watch them. The guy i quoted, said not me. Which was inclusing him in the conversation already goin and him saying not him, meaning he won't be watching old movies either, or he might. That's what I'm talking about. 2nd I've noticed you goin and replying to anything I responded to. If they don't like what I say they are more than welcome to tell me as much. What i mean by are you their you ain't involved in this conversation, coming out of nowhere and jumpin to his defense because your stereo-typing what I say and saying its aggressive and virulent...yet I'm just replying to post that rub me the wrong way because of people assuming shit. You are looking for my posts to be aggressive, and attack me and anything I'ev said of late...listen dude I invested alot in this game. I really don't want to see it go down because of ppl's ignorance of how games are actually made by small dev teams. I'm a console player, all my life, but I'm older and now on pc. Being on pc for less than a year and even I see how much different making games for PC and what they are up against. Just cause I have alot to say doesn't mean I'm whatever you seem to think. I'm not dissing anyone...callin them idiots or aggressive or i gotta a giggle out of virulent. Really? How am I being toxic or venomously hostile. It seems your being virulent to me searching for my posts and passing your judgements. Not defending the game or your point. Try practicing what you preach bro
  11. Cinema Copyright

    I realize that he was speaking for himself, I was goin off the post he quoted like he was trying to give the statement reinforcment. That there ARE a lot of ppl that won't watch older movies. Hold on a are you...are you his lawyer or something?
  12. I'm pretty sure they stated that the car physics would be close to gta IV type physics. A lot also all depends on what resolution how you things look. 1080p or 2160p. GTA V @2160p looks amazing the guns look and and act pretty damn good. Also I didn't say anything about guns. I was talking about car physics and that I was sure they would not have a game that's supposed to be exetremely immersive and then ruin that experience with crappy animations that don't fit where they are used. That's also the reason that they won't be having "weight" in character models, atleast not until after release if they do. Then they would have to make seperate animations for everything for each weight class they do. So when you wear clothes and your heavy they fit like they would a heavier person. Then they would have to make clothing sizes and make sure it looked right if a thin person wore bigger size clothes. It's actually alot of work to add those seemingly simple assets.
  13. How Much Did You Spend On The Game? POLL

    When posting make sure you give it a second to process once you hit the "submit" button for it to submit or you'll get double posts. It happens...just fyi
  14. How Much Did You Spend On The Game? POLL

    While your at it, can you find out if this is for PC
  15. Well if you were making a game, your dream, and watching all the negative posts spread like wildlife because of some spolied impatient PC posers, would you decide it was worth taking money from development to keep the cry babies happy? Or watch your dreams go down in flames because people just seem entitled. They threw in a few bucks, so it has to be a scam if they aren't notified as much as they feel they deserve. I really can't understand how ppl expect a dev team, the fraction of the size of a company like Rockstar or Ubisoft. To pump out a game that is huge compared to the games of those huge companies, and they take YEARS TO MAKE games a fraction of the size of Identity. They aren't even in the same catagory as Identity. Have we forgotten what the 1st M in MMORPG stands for? Took Rockstar 7 years to release a video for RDR2. They just don't need your money now, cause they've already gotten it from previous games. It's bad enough when you have a major investor tell you if you don't change this or that they take their money out. But when your dealing with the general public. You got hundreds or thousands of investors and so many of them each think they are entitled to have whatever questions they want be answered. They don't just take their money out they bitch n complain and try to draw as much attention to the fact they thru in money and they arenxt happy cause the developers aren't jumping when they say so. People like that aren't actually investing, just trying to pretend they are as they, try to get a really impressive game for as little as possible. They really shouldn't have $15 & 30 pledges IMO, 60 or more. I assume the devs look at it like money they'd be losing out if they didn't have those lower pledges. Cause they would lose out on the cheapskates. Plenty more way less intresting and less complex games have suceeded at a $60 price tag. But with as much negative attention they have brought was it really worth their $15-$30 self entitled pledge...I'm gonna be really pissed at all the PC pretenders with console pockets. Because it is true for a period of time when you Google'd Identity Rpg you got scam this or scam that...I can tell you right there, when that's the 1st thing ppl see when they google something it DOES affect how ppl see the game. And if it failed I would blame them and not the developers. How could anyone possibly think that you could be more upset, cause you lose out of your investment, then those guys watching their dreams fall apart cause of retarded impatient ass self entitled posers. Everythinf they sacrificed to be brought down by B.S.! I know ppl will give me shit about "they can't afford" or "they won't put that kinda money into it till they know if it's gonna get made" That's the difference of PC gaming they need our help to make the game we want. Not our pockets full of lint, or ability to be thrifty. I could've definitely used that money elsewhere in my life, that I pledged. This was my very 1st pledge ever. I bought a HEDT just to play this game. The moment I seen Identity I knew, if they actually pulled it off, it would be truly amazing and I had to be a part of it. If you simply couldn't afford to put that much. Here's your chance to be a big boy and save up for what you want. Responsibility is good for the soul ;). That's how your goin to get most expensive things in your practice now. I'm glad they have a community manager now, if nothing else but for the cry babies to be happy and not draw anymore bad attention to the game. Though I woulda preferred waiting untill the game was more developed instead of paying this guy outta money that coulda been used to further development a lil faster, then after the 1st module relasesd hit us with a community manager after people see the module and realize this is for real...They actually wanna make this game and make lots of money doin something they love. And not scamming people for a quick small payout. Do ppl want them to make the game or spend the money made from pledges, for development, to pay them to tell us about it?
  16. Cinema Copyright

    Just because YOU might not like older movies, that does not mean that NO ONE else will either. There wouldn't be a business of making old movies to DVD if it was based off your thoughts on the matter. I personally associate movies and music with different times in my life. So I'd love to watch old movies.
  17. Office Tour

    No! For god's sake let them develop! I would definitely like to know more. And now that they have a community manager, once things get settled, we will start to see more. Obviously they wanna get info out to give ppl something to chew on. I can wait till they have things set up right, and the CM is updating us, so that someone isn't stopping what they are working on to give us an update which in turn hinders development.
  18. Police questions

    They've stated that there will not be grindy progression system, but career based. So if you go Cop you'll get more access to certain activities or weapons tou can't get as a citizen. Swat officers will have even more access to things that regular beat cops don't have usually, and so on and so forth. A good portion of the questions being asked are too specific, and we haven't gotten far enough along in development to answer them with any certainty. Alot of things can change as we are still in the very early phases of Identity. Depending on what careers you choose they will be specific features or equipment only accessed by that career, and depending on how far your progress in said career will determine what extras you will get. Some of these questions would really be good for their stream though, and if you really wanna know. I'd write them all down and ask during the stream.
  19. Vehicles

    I would assume you can if they are in the proper/legal parking areas. I think if you park in the wrong areas for too long you can be towed. There will b garages, though I know they said they can't have everyone leaving cars out. This is a good question as I know cars will not be as numerous and as easy to buy as GTA. I believe if you leave it in a proper parking spot or garage it will still be there. Don't quote me tho. Maybe it will be like gta if u go offline without putting your car in your garage, you can go to impound or maybe it's already in your garage. I know they aren't gonna leave cars all over the place as there would be problems, so whatever they will do, I'm sure it will be to make things not cluster-fucked.
  20. I highly doubt they would make Identity as immersive as they are planning, and then ruin important aspects of that immersion like not having things things look proper depending on if you use 1st or 3rd person perspectives. There will be 1st and 3rd person perspective, I'm sure they will do the animations for each perspective. Car physics are supposed to be releated to that of gta IV if I'm not mistaken. Surely they will want 1st person or 3rd person driving to be as immersive as possible. So figure traditional 1st & 3rd person views with the proper animations respectively.
  21. Long early access, game will die

    Keep ya head really hasn't been that long yet. I'll repeat this yet again...Identities planned scale, and the fact they added SpatialOS to expand players per server, is gonna take this game a while to get finished. I would hope atleast another 2 to 3 years before they release the full game. If they try to make a game that is multiple times more than what Gta V is, and they do it in less time than a triple-A company like rockstar, it wouldn't be the game I am hoping to play. Game development is a pretty well known process. It didn't start last night, yet on so many forums I see ppl whining about time, THAT has killed more games I bet, then actual developers trying to pull a scam. Let's take Rockstar for instance... They took how many years to release Gta V, a small game in comparison with the intended scale of Identity, and that was just to make it for 360 and ps3...It took another 1-2 years to make the ports for next gen consoles, then even a bit longer for PC. It's been 7 years since they released RDR and they just finally released a video for RDR2. 7 years! And even RDR2 is still not as big as Identity plans to be and it still ain't done, and won't be for atleast another year if not longer. How people are sitting here in forums asking way smaller developers to make their games, and expect it done in a fraction of the time it takes Triple-A to make a fraction of the game they have to make. If PC gamers wanna have better games than consoles that can push gaming to it's full potential then they have to support it. Do people not realize, that if you have a much smaller development team with little capital of their own, they can't make bigger and better games in a 1/4 of the time, with a fraction of the costs. Instead, they need help from their player base. Unfortunately Rockstar don't have to wait for funding, but then are making the game they want. They can make it for consoles which will affect how big the game is, then port to PC which will add things but not utilize pc's full potential like Identity plans to. Identity is literally planning on utilizing every little nook n cranny that PC can push. And they won't be able to do it without US! You got ppl throwing in $15-$30 and the like, and expecting what they say be taken into consideration because they "invested". Your not even paying them what the game is worth. Your being cheap and trying to help yourself by pretending to "invest" Your just pre-ordering the game...and for a pittance of what it's worth. Ppl like me that throw in more than $60 are invested...We didn't think about getting something amazing for cheap, we paid our due and threw in more to HELP. And it's fine that you wanna save money, but then don't act like you put so much risk in, and their lack of giving what you expect, gives you the right to call a Waaambulance. I mean if I was gonna complain about anything it would be, how come we throw in 6-10 times more more than people droppin $15-30$ and we get only a thousand more. I mean as big as this game is it wouldn't hurt the longevity in the slightest to give people a lil more. I mean it's only digital money (nothing). I'm fine with the apt and car, just a lil unhappy with the amount of digital money we get for the real money they got. That's my only gripe, and I never even mentioned it till now...It wasn't that big a deal, just woulda made ME feel more appreciated. That I have a right to an opinion to, not tellin them they aren't moving fast enough for my liking. Seriously the negative posts have probably scared away more money than the $15-$30 the whiners put up to "help". I've been on PC since only Feb/Mar and even I realize that PC games can't fulfill their potential if the investors (the gamers) want to pay the least amount possible for your games...more money to develop...more game. Less money to develop...lot less game to play, lower quality.
  22. Which Cars/ Vehicles Would you like to see?

    I'm kinda partial to the SN-95 body style 94-04 mustangs. My uncle had a Metallic Candy Apple Green 1990 Lincoln Mark VII LSC. They were essentially like stretched fox body mustangs w 5.0 H/O Ford engine but they were the epitome of luxury back in those days and had such big nuts. One of my favorite and most underated cars.
  23. DEVELOP Games to be Games Not A Fucking PR station

    Let me break it DOWN for you. Why would you wanna break it for him? Ok now let me see if I get this right... You jump from the same plane (repetitive), parachute down, albeit to different spots, to find guns. (repetitive) The same circle moves in bringing everyone closer together to bring the match to a conclusion (repetitive). Now there are plenty of elements about PubG that are repetitive. What changes is all the stuff in between...The plane takes different paths to let players jump out and go to different places to find guns. The circle starts at different places but always shrinks till nothing or someone wins first. You still go through different areas looking for weapons, no matter where you land. When it comes to me, I always have the absolute worst luck when it comes to finding weapons and supplies. I can search an entire apt complex and find less than a guy goes in one house and come out with 3 weapons with all attachments, meds, and all kinds of other goodies. The only thing consistant about PubG for me, is I spend more time searching and moving into the circle than having fun. PubG is probably one of the most repetitive games with very lil to it that is doin extremely well. Because people expect more, if it was just this and that's all we were getting. You can bet that eventually most will go to other things and it will have its dedicated player base that swear on map over and over, even though you land in different spots. It's just a big map and you do things in different areas around that map, depending on where you land...But you do the same exact thing every game. And people tend to usually stick to the same cheesey strategies as long as they benefit them. Like constantly goin for the AFK kills so they can pretend they are so awesome...Cause it really takes some set of skills to kill people just standing there. Or the people who will get to the center of a circle and kill people trying to cross the line. I've been killed by that damn line more than I have from ppl. Yea to kill people like that isn't cheesey in and of itself, but when that's ALL you can do...It gets...oh, what's that word....dare I say repetitive. People aren't looking to have a blast and play a game, they wanna "win" that chicken dinner...whatever that means. I think that is stupid btw. You get nothing for staying alive till the end, no digital nothings, nada. Every game is repetitive, all of them. It's how developers go about filling up the space in between that makes really good games. And PubG while a great mod and spin off game idea, they need alot more follow thru and execution if they wanna keep this momentum going. It seems to me that Identity is a mod spin off game as well from atlis life. The mod came from the idea of wanting to play a game like that. Whether the idea to make Identity came before or after the mod. It's almost the same thing as PubG in essence.
  24. DEVELOP Games to be Games Not A Fucking PR station

    Oh I am sure there ARE crowds of decent like minded GAMER'S out there...hell if I can find any though cause they are far and few between lol.
  25. There will be criminal records to an extent, You can go to jail so I would assume they have to keep track of it some way. I doubt they wanna keep records forever, So maybe if no crimes are committed for a period of time it will eventually leave your record, maybe it will just go to your personal stats. They haven't specified in depth how the law enforcement system will run but I would assume you can't rob a bank and then the next day apply for a job in law enforcement. Besides the fact that banks aren't ownable bank teller would be more of an NPC based job. As I don't see Bank Teller Sim coming to the video game market any time soon mostly because it would be more fun to watch paint dry, grass grow, water boil...I could go on but I think you get the idea. I'm sure whatever they decide to do will be for the best experience possible.