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  1. Hello, again I 've been meaning to ask this question for a while now. Let's say a player decides to open a business, for example a clothing store. Would he be able to customize the exterior appearance of the store other than the interior ? Like adding a glass showcase, having a custom logo-sign etc? 

  2. 2 hours ago, PhoenixFury said:

    They had already said you aren't gonna be able to copy and paste stuff in, it's a custom maker that comes with shapes and symbols and letters and stuff, I dunno exactually. But yeah. 

    I didn't say anything about "copy-paste". (3D modeling doesn't work that way.) Even for the custom maker you should have some short of experience with that kind of stuff if you want your product to look good and people give in-game money to buy it. If you are committed in following what you said about opening a store, you should view some tutorial online about modeling, just to have you mind set and what to expect when the game is released.;)   

  3. 6 hours ago, PhoenixFury said:

    Yeah. Actually is there any possibility I could join the neighbour hood? I'm looking to open a clothing store titled:  Le Phenix (The Phoenix) and sell a large amount of different clothes. I wanted to do it when I was in the Lupranos but I was told I could only have italian themed clothes, I think this would be a great time to start it! 

    P.S: If you need proof that I am no longer a Luprano you can ask and I'll be happy to provide. 


    I think in order to open any kind of clothing store you need to have some expertize with 3D modeling software. (If you want to have your own custom -made clothing line.) 


  4. In the game the only possible option for someone to have a job as the detective will be just for roleplay. So when the game will be released you should check the servers which focus on heavy roleplay. 

  5. I think the only corrupted thing you will be able to do as a cop in the game will be to turn the blind eye, or accept money to keep your mouth shut or lie etc. Small stuff like that. Hiding or place evidence I don't think you can be able to do. But maybe it will change in the future. 

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  6. I also don't see any problem at all. The GTA series always show the criminal stuff, no immersion or role-play on any of their official online servers. Just a bunch of people shooting at each other. At identity at least from the forums you can see people waiting to start businesses ask about clothing, cars, character in-depth customizations etc. Identity won't have any competition problems.

  7. Hello, I have to ask about the music in the game. Due to several posts on the forums with radio stations etc. Will the players be able to upload music tracks of their choice or will there be a certain library to avoid copyrights?

  8. 12 minutes ago, JamesLuck01 said:

    Please elaborate on what you mean/ getting at.

    I mean like, you create a new character, go through the basic customizations and drop at the starting point ? (like the city hall or something)

    Or will you get any further options of deciding a background story for your character?  

  9. Well I believe, nobody typed the most important question. How do you start your character in the game? Would there be any background character lore after the character customization, like new to the city looking for the dream or something else?

  10. Hello world, my name is Kostas, I am 24 years old and I am from Greece. I found about this game a couple months ago and I got interested on the concept and structure of the game. I went to college to get my degree on web-development and graphic design. My passion although is on game development and model design. So I am one of those gamers who look even the slightest details. I really hope the devs team achieve what they focus on.