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  1. Signed up and ready to go!

    Hi All!!! A quick Hello from me Dru. Looking forward to playing this game, seems like the complete game to me can not wait. Any advice on which starter package to purchase as you guys have plenty more knowledge than me a NOOOB!! Thanks All, Peace!!
  2. Signed up and ready to go!

    Awesome thanks for the info!!
  3. Signed up and ready to go!

    Hi @MadMcardle thanks for the message. That would be cool teaming up for sure, has any announcement been made when BETA access will be? Hi @JamesLuck01, thanks for the advice I'm still deciding on which package to get, the options say the founder has beta access? is that incorrect? Im so tempted to grab THE VIP package ?
  4. Signed up and ready to go!

    Hi Johnny Thanks my friend, probably EU i would imagine. Are you signed up for BETA?