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  1. So... long time no here, was it a "scam"?

    I got refunded for the game. The funny thing is the reason I bought it, is me and two friends were talking about basically making this exact game, but calling it "Life". Cause you could do anything in it you can in real life with "real life consequences". Glad we didn't even attempt it. We concluded we'd be better of either creating the games own technology or selling the idea to a MMORPG dev that could handle such a project. With that I feel sorry for anyone who held on longer than the days and played more than 2 hours.
  2. So... long time no here, was it a "scam"?

    Wow. 2 Things absolutely kill me about this thread. #1 I don't think anyone really knows WTF their talking about when it comes to this game. Modules 1+2+3 aren't the game itself. All of those are things to do while the game is being made. #2 The success/failure argument is so polarized. You're either a delusional fan boy pretending to have some inside knowledge about game development that no one else has or you're a grieving troll cause your expectations aren't being met, right now! Now on to my opinion. I am very worried about this game. I actually want my $30 back. Not because I think it is a scam but I believe the end game will turn out to be the 3 modules + some defunct form of the rest of the games ideas. The dev team is too small, the work they have done already is too broken to have hope that the game seen in the trailer is coming to fruition anytime in the realistic future. Yes I'm aware of how games are made. Be aware that the process is changing with "Early Access" and empty promises when the dev ALREADY HAS YOUR MONEY. The incentives for delivering promises are near gone when game devs can give it their "best shot" come up far short, miss and still make a buck on selling a good idea rather than a finished polished product.
  3. Is this game playable ?

    Haha the more I learn about the games dev team the more I think 1. this game isn't worth $30.00 and 2. This game isn't ever going to be anything close to what it's supposed to be.
  4. Is this game playable ?

    I got the same thing. First time ever trying to play the module. I want my money back.