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  1. So.... Is Identity dead?

    I keep forgetting this game exists... I was excited for the launch.. played around for a few days goofing around with people... then everyone wised up and realized how boring the chat sim was. Maybe just maybe this game will survive... but I doubt many people will be left by the time swat is out.
  2. Yeah I enjoy talking with people and my godddd karaoke is something. I was just curious if people have already done what they wanted to do.
  3. I played for like 10 hours and now I feel like I am already burnt out with so little to do. I was curious if anyone was still playing or if yall have packed it in and are just waiting for anything new to come? I feel like most people I talked to in the game were already pretty done, just curious on your thoughts.
  4. Art in Town Square

    Wow I need to get on my painting grind lol but I am bad
  5. What's Next

    Im curious as well Id love an update because if the rumors are true it may set back things significantly
  6. Not seeing other peoples apartments?

    Ahhh so basically you can't go to other people's apartment yet, or can you only go there if you type in their name directly. And will it be the same in the full game release or will all the rooms open up evetually
  7. I can't tell where other peoples rooms are. Whenever people get off on the same floor they just disappear and I can never tell which room they are in. There is no way to be able to tell? Unless I am missing something. Also Am I the only one who no matter what floor you are assigned the same exact room like 308,408,508 etc etc?
  8. Identity in a Nutshell - VIDEO

    I agree probably should have let backers test before going on steam, but what can ya do now oh well