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  1. American Holidays

    They don't update on the weekends. I'm pretty sure they stated that
  2. To Be Honest.....

    Yeah... it is crazy how they are lying to us... 60 tasks or not... they said they were pretty much done and blatantly lied... they could have said weeks ago.. oh we have 60 tasks left sadly... give us a few more weeks and we will be good.. That would have been way more well received than 2 days before..
  3. Called it

    Yeah this is my last straw... after reading everyone who has been waiting for years... and now this... if they delay it one more time... im outtie.
  4. Trust = Gone

    Honestly they better be adding alot to this advertised module... or people are gonna be pissed they are playing a glorified second life or sims game untill the next module in a year...
  5. Trust = Gone

    Probs nothing tbh... that's why I am giving them untill the end of May to get me in the game.. or I am gone... and I haven't even been here long
  6. Delay time

    IMHO oppinion this module is kinda of a waste (if it werent for the fact we had nothing else to play or show for this game) I would not even bother playing it. It just seems so lack luster and so little to actually do after waiting so long. Hell I could go play perp and gett a better more fleshed out experience than waiting for a chat room. I wish they atleast had some sort of drug/ cop system in place to make the town square a little more antsy and fun... but allas it will just be walking around and talking untill you are bored after 5 hours and the wait till the next module begins.
  7. Delay time

    End of april is pushing it too. I say if they don't get it by the end of MAY I probs will be taking my money back... hell all this is is gonna be a virtual chat room pretty much untill the full game is out
  8. Delay time

    this is true... they should really consider not adding more tasks... unless they are crucial to current tasks completion.
  9. Delay time

    It should be possible... it also should have been possible to hit their second stated release time... but look where we are at.
  10. Delay time

    A week is pretty dang optimistic when they stated they haven't even upgraded the tracker to its fullest potential even yet.
  11. Delay time

    Im giving it another month... because the tracker it self is so vague and weird... idk if I trust the estimates they put on it..
  12. Well... guess I was right not to get too hyped.. oh well guess the wait continues. I really hope this tracker gets polished up.. amd I the only one who finds it kinda not.. transparent and kinda weirdly put together... I am afraid that they are using this tracker to just be able to never give a release date or anything for sure and just keep working away or not working away indefinitely.
  13. Only a few more day

    I will admit the radio silence 3 days away from "Launch" is kinda worry some especially with the weekend coming up and them probably not working on the weekend... kinda has me worried.
  14. 5 days ..

    I am kinda worried too that nothing has been said or shown this close to the release date, but that could also mean they are heads down working hard.