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  1. Hello friends

    Hey guys Corey here. I'm from the U S of A and just recently found out about this awesome game in progress. I'm hoping maybe there is a group chat somewhere were i can chat with others freely and bounce some idea off of each other and just make friends with in this community for when the game comes out. My hopes for this game is to be able to start a small town biker gang and evolve it into a huge enterprise of sorts. Cant wait to here from some of you and join in on the fun!
  2. Biker Gangs?

    First time posting so bare with me. I would love to start and grow a huge biker gang in this game. I was thinking there should be designated biker bars through out the world. Other biker gangs or even normal gangs could compete for these bars. Extortion is a big motivator where the gang itself gets a percentage of all business etc. I also think it would be cool to be able to get leather vests and customize a logo or symbol for it to be distributed throughout the gang. On the vests will be stars showing the rank of the person. On this note I was wondering if a sawed off shotgun or other easily concealed moderately heavy duty weapons would be implemented. Will the Gang Leaders have a way for people to report any violations or corruption throughout the gang rather than just word of mouth? Also is there going to be a way to launder money for when your illegal enterprise gets too large? Love the idea cant wait to be able to support you guys!