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  1. But a police officer could see their bounty, I presume? That has nothing to do with the point anyway, whether it gives you bounty or not you'll still be wanted.
  2. I very much doubt the system would treat the two the same way, besides, the said "bounty" would be a higher priority/be higher in number
  3. Any sort of murder, including punching someone to death or suffocating them with a pillow (if that even becomes a thing in the game) will give you a wanted status instantly, even the most silent kill. I agree with your 'stealthy ghost' point but a hitman cannot work without killing, just to give an example
  4. I read that you immediately get a 'wanted' status upon murdering someone, regardless of being reported or not
  5. what guns would you people like to see in ?

    I'm afraid there won't be silenced weapons in game, nor silencers
  6. I'm a long time follower but haven't purchased the game yet, which I plan on doing but can't because it only allows PayPal purchases. Anyway, recently I found out that there won't be any silencers added to the game nor will you be able to get away with any sort of murder. While I understand that this would prevent people from getting a silencer and RDM'ing to some degree, it's a real bummer that we won't be able to have stealth gameplay. Hitmen won't be able to get away with any of their successful jobs, and gangs will always have to go 'loud' and make a scene. I personally think this disallows many roleplay scenarios and while you might say 'you can do that on a private server' I doubt I'll ever go on one. To me this game is all about official servers where the game is regularly updated, moderation is in place most of the time and there is no fearing if the server will 'go offline' every single day. Anyway, hope my rant wasn't too boring, have a good day everyone. I'd love to hear what you all have to say.