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  1. Change Email

    you can change your email adress by pressing on your profile name at the top right corner after that press the profile tab you should see a list with options press email adress type our new in in then you should get a varification email and you are done
  2. New email

    Okay i bought identity but recently i got a new mail adress is it posible to change the adress? I made a new one because my old acc got hacked and i cant get my account back
  3. Can i run identity?

    i can run ark on the low settings thx for the help
  4. Can i run identity?

    So close to the release of the beta i started wondering if i even can run identity So here are my specs if someone can tell me what they think that would be great! 4 intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4210U @ 1.70GHz processors a amd radeon R7 M260 and a Intel(R) HD Graphics Family GrapficsCard (I use the radeon) 8GB of ram and 64 bit windows 10