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  1. Hi i have a couple of questions about some features in the game 1. If a friend creates a business and owns a store can he appoint different positions in the store such as a cashier,manager and hire different employees 2. Is kidnapping in the game? 3. How will object creation work in the game. I know they said that furniture and other object creation in the game will be available so you can sell them in your shops but will there be an editor to create your own furniture, etc 4. With stores can their be a store chain for example having more than one of your stores in different locations in the map 5. Will there be death sentences be in the game? 6. (pretty sure this one was answered but how in depth will the ranking system be in the police department? are sergeant, captain, chief, deputy chief, and lieutenant ranks in the game as well as just regular officers? 7. Will the city have multiple towns or is it just one big city? 8. is being a blacksmith in the game/ can i make my own swords/knives and such? 9. Will there be any professional sports teams you can join? 10. Is taxi driver a job in the game? 11. I know barber shops and different hair styles will be in the game but will a barber be a job that we can be in the game 12. Will there be a specific chat server for all emergency responders?