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  1. What kind of weed have you been smoking man?
  2. Townsquare Module Housing

    Oh I wasn't expecting to get housing that fast at all. I fully expected to be a vagrant for a good while.
  3. Making money in Towns Square

    Will tattoo parlors/barber shops be out by that time and if so do tattoos transfer over with your character into the full game?
  4. Townsquare Module Housing

    Ah well that's pretty nice. Homeless shelters would be a bit too cut throat for just starting out I guess Gotta get my grind on for that first apartment then. I'll be doing caricatures and custom art pieces when the game drops so look out for the scruffy dude with the canvases. RPing the starving artist not too far off of real life
  5. Townsquare Module Housing

    Okay. So I'll get a temp apartment to play with during the module phase but when the game fully drops I'll be out on the streets?
  6. Townsquare Module Housing

    Just read in the newsletter today about when Townsquare is dropping. One thing I wanted to get clarified was the statement: "Everyone will have access to a tiny apartment, but those who pledged for higher rewards will be able to check out and decorate their larger spaces." Does this mean lower level pledges will get a space but not have the ability to customize? Is the "larger space" considered the apartments shown in the demo videos? Sorry if this has already been addressed in another post.
  7. Hey, I'm Dunco

    Have been following for some time now and finally jumped in with a $15 donation to start. I can already tell I'm going to geek out on that canvas painting thing. Is starving artist a career choice?