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  1. Where are you from?! (Europe)

    OoooTürk buldum çok şükür!!!!
  2. Are there any planes or choppers in game? Because pilot is important job. And i think plane companys can get lots of money.
  3. Assasins and Presidents

    No idont say it like that.
  4. Assasins and Presidents

    Thanks for your answer.
  5. Assasins and Presidents

    Assansins and Presidents İ think that assasins will be add more roleplay in the game. Think that you re near presidents speech. Then president down and polices searching the crime. Ambulance is coming. After that the state of emercency came. Curfews and the other things. İ think this will be good for rps. Because rp games need some little action but not like hyperbole. Thank you for reading!!