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  1. I'm still in search of a group to RP with in Identity, but I am an NA player. Perhaps I'll come hang out with the Europeans, I'm not usually on until later at night anyway lol
  2. How will the Police Academy work?

    Yeah lmao it's still kicking. Still very populated as well.
  3. How will the Police Academy work?

    The last RP game I played was a RP server on GTA San Andreas called LS-RP. They had actual scheduled Police Academy's with Scheduled times for classes and such, which is why I was sad I couldn't do it there lol
  4. Hello all! New here to the Identity forums, and actually just pre-ordered! I was reading some of the forum topics and saw mentions of a Police Academy. How will this work for those of us with weird hours IRL(as I am military). I can usually only play in the evening or night hours due to work and family. I would love to become a Police Officer in Identity, especially since I have plenty enough experience in other games as one, but can't commit to an academy that will happen on a set schedule in the middle of the day.