Trading card game in Identity

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Hello everyone.
I personaly love tcg "Weiss Schwarz". I think it would be fun to actually implement sorts of collectable stuff into the game. Like cards, stickers or something like that.
I guess implementing a whole card game would be too much to ask, since it would be a lot of work. Maybe add something to collect with a patch after game is fully released already? You could buy these for e.g. stickers at a local store via booster packs.

Sorry for my bad English by the way. Not my native language.

What do you guys think about this idea? Maybe there will be like a famous artist or something like this in the game and collectors, who want to get all of this person's art. :D Well just wanted to provide something productive for this game and community.

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you seen what happend with Artifact right? anyway there will be simple games like blackjack and poker ect depending on how development goes it may or may not happen

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