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Found 3 results

  1. Does anybody know how much will go into marketing, I know a lot will have to go to developing the game but to sustain the want for this game it needs the mainstream to know about and want to play. Does anybody know the marketing budget
  2. Business Advertising

    I reckon i'd be cool if businesses could advertise their brand around the island. This would increase realism and immersion, as well as bringing in customers. This could happen in a few ways; - Customised ads (ie; made by the player) which appear on billboards and walls (advertising space which may be rented/ brought), also could appear on the rear of a bus and inside the trains - Player customised flyers, emails and catalogues which could be sent to residents and customers. These could contain upcoming sale deals and products - Radio adverts recorded by the player, which play during the commercial break (could also be used on TV - if they're in Identity)
  3. So I was thinking it might be kinda hard to start up a new company for some people when there might already is a ton of other carpenters out there. Or you might just be a company that wants to tell the world about the fantastic offer you have on fertilizer. Maybe it would be a idea to have signs, road signs, posters, elektronik posters etc spread around the huge Identity world. You would then be able to rent one of these for a chosen period. Then there's 2 ways of making the image you want up. 1.: Ingame program for simple text and boxes.. or 2.: you upload a picture you made. Either way you would probably need some kind of moderation of it so you dont end up with 10 posters of dicks. But there's probably some devs out there that knows how this could be implemented best. This way you would still be able to show the world your company when you are not online and let people know of what you do unique. What do you all think?