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  1. Task list photos | UPDATED DAILY!

    June 142018 – 4 tasks to go! We now have roughly 94% completed!!
  2. Task list photos | UPDATED DAILY!

    Updated 6/12/18 – only 5 tasks to go! We now have 92% completed!!
  3. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Okay, a little navigation problem I guess. I clicked on this topic because it says it was updated 16 hours ago but I don't see any updates on the first or last page. What did I miss? What's the quickest way to find new content on a particular link? Ok. i'ts there now that I posted a reply to the topic. That's weird. I see the new items now.
  4. Task list photos | UPDATED DAILY!

    updated 2 hours ago as of 5:57 PM CST (USA) - still 6 tasks to go. :-(
  5. Task list photos | UPDATED DAILY!

    only 7 to go as of 6 minutes ago! 88.8% completed!
  6. Well, looks like another User Interface task was knocked out today. That leaves only 8 tasks to complete provided no new ones crop up. Soon, I'll be in game running up to everyone playing chess, stealing their knights and/or rooks and running away earning the much coveted title..... Game Board Bandit. And, of course, I'll make T-shirt and hat accessories to sell to what will soon be a huge fan club...or maybe not. See everyone soon!
  7. Did they do a 2nd Town Square tour today? Can't find it on Twitch.
  8. In Town Square.....

    Heah, thanks Kraztec! Let me know if you want something specific for a shirt/hat etc.
  9. In Town Square.....

    Well, in the version where we can do mostly everything I'd like to try selling some artwork (paintings/t-shirts/etc). It really interest me that we saw 3 slots for characters in the last stream. Does that mean we can develop 3 characters depending on our mood for that game? Also, aren't we going to be very limited on what we can do job-wise in the first module. I was under the impression we'd be decorating the apartments, purchasing items and conversing with each other. There's those board games and maybe some graffiti work. And karaoke. But jobs? Not sure.
  10. I kind of hope they save something for our first experience but...guess I could just not watch, huh?
  11. I think it looks great! The first thing that struck me as a little odd was that everyone's "apartment" was located in a hotel (or did I misunderstand?). I think if I played what-if-I-was-a-dev for a moment I would have to say I would have made sure to open a door or two and maybe show off a couple of the vehicles. I would NOT show too much to let players experience it first-hand instead but show enough to give everyone a warm and fuzzy about several pieces of the gameplay they've been hearing so much about. But....we're promised more and soon. Oh, and a question. Was 1000+ viewers a good TWITCH turnout for over 26,000 signed up? Maybe so? What do you think?
  12. Good Day

    @KardlefWell...I think that one of the few videos they've released has this cop pulling up to a farm where there's an RV making meth. One of the guys gets out and gets shot by the cop. The other....jumps behind the wheel , I think and the video at 1:35 has the cop shooting him (or we assume). I think you may be thinking of the comment from a clip where one of the devs said you can't drive it while you're making meth but can after you shut it down. We really don't see that in the clip though, huh? p.s. would love to join you on the get to clean whatever we kill. :-)
  13. Good Day

    @AlconSystainLOL. There is supposedly blue smoke coming from the RVs being used for meth production. I may follow them, steal their RV and drive them into the lake instead. Letting the air out of their tires won't stop the meth production. :-)
  14. G'day from Australia

    See you in game as well LionWolf! Went to Melbourne a few years back now. What an awesome country! You ever have snotblock? Maybe they'll add some meat pies for you in the Square! Or some of that delicious Vegimite!
  15. Hey guys! (Sorry, first posted this in the wrong channel)

    See you in the Square. What other games have you invested in? I'm playing Star Citizen (acquiring quite a fleet of ships) and Escape from Tarkov.