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  1. Marriage & Children

    I'm an avid player in secondlife aswell i see where that disgust comes from all to well. so i'd have to stand by my first opinion on no ai's certainly kids. (maybe a dog you can train to defend in pvp) but i think that's as far as i'd go. they've already had their work cut out for them developing, so far adding in pointless ai's would just outsource the game for another two three, or even more years. while i'm sure there could be a good few benefits, but the goal was to stick with no ai's from the get go for many reasons. It's to be a player based game, but i'm sure they'll have some kind of add in ai's or fillers, even if they only wander in your own home.
  2. Hello,From California

    I love your intro, definately a go big ambition! I hope your road takes you far with that perspective. Welcome to the community.
  3. Hello, from Latvia.

    I can understand you so i think you're doing just fine! welcome to the community and enjoy. maybe i'll see you in game, greeting from the states/idaho.
  4. Hallo, from Northern CA!

    Welcome to the community! I'm much looking forward to exploring myself, and a supportive role like a doctor or something. I know a few people already wanting to be criminals haha. Maybe i'll see ya in game, enjoy!
  5. Hello from New York

    Welcome to the community!
  6. Hello from Mouse!

    So, I just bit my cheek and made my jump into supporting Identity for alpha/beta access. It's pretty cheap right now considering other games prices so i went with it before release and price jumps. I look forward to playing this enticing world with all of you! This game truelly looks like loads of fun that i could spend hours on. I check updates weekly for anything new that catches my interest. On my first launch i plan on being in a supportive role via whats available ie: doctor, nurse, wildlife?As for any goals or something to look forward to, i would think i first just want to explore get a feel for the game, try my hand in painting, and see where the rest takes me. I can't wait to see where this game takes me! As a general introduction of myself i reside in the states, idaho. Iam 24 years of age. I am hoping i can touch base with a few new friends and get my identity rolling pretty smooth, hopefully stay out of trouble to haha. We'll see
  7. Marriage & Children

    I think it will be interesting to see some small in game bonus to a marriage. Like some home decor and/or a marriage certificate that you can post on a wall. I wouldnt want to share my funds, as i dont in RL either. Nor would i want npc children of anykind running around. i like that this game is going to pursue real people instead of fillers and i for one would like it to stay as such.