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  1. From the Dev blog, they're going to release a video of gameplay and then videos of the Town Centre after it... I don't think the Town Centre module is coming for quite a while. Probably next year.
  2. I think 99% of the people on here understand it's not even in Alpha so any bugs or any placeholders won't matter too much. Just screen shots would be cool. Honestly I think you're doing more harm than good by not showing or releasing it. Even though your intentions are correct.
  3. Aye, I thought that would be the case anyway was just curious if the devs have shed any light on roughly the costs etc if you can start a small business with the money you start with etc. I will end up starting one if the costs aren't too ridiculous to actually make some profit.
  4. I've got a few questions for people who may know more but I love the idea of being bale to design and sell your own clothes... I'm just curious on how it will all work as there are multiple people advertising their clothing line. 1st - How will it work cost wise, to start a business like this will you purchase blank T-shirts/shirts/shoes etc and then design them and set a price? So to start a business like this you'll need to start off with quite a bit of money? 2nd - Is there a 'quality' of the item, for example people advertising "high end" stuff would no doubt cost more money to buy so will it state a quality if you hover over the item, although it will do nothing to the looks of the shirt but it should you give it to someone it could be labeled 'low' 'medium' 'high' for example. I'd love to be able to set up a business in this area but I don't want to plan it all out only for the release of the game I cannot afford or come close to starting something up. Thanks
  5. Any link to the stream?
  6. Zoo

    Would be cool if there was an event where animals broke out and everyone was equipped with tranq guns and had to round them all up and work together to get them back in.
  7. I'm disappointed about the wait of course, they said a date and missed it by a long time. I understand the side of people who are getting angry but they need to chill out a bit as this is an indie game. I also think people who are demanding people to wait and be patient need to chill as well as we're entitled to be frustrated that we were given a date and it has been missed. Still, it's not going to make me doubt the game or ask for a refund.
  8. The games you've mentioned (COD, GTA) both have age limits.... Doesn't stop them.
  9. Can't wait to marry the dream 38 year old balding fat guy who lives in his mums basement.
  10. The interior designer type business could be a good idea. For people who have a house but aren't too good as designing you could give "special permissions" to someone in your house which allows them to change/customise your house.
  11. I was also wondering roughly how much cars are because if you were to pay $500 you get $4,000 in game cash so I assumed that would be quite a lot of money.
  12. Hey, I've been reading these forums for a while now and I'm excited to give Identity a go. With regards to the limited time to purchase does anyone know when that will end? I'm hoping to buy this game end of December, beginning of Jan.