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  1. SoonTM
  2. eyy , we are not allowed to post the devblogs , there have been at least 3 people that have posted them in the last few days , all those posts got deleted
  3. they never said modding won't happen , they would look into it after final release , just saying modding would give this game a other 5+ year life time
  4. nope won't happen
  5. there you go guys
  6. lel , just saying that one time you say everyone gets it at the same time, next time you say it can take time
  7. project life is joke , used to be good, and its a one time payment fyi
  8. last blog i got it a day or 2 later then the first people that got it , kinda feels like its being send out in batches
  9. lucky is a admin.....
  10. 3d

    if they had modding maybe, but there no plans for modding support as far as i know....
  11. one does not simply play identity.
  12. a game like this is worth buying a good PC for (well if you want to play private rp servers either way ) what I understand is that they will be looking into it after the full release.
  13. any body manged to make some schreenshots of the libary ? before they took it down
  14. background image is just the editor default background
  15. your hopes are way to high up there. its an indie game, they try to release a proper product give them the damm time they need, or just go play Dayz and see how it can end up developers don't take the time to create a good game......