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  1. How Diverse is our community?

    i <3 italie tho  
  2. Will some housing be instanced?

    source ?  
  3. Voice Changer?

    you don't realy need to get a voice changer tbh. practice the accent you want to go for and you would be golden  
  4. How Diverse is our community?

  5. Modding

    true , but people will go to private servers either way, and if people  go to a modded private server that means that that server did something that the dev's didn't do.   and again if a server has a nudity mod. and you don't wan't that , dont play on that server   idk we will have to wait and see but personaly i think mods can add a extra few life years to a game
  6. Modding

    yet you don't realy mentiod why mods are bad but yes modding can make it unrealistic add anime shit or what ever. but does that mean you have to use it ?   look at arma , you want to play a mill sim you can ,you want to play a life mod ? you can, you want to play zombie survival ? you can. if devs don't make it the players can add it, look at gta right now , people are playing a roleplay mod , something the dev's didn't make now other people did it and people love it. yet there also mods out there that are straight up shit. do people play them ? no. but thats not my or your problem.   ofcourse we don't know the limits of identity right now. i personaly can only find one argument why mods are bad: it cost time for the devs to allow us to make them (modding tools have to be made). but other then that i think it would be awsome to have them
  7. Modding

    why ? , most games that are great have modding support  
  8. Modding

    as far as i know no, i personaly hope they will end up doing it eitherway  
  9. Can´t see Devblog #5

    ^^^that one  
  10. Can´t see Devblog #5

    as i said they may have added some thing to it but all we can currently see from the next dev blog is: "Big changes for a bigger world! What a crazy time for the identity development team over here at Asylum!"   the the first sentence of the email: What a crazy time for the Identity development team over here at Asylum!   you see ? its almost the same sentence i think there will be more information in the new devblog but i think there will be information we already know as wel  
  11. Can´t see Devblog #5

    welp afther checking out that email thing again, i think its just this dev update:  it may have some edits but i kinda have the feeling its just that one. nothing new
  12. Can´t see Devblog #5

    welp this means a new dev post is around the corner  
  13. Confirmed New Video Coming

    as of the poll i would love to see some things around the economy , as far as i know we don't know a lot about it.   EDIT: stuff like how are jobs like mining , food ? (mac donalds ?, are players going to have to sell food to other players), do players have to sell every thing to other players , or will there be a middle men ?
  14. are you guys officialy at e3 ?

    the spot they belong in is the gamingpcshow , forgot what it was  called but thats pure pc gaming. would be a great spot for them.