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  1. the thing thats suprising me is that they are showing these "place holder assets" while there is no footage on the town square.....
  2. correct, i am aware of this , yet why are they showing this and not something thats actualy planned for the module ?
  3. yeah i know , yet to my knowledge its the last video we get before alpha , to get more sales before alpha. this aint special if you ask me this should have been the trailer to blow people away, and have that feeling to buy it. i am still very excited tho. the housing "trailer" looked so good. i trust them. but are the people complaining all the time happy with this ? ( the people demanding the trailer) knowing the openworld part of the game is not close yet, the gameplay it self doesn't bother me. its more being disappointed that they pushed this to the public
  4. same im kinda disapointed in the trailer , there a lot of things that are off (collision glitches , weapon unholster animation, the people talking sound like ai, light is off , graphics seem on low) the one thing that seems realy good was the drug system other then that im still hyped for town square
  5. eyy bb , i think we can say this from excpierince, you can always try to create a hardcore roleplay community but you can get people that take it to far or people that don't give a shit about roleplay
  6. only if i was from ottawa (hi from the other side of the world )
  7. i think im in love with you guys office , its so sweet , how big is it tho ?
  8. the fact that they are confedent enough to rent an office spcae + get all equipment shows to me that there getting ready for release....
  9. love the office i wouldn't mind working there.....
  10. would be cool to see "your" body walk into a building instead of just disapearing (emmersion)
  11. good luck with the challanges to come , right now you just have to deal with the kiddo's wanting the game. let them wait, they don't understand it costs time to get a good product out there. good luck when the game is out and people wan't a billion things , you guys are the ones making the game and trying to put down a good product , not the people wan'ting things, to get them happy modding is the best solution
  12. life is not as easy as it looks *dubble sided joke*
  13. gt 1030 ? you maby should look for a upgrade in that case (there is a difference between gt and gtx)