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  1. altis life LOL , i woudl say the arma private life servers , way better quality of assets etc  
  2. i will be honest , i am offended you didn't add arma to it....  but yeah one arma comunity (won't mention names )  realy reminds me of what i hope this to be  

    i will be a social butterfly  
  4. i bet there will be voip in the first module, becouse its the social side of things but idk how i feel about typing it tho, rather just have everyone screaming the names   (and as far as i know we don't have a side chat ? )
  5. Game Engine

    also intresting to node, for the mulitplay side of things they make use of spatial os  
  6. Why Is identity so delayed?

    game development takes time  give them the time. i heard them saying they where reworking some systems... they can show you a lot of things , yet how would you feel if its not in the final build ? , that would be like how no mans sky was.... yet i do agree they could tell us more direct what they did that day.... the only reason i see the amount of delays, they wan't to do it  right and that takes time....
  7. Dev Blog #007 Here:

    i like this  

    holy shit grow some balls .. if its not today its maby next week if not next maby the week after... they are bussy people.. chill down
  9. Copyright issue

    i assume they will just rename it to something similar, thats what i have seen on arma 3 modpacks  
  10. they said a couple of months , yet they said they don't want to say date's. this sounded more as a date to give us something and not nothing. just WAIT 
  11. roleplay all i hope to do  
  12. How Diverse is our community?

    i <3 italie tho  
  13. Will some housing be instanced?

    source ?  
  14. Voice Changer?

    you don't realy need to get a voice changer tbh. practice the accent you want to go for and you would be golden