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  1. only if i was from ottawa (hi from the other side of the world )
  2. i think im in love with you guys office , its so sweet , how big is it tho ?
  3. the fact that they are confedent enough to rent an office spcae + get all equipment shows to me that there getting ready for release....
  4. love the office i wouldn't mind working there.....
  5. would be cool to see "your" body walk into a building instead of just disapearing (emmersion)
  6. good luck with the challanges to come , right now you just have to deal with the kiddo's wanting the game. let them wait, they don't understand it costs time to get a good product out there. good luck when the game is out and people wan't a billion things , you guys are the ones making the game and trying to put down a good product , not the people wan'ting things, to get them happy modding is the best solution
  7. life is not as easy as it looks *dubble sided joke*
  8. gt 1030 ? you maby should look for a upgrade in that case (there is a difference between gt and gtx)
  9. eyy , we are not allowed to post the devblogs , there have been at least 3 people that have posted them in the last few days , all those posts got deleted
  10. they never said modding won't happen , they would look into it after final release , just saying modding would give this game a other 5+ year life time