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  1. Confirmed New Video Coming

    as of the poll i would love to see some things around the economy , as far as i know we don't know a lot about it.   EDIT: stuff like how are jobs like mining , food ? (mac donalds ?, are players going to have to sell food to other players), do players have to sell every thing to other players , or will there be a middle men ?
  2. are you guys officialy at e3 ?

    the spot they belong in is the gamingpcshow , forgot what it was  called but thats pure pc gaming. would be a great spot for them.
  3. title kinda says it all , i am wondering if you guys are going to show any thing off at e3. i assume not but it would be cool  
  4. if its amazing in the beginning they probaly need 10 atleast
  5. Game physics

    we don't know
  6. Continue The Story

    while doing some meth...
  7. there using a program that makes it possible to use multiple servers for one (game)server if one server is having a lot of tasks (eg player movement and all those things) a other server can help out with those tasks.
  8. What is YOUR Goal in Identity?

    doing social things. that kinda it
  9. So whats new!?

    if you ask me its not a valid arguement :), i have followed this game since it first got annouced. but for me they didn't win my trust to buy it. and well i could not botherd to sign up on the site :). but yet i have been following this game since the start
  10. yes it possible. its not just one pc that has to handle 10k players. :), but it wont happen becouse of other issues like client side lagg. stuff like dysnc wont happen if its done properly  
  11. the server room can handle it fine, becouse they are able to put multiple dedicated servers for one game server.  your pc , yeah that would be a different story.
  12. instances is realy bad for this tipe of game and i agree. but the point i was trying to make there is no server sided limit. its the client that probaly cant handle 10k players on his screen
  13. why do you guys put down a limit ? 10k would be possible, they need to do something on instances (10k players in one spot is not gonna work any time soon ) but server wise it would be possible.
  14. Launch date

    soonTM , there currently implementing a system that makes it possible to have 1000+ players per server   
  15. Identity Dev Blog Update

    that was not a statement but a opinion