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  1. Will the governor have bodyguards and a chauffeur? Also, what laws can they change appart from setting taxes and legalizing drugs? I have a feeling that the governor might not have much to do apart from changing the taxes once or twice during his term.
  2. Unmarked police vehicles are not going to be in the game. That's a good thing in terms of traffic because having unmarked patrol officers in traffic checking for speeders might just be too much. On the other hand, certain detectives (not csi) might want to use them to not draw attention while following criminals to drugdeals , stand lookout, watch someones house and so on. The issue is not the wishes of some people but the workarounds. An off-duty officer could just do these things in his civillian clothes and car and phone his superior when backup and police powers are needed. Hell, an officer could even employ trusted civillians to to this. Would it not be better to give the police the option and supply unmarked vehicles to certain supervisers. The idea behind not putting these in the game was make make clear who is police and who isn't but aren't unmarked vehicles and officers wearing nothing but a badge and holster apart from a suit or shirt (and pants =P) more recognisable than civillian cars and clothes. It'd be a shame if the police had to outscource this to PI's.
  3. Sorry what are you talking about? Do you mean by 'then and there' that there's just on-scene crime investigation? That would be a shame. it'd be more fun to actually investigate suspects rather that just collect the evidence from the scene. It might be had to make it very secretive, but that's not my point. They don't need to be unnoticeable an indistinguishable. They just need to to not too obvious, because, first of all, they are not patrol cops and so they don't deal with the public, and second, they blend in better and don't stand out so that they can observe better without being noticed too easy. My goal is not for them to be invisible and it is not necessary for them to be secretive at all, just don't pain giant letters of the side when they don't need public visibility and it will just hamper their investigation when they feel the need to be somewhat inconspicuous at their own discretion. But you're right that if there;s just collecting evidence and arresting people, there's no point for this.
  4. I know, sad isn't it? Imagine you're a detective and you're following a suspect for investigation. They're just driving, not really paying that much attention and..."oh, hey it's the police". Or you're standing outside a suspect's house, watching for activity and..."oh, hey, it's the police". I hope they will consider this at some point. I agree that police officers shouldn't drive unmarked vehicles, but for the detectives it seem pretty necessary. How can you conduct an investigation, other than the crime scene, when you stick out like a sore ..."oh, hey it's the police". Maybe I'm missing something. They probably have thought this through more than i have, or at at least i hope so.
  5. news channels

    No it won't. The reason why they don't put in cameras is because they can't record footage. They already said they will have non-recording surveillance cameras, so non recording cameras is possible. I know they said there won't be any cameras in the game, for the reason i just told you. I'm just expressing my idea. I'm not saying they will put it in based on this and that this suggestion will even reach them, but they've already shown it is possible, because they said they'd put in security cameras. Why would non-recording security cameras work, but not non-recording TV cameras?
  6. how about police that will run a red light or make unauthorized use of light and sirens to get somewhere fast when there is no emergency?
  7. news channels

    I know that recording film won't be in the game, but they've already confirmed that there will be non-recording surveillance cameras and, of course, rear-view mirrors. My point is, would it be possible to have non-recording cameras that directly broadcast the footage to the TV? You could have a camera in the studio filming a news-anchor, several cameras in town, at event's, crime scenes and interviews (official police statements, governors, business owners), races and have them broadcast to the control room, like security cameras, who then switch between them in regards to which camera broadcasts to the TV at that very moment. That way the server doesn't have to store footage. As for broadcasting when they have nothing to broadcast as well as when cameras aren't ready, they can have screens that say: "We'll be back in 5 minutes" or "Interview with the mayor at 5 pm". You could even have a debate of candidates for governor. Of course you don't want 20 news vans pulling up and hundreds of cameramen running around. In terms of news gathering, you could limit it to one organization that's more like Reuters rather than CNN. In terms of talk shows and political commentary, you can have as many studios as you want, like CNN and FOX News. Since they also want to implement karaoke, you could even have talent shows.
  8. Question: when will you release information about police structure ranks hierarchy? here is some ideas, which seem to be in line with, or at least not contradict, what has already been confirmed. Non-Executive Employee dispatch, administrative, taking statements, interviewing witnesses, requests for information, parking tickets, prisoner transport, frisking, processing detainees/suspects/convicts, surveillance cameras Probationary/Special/Junior/Assistant Officer assisting officers, surveillance, handling low-risk incidents, community relations, crime prevention, providing emergency aid to victims and witnesses, traffic control, traffic citations, carries no lethal weapons Officer first responder, handling medium-risk incidents, carries lethal weapons Corporal officer in charge, watch-commander, acting sergeant Detective crime investigation, can drive unmarked police vehicles/wear suit with badge pin instead of uniform for covert (not undercover) purposes, leading immediate investigation (non-case building) SWAT riot control, handling high-risk incidents/arrests/raids Security Agent bodyguards/chauffeurs governor/mayor/high level government personnel, drive unmarked black vehicles, wear suit with badge pin Sergeant supervising: watch shift in smaller (rural/suburban) precincts, individual squat in larger (main/urban) departments Sgt. Det. supervising detective squat, leading small cases (eg. single murder) SWAT Sgt. commands squad Special Security Agent in charge of special security team Lieutenant directing: small (rural/suburban) precinct, watch shift in larger (main/urban) departments Lt. Det. directing division/desk (eg. traffic, narcotics, homicide), leads largest cases of that desk (eg. smuggle rings/ops., serial killers) SWAT Lt. directs entire on-scene team during operations Operational Security Director in charge of (single) security operation, mayor's chief of security Captain commanding: large (main/urban) departments Capt. Det. commands detective department, leads large cases that involve just about every type of crime (eg. large crime syndicates/bosses) SWAT Capt. commands swat department, supervises all ongoing operations Chief Security Director in charge of security service, governor's chief of security Deputy Chief/Deputy Commissioner supervising: district/city police (all precincts/departments in a district/city) Assistant Chief/Assistant Commissioner assisting the chief of police, acting/vice chief Chief of Police/Commissioner in charge of island police