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What is Bob Ross Inc all about?

Our small yet prestigious business is tailored for the affluent and upper classes of society. With only dedicated and talented artists being the driving force behind our company, you are guaranteed to find a masterpiece to compliment the walls of your household. We aim to promote art throughout the island of Identity through various methods. Are you an aspiring artist whose work can only be surpassed by Picasso himself, yet lack the means to get your art out there, get it known, and of course collect a profit from it? Well why not enter your art in one of our many art sponsorship programs, where we will display your art throughout the island in various showcases, all for just a small royalty of all copies of your piece sold. And if your piece is particularly note-worthy, I the CEO of Bob Ross INC, will personally hang up your original piece in my store, and sell it for a price deserving of the talent that created it, 100% of the profit going to you, the artist. But Maybe you want to get involved in the world of fine art yourself, but lack the talent to do so. Well our many skilled yet dedicated tutors will arrive at your household at your schedualed convienance for some one-on-one lessons on all the tricks of the trade! But perhaps you are just looking for a masterpiece to compliment the haven that is your home, something to brighten your walls and catch the eye of countless visitors that are sure to ensue after you hang one of our masterpieces upon your dwelling. Well look no further, as our selection of fine art throughout the store has all been handpicked by I, the CEO, so you are guaranteed nothing but the best to compliment your home. But perhaps this is not enough, perhaps you need something personal, something custom to make your home just as unique as the art soon to decorate it. Why not schedual an appointment and talk to our many custom artists? As long as you provide detailed descriptions of your choice of art, I promise our outstanding artists are sure to conjure up a masterpiece fit for the governor mansion itself! And for just a few more dollars, we will even paint portraits of you, friends and family! So with all these options available to you, why not swing by our store located in the more affluent part of town, assuming you have the coin, or the talent, You are sure find something suitable to your taste at Bob Ross INC: Promoter of Fine Art


Remember, as the great Bob Ross once said himself:

"We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents!"


Positions: (all interviews will be done in-game in person, PM me for more info on anything regarding positions, or anything in this post for that matter, or if interested in a job)


Store Artistic Advisers (2-4 needed, depending on volume of customers)

For this position it is highly recommended that you know a fine bit about art, and are able to easily converse with customers and recommend available art pieces to the customer based on there preferences and budget. Once the customer is satisfied with their choice of art piece(s), it is up to you to close the purchase and offer a bill of sale to confirm both the sale and the art's originality. Salary for this position is purely dependent on the quantity and quality of the art pieces you sell. make sure to log the amount of sales you make per day and verify this with copies of your bill(s) of sale(s), only to be handed in directly to me (the CEO) at the end of the day, or if I am not present, the store manager, and if not present so on down the chain of command.

Art Promoter (5 needed)

You will constantly be on the road, visiting different towns and cities to make sure our clients art pieces are appropriately displayed. Visit wealthy parts of town and museums, or public places such as high end restaurants or business parlors, and negotiate price ranges to ensure that the customers art piece may be displayed at that location. Organize business meeting and discussions. For lack of a better term, do EVERYTHING within your power to get our clients art out and about and known around the world. The more famous it becomes, the more it sells for, and the more you, the salesman, make in profit. Much like the Store Artistic Adviser, your salary is purely dependent on the Quantity and Quality of the art you sell. make sure to log the amount of sales you make per day and verify this with copies of your bill(s) of sale(s), only to be handed in directly to me (the CEO) at the end of the day, or if I am not present, the store manager, and if not present so on down the chain of command.

Custom Artist (An art piece that YOU made must be present upon the interview for verification of your skill)(10 needed)

Possibly one of the hardest positions to fill at our company, it will also be the most rewarding, both financially and personally. You will be tasked with creating custom art pieces upon customer request. This may involve the customer in question sitting down in a pose or stature, and you captivating that figure onto the canvas, or possibly the customer conveying what they want verbally, and you taking notes and later creating the very masterpiece they desire. This position requires serious artistic skill, and is not suited for everyone. 

Art Tutor (An art piece that YOU made must be present upon the interview for verification of your skill)(5 needed)

This position as well is very suited  to that of the artistically creative, as well as to the charisma and teacher within you. Not only must you be able to paint at a near expert level (not equivalent to that of the custom artist but admirably close), you must also be able to convey your skills upon your pupils in a way that makes them a fine creator, while at the same time not completely giving away your artistic secrets.


Application (Post in Comments below or PM me)






Job that you are applying for:


Experience (an art piece that YOU made must be shown if applying for Custom Artist or Art Tutor):


What makes you more deserving of the job than anyone else:


And that's it!


Please PM if interested in any positions, or if you want to get a head start in the more artistic positions of Bob Ross Inc, PM a piece of digital art that you have created (please provide proof that you have created it, I.E signature, watermarks



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