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Sonny Forelli - Character proflie

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Born from an immigrant family from Italy, Sonny Forelli came to the states as a child in around 1955. After growing up coming from a poor neighborhood he became friends with a man named Richie who was connected to the Bonnano crime family. They began pulling small jobs, stealing cars, acting as small time muscle for loan sharks, and small time robberies. 

Around 1960s came the draft for Vietnam, Sonny got drafted and spent a few years in Vietnam. Around 1968 he returned home from his time in Vietnam where he was greeted by his friend Richie who had sense became a made man In the Bonnano family. They quickly started with their good times again but into much bigger games than before. A short while later Richie introduced him to his boss Carlo who immediately took a liking to the man due to his ability to earn and his overall ruthless and cunning demeanor. 

A few months went by after that, when the family decided to open up the books. His name was voted in by highly regarded capo Carlo. He was promoted a made man with his best friend Richie. Around this time his friend Richie talked to him about a lucrative side business he had been in for a while but had to keep secret due to the commission not approving. Richie brought Sonny in on his heroin business, showed him the ropes for importing, distribution and dealing drugs. Sonny saw the importance of this business and thought that the commission needed to change its views on drugs if it was going to survive like it did with the prohibition.

Well not long after getting involved in this game, Carlo found out about Richies drug business and became furious that not only was it forbidden by the commission but he had also not been kicking up earn from it. Unaware that his boss knew he went to a sit down with his boss, but was smart enough to bring Sonny along for the meet. The two entered a room in an italian warehouse where they both were immediately beaten by his bosses men.

After the beating that they received, they were bound and Capo Carlo made his appearance. He spoke a mere word "disloyal" and shot Richie in the head. He then pointed his pistol at Sonny but he was unaware of Sonnys involvement in the operation. He told his men to release him but before he did, he looked him in the face and stated "he forced my hand." At this point he exited the room and Sonny was released.

Not long after the loss of his friend, he was furious with what had happened. He began pursuing the idea of revenge which was forbidden by the family of whacking out another made man without permission. He eventually got his chance, the family had some internal problems with the death of the boss and several crews were infighting for the crown. Sonny waited for an opportunity, while Capo Carlo was entering his vehicle one night and he shot him in the back of the head. He then proceeded to leave a piece of clothing on the ground belong to a revival gang to pin the blame on. 

The family wasn't fooled by the evidence though. Sonny was picked up the next day by another crew. He had made favorable reputation with the other capos in his crew, that was the only thing that saved his life but he had to answer for what he did. The family exiled him, he was banished from New York. He then proceeded to rose port, an island flush with Italian immigrants and opportunities. 

He moved to little Italy in the city of rose port, where he learned of a new founded mafia family calling themselves the Luprano family. Sonny saw this as a perfect opportunity to get back in the game, but not only get in, get on top. He requested a sit down with Boss Frank Luprano. He informed him of his past events as well as his lucrative businesses. Seeing as Sonny was already a made guy with a good reputation, Frank Luprano offered him a position of capo in his family with his own slice of the city. That's where the real fun began..


Name: Sonny Forelli

Age: Unknown

Location: Little Italy/Rose port

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