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Here are the stream notes for Identity's twitch stream on February the 1st  Remember - Certain elements are subject to change, especially specific numbers, etc...

Face Customisation - There are a number of blemish and makeup options, you can morph your face.  There will be a lot of freedom with this aspect of customisation.

Gameplay Video - “Very very soon.”

“Battle Scars” - At first you will not get bruises/cuts from fights, but it is something they want to add later on.

Immersion - There will not be much “goofy” stuff, such as clown costumes or furry costumes, as it is not something you see in modern culture everyday and it would break immersion.  On official servers, roleplay is not mandatory but heavily encouraged.

Market - If there is a lot of an item in a city, it will become worth less in that city.  You can always buy items cheap from one area and sell them for higher prices in other areas.

Stock Market - There is not a stock market planned for Identity, but there will be a buildings you can go into to check prices of items.

Visual Aesthetics - There will be items such as handbags that are purely for fashion, and do nothing beneficial for characters.

Jewellery - There will be jewelry such as golden watches, necklaces, earrings.

Damage Areas - There will be areas where it is more dangerous and you will naturally take more damage, such as areas you go to clean cash you might have robbed from a bank.

Ping/Region Locks - Not planned as a feature yet, but will be tested due to  it being a bit problem already in other games, such as PUBG with China (there is an issue where Chinese players join EU servers and people can’t communicate).

Colour Options - When painting, making logos or clothes there will be a colour wheel with your standard varying amount of colours.

Pledge Rewards - These are not one time use items, and will be available when you start on any server you go on.  These won’t be available for long, so if you want them you should look to investing soon.

House Inventory - Houses will have inventories to keep your stuff in so you don’t have to carry it around everywhere.  This will be the main advantage of them, as criminals can keep their illegal weaponry in, or people can just keep spare items they want to use for a later date.  

Federal Reserve - This is planned as a large bank heist, which will take a lot of skilled criminals and cops to do.

House Security - No one can rob your house, and police house raids are not planned.  

Safe Zones - There will be places where you will be safe, and certain buildings will have metal detectors that temporarily take your weapons when you go inside.

Private Servers - These will be very customisable, and you can change laws for your server, the police ranking system, turn off the stress system, etc…

Legal guns - There will be legal self defence guns, such as handguns, and illegal guns that can get you arrested if caught with.

Swat Weaponry - Police will only have these for the duration of a robbery instance.

Communication - There will be text chat options as well as ingame voice, but private servers could make their own rules where you have to have a microphone.

Further Modules - These should not take as long as Module One, as the foundations of the game, and base code has been made.  Once all the modules are done, there will be a Beta, for final changes, then full release.

Hair Dye - You can change hair colours and types in barber shops, and there will be various hairstyle options.  There will be a few in Town Square, and lots more added as the game progresses.


Link to Twitch VOD (Split into Two Parts due to Twitch Crashing):


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