Greetings from Zurich, Switzerland

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17 minutes ago, sweetSixBean said:


I hope the Game will start soon. I'm pretty impatient   :D   



Welcome dude! It's gonna take a while man! One module hopefully in august! And the rest we will have to wait on.
Hopeful beta release in Q3 2018

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Grüezi / Welcome Sweetsixbean

I'm from Switzerland too and also very excited! I used to play on roleplay servers in SAMP (GTA San Andreas Multiplayer) a few years ago. I loved to be a cop, especially because I will never be one in real life (Vor allem nid bi üs :P). I also loved to create something and to meet people. A game like Identity was my dream, I would have started programming long time ago (If I had have the skills...). But now someone else is doing it and that's just fine :) GTA San Andreas is old now, nearly nobody is playing it anymore (even if it was one of the best). That's why I was missing a game like this.

Hope I will meet a lot nice people from all over the world and find new friends, I think that's the most important thing.

Many greetings



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