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  1. Pets

    I notice they are selling pets now how realistic is this gonna be if I take a week off from the game is there gonna be shit everywhere when I log back in 😂
  2. yea but you dont see the reduction until you click on it and view
  3. yea cause when i log in it shows all the claimable stuff and this aswell in the pic https://ibb.co/kvbq5z
  4. naaa its defiantly not cheaper because i have the package its cheaper 165 even if im not even logged in or if i make a new account the option is still there for 165 nothing to do with gifting just saying _l_ to supporters
  5. screenshot provided https://ibb.co/iWTXiK
  6. I would like to start out by saying that i have followed this game for a really long time.... I made an investment on the speed demon package which was $250 usd 1 and a half years ago .....I log into the site which still hasn't released anything in the 1.5 years and yet the speed demon package is only $165 ... WOW glad i can support you in your early stage for you to just bend me over AND SAY _l_ ...... really do think people who supported you should have the benefit of the doubt i think a little more compensation is due....... that's just plain rude i understand if i played for the past year and a half and yea you reduce the price to get more people that's fine but still have never logged into the game just got shafted. GG asylum glad you guys can take the time outta your day to add more shit for people to buy for a game with no production yet before you even get it started.
  7. Still Skeptical and Hello!

    Welcome mate
  8. IT Technician

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  9. Business

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  10. Exciting times!

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  11. Greetings

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  12. Ingame money

    Yea meaning the drugs and whatnot
  13. Ingame money

    Personally I think it would be cool if the earned ingame money and the money you earned from illegal activities were almost like a separate currency and there could be a way of converting it over through like a money laundering process and money earned from illegal stuff you had to hide it in your home and hope the cops don't find it
  14. My Name Is Zuraak

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  15. Just Became a Founder!

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