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Salutations everyone!

I’m combining all of the twitch clips I’ve ever taken from the developer streams and listing them below for all of you wonderful people to see! This is a great way to hear a developer’s thoughts verbatim, and will hopefully offer some clarification to those who seek it!

Each clip is organized by a general topic, followed by a more in-depth description in parentheses. When I first began this process, the content in brackets didn’t really address the specific question being answered, so I’ve transitioned into listing the full question in the later entries!

The best way to siphon through the list is to ctrl+F a word related to the question or topic you’d like to look at!

Current list of topics:
Mechanics (general stuff or referencing things without a specific topic)
Pledge Rewards
Module One
Weapons (similar to combat, may phase one out)
Law (relating to the court system and justice in general)
Language (relating to possible translations from English)
Meta (relating to the game itself, release date, programming language, Asylum etc.)

Mostly deprecated topics that may see a resurgence: Social Interaction, Pricing, Ongoing Support, Branding/Logos of Items/Objects, Property, Appearance, System Requirements

I’m not too sure about character limits per post, but I’ll try my best to keep as much of this on one page as possible so it’s easier to ctrl+F!

October 11th 2017
Property (Trespassing)
Property (Trespassing 2)
Housing (Yachts)
Module One (Release Date ETA)
Jobs (Slice of Life + Mundane Activities)
Jobs (Slice of Life + Mundane Activities 2)
Jobs (Payment)
Branding/Logos of Items/Objects
Police (Checkpoints)
Jobs (Online Profiles and Apps) and Future Modding Support
Ongoing Support
Pledge Rewards (Changes Post Site Update)
Pledge Rewards (Rusted Car v Motorbike Comparison)
Pricing (Ban Circumvention)
Social Interaction (Movie Theatre, TVs, YouTube Integration)
Social Interaction (Movie Theatre, TVs, YouTube Integration 2)
Social Interaction (Radio)
Economy (Value of Dollar)
Social Interaction (Game Performance During Certain Social Aspects)
Social Interaction (Cinema Movies)
Vehicles (Fuel)
Module One (Remaining 11%)
Environment (Natural Disasters)
Environment (UI Integration)
Module One (Why Should We Be Interested?)
Module One (Why Should We Be Interested? 2)
Environment (Zoo, Animals)
Mechanics (Player Death And How It Matters)
Mechanics (Emotes, Dabbing)
Environment (Reflecting Contemporary Western Civilization)

October 12th 2017
Module One (Apartments)
Mechanics (Concept vs. Application, Getting Players to Engage Others)
Mechanics (Function of NPCs/AI, Animals)
Meta (Streaming Identity During Asylum Gaming Hour)
Mechanics (Negative Status Effects, Weather)
Meta (How Is The New Office?)
Police (Mischievous Off-Duty Activities)
Game Balance (Cops v Criminals, Civilians)
Housing (Mansions)
Housing (Capturing Cartels)
Module One (Recommended System Specs)
Environment (Plant Growth)
Economy (Renting Out Housing)
Mechanics (Movement Options)
Mechanics (Movement Options 2)
Economy (Stock Exchange, Commodities)
Economy (Stock Exchange, Commodities 2)
Jobs (Vigilantes/Bounty Hunters)
Mechanics (Struggles Implementing Weight Gain)
Mechanics (Struggles Implementing Weight Gain 2)
Environment (Guard Dogs, Pets)
Jobs (Bounty Hunters)

October 17th 2017
Mechanics (Car Insurance)
Mechanics (Choice of Role)
Servers (Ping Caps)
Housing (Permission System for Roommates)
Police (Can They Raid Homes?)
Module One (Jobs/Currency in Town Square Module?)
Appearance (Motorbike Attire?)
Mechanics (Normal Food v Player Crafted)
Mechanics (Live Radio Shows)
Housing (Perks of Being a Roommate)
Economy (Can You Invest In Business Services?)
Mechanics (Loading Times?)
Mechanics (Loading Times? 2)
Meta (Will Module Two/Three Release Shortly After Module One?)
Housing (Small Houses? Life In Secluded Area?)
Housing (Instances/Loading For Standalone Houses)
Housing (Buying/Selling)
Jobs (Play as a Loan Shark?)
Servers (Capacity of Servers, Good Player Density?)
Vehicles (Car License, Driving Without One)
Criminals (Multiple Methods Available For Robberies)
Jobs (Begging For Money?)
Mechanics (Illness, Spreading Disease)
Housing (Can I Rent Out My Apartment?)
Mechanics (Gyms? Can I Grow Muscle Mass?)
Mechanics (VOIP With Radio or Phones?)
Mechanics (Grief prevention? Getting Banned?)
Combat (Is It Comparable to CS:GO?)

October 18th 2017
Mechanics (Musical Instruments?)
Meta (3D Modelling Software Used For Identity)
Meta (3D Modelling Software Used For Identity 2)
Meta (3D Modelling Software Used For Identity 3)
Economy (Diverse Methods For Obtaining Income?)
Combat (Weapon Visibility on Player)
Law (Court Appeal, Judicial System)
Law (Court Appeal, Judicial System 2)
Jobs (Lawyer)
Servers (Setting Ping Cap Restrictions For Private Servers)
Mechanics (Dynamic Day/Night System, Holidays)
Mechanics (Can I Mask My Voice? Voice Manipulation?)
Mechanics (Playing Instruments Outside?)
Housing (Can I Construct New Houses?)
Criminals (Does Killing Out Of Sight Make You Wanted?)
Environment (Outdoor Customization?)
Servers (Private Servers Upon Release?)
Meta (Passports)
Mechanics (Concealing Identity via Masks)
Mechanics (Do I Respawn After Death?)
Module One (What Does It Have To Offer? What’s Missing?)
Module One (What Does It Have To Offer? What’s Missing? 2)
Mechanics (Systems To Prevent “Cheeky” Fan Submissions ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

October 19th 2017


Meta (Similarities Between Other Games? What Game Is Identity Like?)
Meta (Similarities Between Other Games? What Game Is Identity Life? 2)
Mechanics (Variety, Not Confined To Particular Playstyle)
Mechanics (Hunting, SpatialOS)
Mechanics (Hunting, SpatialOS 2)
Servers (Renting, Size, DDoS Prevention)
Servers (Renting + Customization)
Servers (Renting + Customization 2)
Pledge Rewards (New Website, Changes To Prices)
Pledge Rewards (New Website, Changes To Prices)
Mechanics (What Happens To My Store/Business When I Log Out?)
Jobs (Stocking/Trading Inventory, Delivery)
Jobs (Stocking/Trading Inventory, Delivery 2)
Jobs (Can I Run My Own Bar? Themed Storefronts)
Housing (Purchasing + Placing Furniture)
Mechanics (Player Animations) 
Mechanics (What Gambling Games In Casino?)
Mechanics (Lottery Tickets, Altis Life Implementation)
Mechanics (Animation Differences From 1st - 3rd Person?)
Jobs (Storefront Customization, Non-Instanced Design)
Meta (Identity Business Model)
Mechanics (IRL Books/Movies In-Game?)
Pledge Rewards (Rusted Car v Bikes)
Servers (Can We Add Custom Script?)
Jobs (Inactive Businesses Get Removed?)
Graphics (Difference Between High v Low Settings)
Meta (Console Port? Controller support?)
Environment (Weather System?)
Environment (How Dark Do Nights Get?)
Environment (Won’t The Game Feel Empty With So Few NPCs?)
Criminals (Length of Jail/Prison Time?)
Criminals (Prison Activities?)

October 24th 2017


Jobs (Can you be a mechanic?)
Jobs (Can you be a mechanic? 2)
Mechanics (RP Identifiers? Visible Names)
Module One (Can you get hurt in module one? Fall off roofs?)
Housing (Can I own two houses at once? Co-owners?)
Police (Will the backseats/doors of a police car be locked at all times?)
Vehicles (Can you get a ticket for not wearing a seat-belt? Do they help?)
Vehicles (Do you just hit a key to enter a vehicle?)
Environment (Speed Limits)
Vehicles (Will rear-view/side-view mirrors work? Different implementations)
Mechanics (Can I upload pictures for clothing? Dynamically load textures?)
Mechanics (Moderation regarding custom content? Automated?)
Jobs (Can you be an IT or electronics technician? Repair electronics?)
Vehicles (Can you drive and shoot simultaneously?)
Mechanics (Drive by shootings being a real threat? Stress system)
Environment (Rivers or ocean? What’s the geography like?)
Module One (Loading screens in module one?)
Mechanics (Character customization after creation?)
Module One (Character creation/customization in module one?)
Mechanics (Inventory system?)
Mechanics (Multiple garages? Multiple cars per garage?)
Vehicles (What can I do inside my car?)
Jobs (Payment directly into bank accounts? Or just cash?)
Jobs (Payment directly into bank accounts? Or just cash? 2)
Criminals (Will money stolen from banks be flagged/handled differently?)
Mechanics (Criminals v cops balance in regards to active users)
Mechanics (Criminals v cops balance in regards to firepower)
Mechanics (Criminals v cops balance in regards to firepower 2)
Police (Department based cars?)
Law (Legal weed dispensary?)
Police (How will criminal records work?)

October 25th, 2017


Mechanics (Is there a stamina system in regards to sprinting?)
Pledge Rewards (Can you sell used cars? Can you sell pledge rewarded cars?)
Pledge Rewards (Do pledge rewarded vehicles have special skins?)
Vehicles (Bicycles and locks)
Vehicles (Can you drive and shoot simultaneously? CLARIFICATION!)
Vehicles (Can you drive and shoot simultaneously? CLARIFICATION! 2)
Vehicles (Can you drive and shoot simultaneously? CLARIFICATION! 3)
Servers (Will there be test servers?)
Mechanics (Does working out improve stats? Boxing)
Jobs (Can you have a co-owner for a business?)
Meta (Asylum's Project Manager, Calculating Module One's Release Date)
Combat (Will there be strange/crazy weapons? Chainsaw?)
Servers (Are you expecting outages on Day 1? Google Servers)
Jobs (Designing employee attire, logos on shirts)
Law (Can the lawyer bribe the jury?)
Law (General procedure for court)
Housing (Can I rent out an apartment? Not a house?)
Pledge Rewards (Why renting out pledge apartments would be bad)
Servers (Why can we only rent private servers?)
Vehicles (Will car insurance go up after every crash?)
Police (Can you bribe a cop to arrest someone?)
Politics (How will the campaigning system work for Day 1?)
Politics (How will the campaigning system work for Day 1? 2)
Pledge Rewards (If I upgrade my pledge, do I forfeit the older pledge rewards?)
Police (How can you further your Policing career?)
Jobs (Job paths opening up with experience)
Politics (Can you assassinate leaders?) - October 25th 2017
Mechanics (Can I play in-game piano with a midi keyboard/piano IRL?)
Mechanics (Does speaking into an in-game microphone amplify your voice?)
Mechanics (Does the in-game radio pick up IRL stations? Can I host my own?)

October 26th 2017
Mechanics (Will there be different phone cases?)
Mechanics (Are there games you can play on your computer/phone in-game?)
Mechanics (Will cellphones have multiple ringtones? Can you upload your own?)
Police (Can I subdue criminals without using lethal force?)
Police (Can I subdue criminals without using lethal force? 2)
Mechanics (Are there eating animations? Can you smoke in Module One?)
Mechanics (Can you lean up against a wall? Clap? Types of emotes?)
Combat (How does hand-to-hand combat work? Is it complicated?)
Environment (Will there be tall buildings? Firefighters)
Environment (Will there be forest fires?)
Jobs (Do I need experience as a Police officer to become a Firefighter?)
Jobs (Can I form a squad for law enforcement activities?)
Jobs (But do I need a squad/partner for law enforcement?)
Meta (Microtransactions? Cosmetics?)
Combat (Can I pull a gun out in a city and shoot in the full game?)
Criminals (Will the cops be able to camp outside of a drug dealing ground?)
Combat (Dismemberment?)
Criminals (Can crimes get flagged permanently?)
Mechanics (Can you log out of the game to escape conflict?)
Meta (Age Rating?)
System Requirements (Is a GTX 750 powerful enough GPU to run the game?)
Mechanics (Futuristic/advanced technology in the game?)
Jobs (Can you turn a new leaf by going from Criminal to Cop?)
Mechanics (Is there an in-game magazine or newspaper with reviews?)
Meta (What are some of the biggest expenses in Identity’s development?)
Meta (What are some of the biggest expenses in Identity’s development? 2)

October 31st, 2017


Jobs (Can you sell books? Is there a Library? Is it easy to plagiarize?)
Servers (Anti-cheat system?)
Combat (How do you move players who are tied up via handcuffs or zip-ties?)
Vehicles (Storage System)
Mechanics (How do you cook food?)
Mechanics (Can you post ads for items on the in-game intranet/social media?)
Mechanics (Can you get married to another player?)
Meta (Will the game have forum integration?)
Police (How do you become a chief/head officer? Lead role?)
Police (How do you become a chief/head officer? Lead role? 2)
Mechanics (How do we compose/play music in game?)
Module One (What's there to do?)
Module One (What's there to do? 2)
Criminals (Basic overview of prison?)
Criminals (Basic overview of prison? 2)
Criminals (Basic overview of prison? 3)
Jobs (Can I denote price of my books?)
Jobs/Meta (Is it safe to write a book in Identity that I plan to publish later IRL?)

November 2nd 2017


Mechanics (Can I paint on top of clothing?)
Jobs (What tools will artists have to work with while painting?)
Mechanics (Will online latency impact a singer's performance?)
Housing (If you buy a house, will you lose ownership if you stop playing?)
Housing (Do you need to pay bills for a house? Apartment?)
Mechanics (House Insurance? Health Insurance?)
Vehicles (Are there different kinds of car insurance?)
Vehicles (How to you register for car insurance?)
Weapons (Are there guns like the FN Fal? Galil?)
Weapons (What kind of legal weapons can you own?)
Law (Can you make guns/weapons illegal for civilians? Governor info)
Weapons (Attachments for guns? How do you acquire ammunition? Bullet physics)
Mechanics (Can you create/buy masks?)
Mechanics (Can you be fingerprinted? Detective work)
Meta (When will gameplay be ready???)
Weapons (Can you dual wield weapons? Can you wipe your fingerprints?)
Meta (Do I need to use paypal to buy Identity? Different payment methods)
Vehicles (Can you purchase an armored vehicle?)
Vehicles (How many can the motorbikes seat?)
Vehicles (How do I deliver packages? Vehicle storage)
Jobs (Can you be a taxi driver? Uber?)
Vehicles (Can I lend out my bike or car to a friend?)
Vehicles (How much can you customize your car? Mechanic job)

November 7th 2017


Housing (Do apartments have an upkeep fee? House/Apartment/Hotel Room Summary)
Module One (Do we all get an apartment to play around with?)
Weapons (How do powerful/illegal guns enter the economy?)
Mechanics (How do stress levels rise during combat? Modifiers)
Mechanics (How do stress levels rise during combat? Modifiers 2)
Mechanics (How do stress levels rise during combat? Modifiers 3)
Mechanics (Are there safe areas for those who don't want to be killed?)
Mechanics (Can you chop down trees?)
Mechanics (What's available for people who want to form groups/gangs?)
Mechanics (Is there a party system? Are gangs like guilds in MMOs?)
Servers (Can I choose min/max capacity for private servers?)
Jobs (Can you manipulate an employee's salary? View business stats?)
Vehicles/Housing (Can you have multiple garages?)
Housing (How frequently/much do you need to pay an upkeep fee for houses?)
Police (Can a cop continually grief/troll a group of players?)
Housing (Can you purchase different computers for your house?)
Police (How are crimes reported? Does murder inform cops automatically?)
Jobs (How can I advertise my business in-game?)
Language (How many languages will the game have? Town Square is English only?)
Language (Can fan communities help translate the final game?)
Module One (Will there be chess/checkers in Town Square?)
Module One (Will there be chess/checkers in Town Square? 2)
Politics (How powerful is the Governor?)
Politics (Is the major political figure a Governor, or are there Mayors?)
Mechanics (Are there locations available to biker gangs to designate as hangouts?)
Vehicles (How many spare tires do you get?)
Vehicles (How many vehicles can you own?)
Jobs (How does the medical system work? Paramedic system?)
Jobs (How do you progress through a career? Experience based? Rank system?)
Housing (Can you interact with or view the outside world from within a house?)
Housing (Is the housing system similar to GTAV's in any way?)
Police (Does an officer need to physically bring a criminal to jail?)
Mechanics (Streaming services on TV? Host a show? Ways to express yourself?)
Module One (Will there be any instruments playable in Town Square? Updates?)
Mechanics (How can I stay in touch with in-game friends? Friend system)
Mechanics (Will there be floating names above characters?)
Jobs (How can you get a job to earn money? Without Cops v Robbers type things)
Housing (What expenses come with an apartment?)
Jobs (Can you get fired from jobs?)
Meta (How would you console those who are craving gameplay?)
Meta (How would you console those who are craving gameplay? 2)
Meta (How would you console those who are craving gameplay? 3)
Mechanics (Will there be RDM? Will certain rules be enforced?)
Mechanics (How can you produce certain drugs?)
Vehicles (Will there be police motorcycles?)
Mechanics (Karaoke Re-cap, How We Accommodate for Ping/Latency)
Mechanics (How will paintball work?)

November 9th 2017


Module One (What artsy/creative activities will be available in Town Square?)
Module One (What artsy/creative activities will be available in Town Square? 2)
Politics (How do players vote? Does campaign investment promote visibility?)
Politics (How quickly will it take to tally the results? New Governor when?)
Criminals (How much money is needed to start a good drug business?)
Criminals (How much money is needed to start a good drug business? 2)
Criminals (Can we traffic drugs/weapons in ways other than via cars? Containers)
Module One (What's currently the biggest priority in Town Square's development?)
Vehicles (Will there be trains? Public transport?)
Vehicles (How often will you need to refuel your car?)
Mechanics (Can you work out at a gym to improve physique?)
Vehicles (Do pledge reward vehicles come with licenses? Is the test easy?)
Mechanics (How in-depth is the logo/shirt customization?)
Vehicles (Will there be a two-seater harley styled motorcycle?)
Meta (Any ETA for gameplay videos?)
Meta (Any ETA for gameplay videos? 2)
Meta (Any ETA for gameplay videos? 3)
Mechanics (Can I kidnap other players?)
Mechanics (Can I shove kidnapped players into the trunk of a vehicle?)
Mechanics (Can you stack clothing? Wear stuff over shirts?)
Mechanics (Are there debit/credit cards? Pin numbers?)
Mechanics (What happens if you kill the leader/owner of a company?)
Mechanics (Can you steal someone's clothes upon killing them?)
Police (Can you investigate debit card transactions/purchases?)
Environment/Vehicles (Will rain affect the road conditions?)
Mechanics (Can clothes get dirty?)
Weapons (What sorts of weapon attachments will be available?)
Environment (Will there be Easter Eggs?)
Mechanics (Will there be coffee? Can you make it? What flavors?)
Vehicles (Will weight of truck/inventory affect vehicle physics?)
Jobs (Can you own a company and still be a police officer/criminal?)
Criminals/Vehicles (Can you steal a car and sell it to a car dealer?)
Jobs (Does a mechanic work in a shop or drive around to fix things?)
Mechanics (What happens when there's no player to fulfill a role?)
Vehicles (Can you drive on a flat tire?)
Vehicles (Do I need to be a mechanic in order to fix my car?)
Mechanics (Education/schooling within the game for certain professions?)

November 14th 2017


Meta (Will Identity use Discord's new Rich Presence feature/integration?) 
Meta (Can we expect gameplay footage/videos to be released before 2018?)
Vehicles/Housing (Can I customize an RV like I can a house?)
Environment (Are there crates/containers we can use to store inventory?)
Environment (Are there crates/containers we can use to store inventory? 2)
Module One (Will you be able to run your own radio station? Play music?)
Mechanics (How will one be able to perform music? Notes tied to keys?)
Pets (Will there be pet companions?)
Mechanics (Is there nudity in Identity? Why or why not?)
Mechanics (How does player and camera angle movement operate?)
Mechanics (How does player and camera angle movement operate? 2)
Meta (Any tips for getting into 3D Modelling?)
Mechanics (Can I shotgun someone pointblank and kill them if they're 0 stress?)
Mechanics (What can I do if a gun is pulled on me? Stress system)
Mechanics (If I surrender to someone pointing a gun at me, can I still die?)
Police (What equipment do cops have access to? Inherent advantage on day 1?)
Jobs/Police (What unique equipment will SWAT and Detective roles get?)
Mechanics (Will there be a limit to how much you can write in books?)
Vehicles (Can I have/customize spoilers on the backs of cars?)
Mechanics (What do you start with in Identity? In the full game)
Vehicles (Where will boats be stored? Can we live in them?)
Firefighters (Is there a tutorial a person can take to train/learn the role?)
Environment (What is the map/world size?)
Mechanics (Can you select a gender other than male/female?)
Mechanics (Can you choose to display your gender on the in-game social media?)
Vehicles (Why not add in helicopters but make them very expensive?)
Vehicles (Reasoning behind no helicopters?)
Vehicles/Weapons (Will I need to grind my butt off for guns/cars?)
Environment (Will some of the game world be destructible? Breakable?)
Vehicles (Can you give a quick rundown on insurance plans?)
Vehicles (Do cars explode if they take enough damage?)
Weapons (Will there be explosive weapons?)
Meta (Will there be a merchandise store IRL where people can purchase swag?)
Mechanics (Will the winning chances for a lottery ticket be dynamic?)
Jobs (Can you hang a company logo above a store outside?)
Environment (How can you interact with things in the world?)
Environment (How can you interact with things in the world? 2)
Environment (How can you interact with things in the world? 3)
Language (How will the game address language barriers?)
Servers (How much power does a server owner have?)
Language (Will there be official servers with different languages? Locations?)
Meta (When will the next developer blog be?)
Vehicles (Will the game feature IRL brand names?)
Mechanics (Would you consider being able to record music in the future?)
Mechanics (Will the game have a built in video recorder/replay feature?)
Servers (Is there an option for custom servers where everyone starts with nothing?)
Jobs (Can players have their own electronics stores?)

November 15th 2018


Module One (Will there be drugs in Town Square so we can test their effects?) 
Mechanics (Can drug producers customize the bags of their product?)
Mechanics (How in-depth is the cooking system? Cookies? Crafting System?)
Mechanics (Can you add illustrations to books? Will there be sketchbooks?)
Police (Are bank robberies instanced? How you get SWAT gear?)
Police (Are bank robberies instanced? How you get SWAT gear? 2)
Police (What items/equipment will Cops have to slow/stop a Criminal pursuit?)
Police (Will SWAT get specific training/tutorials?)
Jobs (Can you go more in-depth on the Bounty Hunter role?)
Jobs/Law/Politics (Do we need to pay taxes at the year like we do IRL?)
Mechanics (Will players be able to set up or use cameras to monitor areas?)
Environment (Are there warehouses gangs can commandeer?)
Mechanics/Vehicles (Clarification regarding shooting out of passenger seat)
Housing (Are there automatic systems in play for buying/selling houses?)
Servers (What are the standard rules on the official servers? Trolling?)
Police (What equipment does SWAT get?)
Vehicles (Can you customize motorcycles?)
Housing (Can you put items you have in your inventory on tables in your house?)
Housing (Can I stack books in a bookshelf? Weapons in weapon racks?)
Module One (What movies will be available in the cinema? Create playlist?)
Police/Vehicles (What kind of police vehicles are available?)
Mechanics (How do players deliver/carry/transport huge items like TVs?)
Mechanics (How do players deliver/carry/transport huge items like TVs? 2)
Meta (Will there be an IRL phone app to sync with in-game phone?)
Jobs (What kind of jobs will be available on release? Popular ones?)
Jobs (Do you mine underground? Mine Shafts?)
Servers (Are there benefits to owning a popular private server?)
Police/Environment (Will the police headquarters have a shooting range?)
Law/Criminals (Escaping prison, tiered waves of defense)

November 16th 2017
(No devs were present to answer questions, so no twitch clips were taken. Alex however goes in depth about his process behind concept art, it's still a great watch!)


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