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  1. Analysis about the age of users

    If I get a server you can come play on it, I don't really care how people sound with their voice, it is not their fault, also its unique just mature and Rp and Respect will be the only thing I will care about mostly on that side of things. ~Still super excited for Identity~ 
  2. Release?

    Just got to be patient and have faith in them, I read somewhere, don't remember xD, the full game they will try to have out earlier 2018, But they said who keeps asking delays it another year, Guessing a joke, made me laugh, but just have faith and keep checking every other day like I do, and one day it will be their. 
  3. Poll about police roles

    I love k-9's give me a German Shepard, A truck k-9 supervisor and me and my puppy I will call it snowballs, will be patrolling all day, and snowballs will know to go for the throat, not the arm >:P
  4. Poll about police roles

    I want to have a Doggy, so I don't have to chase the suspects >:)
  5. Analysis about the age of users

    of course everyone deserves a chance to role play, I role play on a few games with my nephews if they act right, if not I don't let them on the consoles I'm evil >:P.
  6. When does the Module release? You decide! (story)

    @MLWhyte with you on that one, I wish to become a cop as well
  7. R they working on the game

    Don't worry a lot of people are just like you, curious and hyped to play it..
  8. K9 Handler

    Be nice to have k9's and custom vehicles that has k9 cage in the cruiser or truck, when it does actually release, I am just super hyper to get into the game
  9. Analysis about the age of users

    Of course, and I understand that, I am just saying like private servers or public servers that's for role playing, and i did not mean guys just by men, meaning guys, girls, children. it does not matter
  10. When does the Module release? You decide! (story)

    Can't wait to play the game, been really excited for it ever since I seen it I pledged 60.00's and currently wish to pledge more.... if I have enough time too :3
  11. Analysis about the age of users

    True, I will admit I am just afraid to finally get a game I have waited for, yes identity is doing it,  and some troll, hacker, cheater, script kitty, or some guys that cant role play come in and ruining the experience I have nephews sometimes they will fall in line, but sometimes they don't, that's normal its the ones out their that will just not listen want it their way complain and stuff like that, children, adults anyone to be honest @Hurryup
  12. Analysis about the age of users

    I think it should be for mature audience even if its just 16 or 17+ even though most likely their will be children, If I get a private server, I will not allow any that squeaks or acts like a child, you know if they are acting mature being respectful responsible I will allow it.