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  1. "The below packages are only available for a limited time, and will no longer be sold after the release of the Town Square module. Prices are also heavily discounted at this time." is in the shop I think that means they wont be able to get module access after first module release. but I am not fully sure maybe ducky knows.
  2. I hope its done, I seriously cant wait hehe i'm waiting but the DREAMS THE DREAMS... they are feeling more and more real, actually had a dream I was playing the game, and I was talking to the dev's and they was telling me what was all dynamic. guess you shouldn't hype too much before bed, but been having dreams on and off now about identity Q ~Q
  3. that would be amazing, that would trigger so many people "WHO TURNED MY TOILET PAPER THE WRONG WAY!!!" -giggles and sneaks out of the house-
  4. I want all the info I can get about this game don't ruin it for us because your so negative, go do yoga O~O
  5. dont know how i could be wrong on saying i heard something about mods being allowed, too me in renting a server basically gives you full control over it making you the owner of that server till you no longer pay, in every game i've played where you could rent servers the guy paying for that server is the owner of it. and second if you read, i never said anything about allowing admins spawning in money, i said to check and see if people is spawning in money, and if you re read in another comment i did say i would hate if admins could spawn in money, because then the game would be useless it would just turn into arma 3's so called role play servers. " so if someone is using a cheat menu for teleportation, cheating money etc" <--- saying this and asking if we will get a admin menu like infi-star said "LIKE" meaning not 100% because infistar let you spectate people, let you teleport to them invisible to see if they was cheating or not, and if they do add a menu like this they need to add the restrictions too like level 1 only gets simple kick powers level 2 gets kick and spectate and level 3 usually for owners only would get the full menu, but yes if i buy a game if i rent a server for probably 50-60 hell maybe a 100's a month depending on how much it is per slot, i would love to have a menu to keep the damn cheaters out and a way i can view people who i suspect of cheating, or using scripts. how the hell can i watch someone cheat if i cant spectate them, i cant really follow them around if they have box esp on and can see every player on the map and dont go around and say "oh they cant do that" because yes they can ever player model has a box just like that to make the hit box etc, and with a few simple scripts it can show up to a person who activates it. not trying to sound like a B*tch just like most server owners and players. i dont like cheaters ruining my server, ruining the fun, ruining the experience i mean look how bad gta v was, then they got so anal on their anti cheat you playing the game regularly could get you suspended, well now its character wipe 30 day ban then next is perm, and dont say oh own servers gonna have their own ban/kick system yes i'm fully aware that they will but lets say their main anti cheat decides to ban you for no reason like gta v's system does well then any server in that game, will not allow you to join unless its cheat wall is disabled for that wall, take arma 3 and battle eye for instance you get banned from battle eye well you really cant play any game that uses battle eye. and no i'm not bringing the game down like arma 3 and gta v i like gta for single player modding, and i like arma 3 for it being it, and i'm gonna love identity for it i just dont want the game to be ruining by some A**holes you cant play the game right and got to cheat.
  6. I heard something about allowing Mods, and yes you can have your own servers.
  7. true on my server if admins abuse they lose it and probably lose playing on the server i take cheating very seriously especially in rp games
  8. Did not ask for a menu to spawn money for admin's . i am asking if their is going to have something like infi-star you know a admin menu, let you watch players, boxed esp, to see if they was teleporting and so fourth, besides i do not agree with admins getting the permission to spawn in money that would well would ruin identity
  9. Hey i do not know if someone asked this yet, but will owner/admins powers be would they have a menu like infistar, reason why i ask this, so if someone is using a cheat menu for teleportation, cheating money etc for on non official servers. would admins/owner get like a custom spectating option for each player, or like dots of players appear on the in game map, kind of like how infistar had theirs for a3 to watch out for cheater's, was the best tool to have..
  10. strange but kind of makes sense
  11. hey another question is that you could ask, would the emergency vehicles be like arma 3, if lets say your supervisor you can spawn any car up to the supervisor level at the police station, or if your swat you can spawn a swat vehicle. in case it was necessary during a role play or shootout heck even terrorist attack if they have those in game. o,...,o
  12. not car damage but building, poles, trees etc
  13. Could you ask about Destruction? car hits a pole how would it do the damage ETC or if you hit a building would it also damage the wall or something
  14. sorry hun we are all waiting to play still cant wait