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  1. someone cant just walk up and kill you, you have to be in a high stress environment. someone else can elaborate more.
  2. do you realize that if it was any other company making a game this big you wouldnt see anything for at least another year...
  3. rpg's can take 3-10yrs of development from a big company. everyone keeps saying this game is taking to long to develop but thats only because you all have no idea what it takes to make a video game. they are making great time. GTAV took 5 years of development.
  4. i agree, and said big companies generally take a yr + past this amount of time to even get to alpha... so id say for such a small team they are making great time.
  5. they dont talk about it anymore, but in the old gaming hrs they mentioned a few time about how the driving dynamic and shooting dynamic were coming along. now they act like they never said that stuff. they have said several time theres like only one person work on ts right now, every one else is working on the other modules and full game. you are aware ts has been completed twice now but when they get done they decide to go back threw everything.... maybe you just havent been following long enough
  6. naw its farther than that. most of the team is focusing on the full game. first two modules are done, they just polishing them up and telling us they aint done.
  7. no worries, just wanted to explain it more for people that might not know. i did not take offense by your comments at all. in fact you are correct about cpu to gpu usage in arma3. i had not noticed that my gpu was barely doing anything.
  8. I ended up asking about it in a gaming hr and they confirmed that it will indeed take advantage of parallel processing. every game uses your cpu and your gpu to run... what im talking about is parallel processing, this is when your cpu may have multiple cores or you may have multiple cpus and you distribute the work load evenly over said cpu's or cores. So an Example. i have an 8 core cpu but when i play arma 3 and look at what cores are being utilized it is only using one of my 8 cores. all that processing capability going to waste. if i play GTAV and look at cpu distribution it utilizes about half of my first core and a quarter of the next five cores. this makes the game play much much faster.
  9. i got mine 6hrs after they were sent out last time. No Blog yet, hopefully monday.
  10. luckyduck would have already gotten it, hes like one of the first to get it, he normally updates us immediately, quite an amazing guy
  11. it should be. a big problem with Arma 3 was that it wasnt set up to maximize parallel processing which really slowed down gameplay. ive asked the devs repeatedly if they were going to be taking advantage of parallel processing and they have assured me that they are, apparently when they worked on ARMA3 Altis life they learned first hand the limiations of a system that isnt set up for parallel.
  12. yay! being able to use multiple cpu's to evenly complete something drastically improves performance. i really hope they have, its the future for large map open world games.
  13. I know it is a lot of work for a developer, but does anyone know if this game is being built so that most of the processes are being done in parallel? I believe this is one of the major problems with Arma3.
  14. its not like they have only been working on ts, they have been very focused on the other modules and full game for sometime now. in all actuality ts has been done for like over a year, they had a couple devs go back in and started re-rendering and adding things to ts to give us superior quality. it wont take very long for the other modules once ts drops. my theory is that ts is done but they are waiting to complete swat be4 releasing it.
  15. oh i totally agree, gameplay will never look like this, it would simply take up way to much space. i merely used it as a example of what ue4 is capable of. although, apparently, when moving up the elevator to your apartment you will be loading your floor so it is plausible depending on how server is set up to properly partition space for such extravagances but alas the resources are not in place .