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  1. Email Problem

    not sure about the poster, but mine is, hasnt changed.... was working back in june, dont know what happened
  2. Email Problem

    @Paratus @HairyGrenade
  3. Email Problem

    im having the same issue, but i havent been getting them for awile.... 7th was the last one i got. i pledged alot more than $30 so it def not a monye thing.
  4. Dev Blog

    so im not the only one who didnt get the last dev blog? guess ill just wait it out
  5. Dev Blog

    Last DevBlog i got in email was July 23... can still log on to main page, my accounts are linked. email is fine....just curious..? if the dev blog isnt coming in how am i going to find out when game drops and get my access? Thanks
  6. Lottery

    id like to see a gambling boat, like cruise ship. goes out of port for a few hrs... free drinks while gambling. you know like the real thing.. i have a ton of fun on gambling ships in RL but ohh the possibilities in RP!
  7. Dev Blog #009

    ohh yea, im pledged... pledged alot
  8. Dev Blog #009

    I never received this one...... anyone else not get this dev blog....?
  9. My Ideas & Suggjestions

    you should really do some research on whats going on with this game... all of this has been addressed, why they are doing it or why not. search the forum, educate yourself.
  10. Regretful

    Unfortunately, due to financial issues incurred from legal issues with my state, i am going to be asking for a refund on 9-1-17. Although i should probably be asking for a refund now, i donated quite a bit, i full heartily support this project and have decided to give them till the end of the month to possibly release as we all know they are very close. It makes me very sad to have to do this and i am very disappointing that i will not be able to meet you all in T.S. I was so looking forward to it. Maybe in the future, when my issues are resolved, i will see you all in Identity. sincerely yours, DadOfMad
  11. Whatsup guys

    prices will go up soon, just an fyi
  12. Dev Blog #008

    actually the library/art gallery is already created. you can check it out on a dev stream they did on twitch
  13. Speed

    i love how this picture looks computer animated but infact it is a real cars dash....
  14. Speed

    it would be a hassle for the signs but seeing as identity is taking place off usa the signs should be mph. having both inside the vehicle would be cool as people from around the world could see what kph their are going at our mph maybe using it in the future if they ever visit our country.. little ingame learning?
  15. Death-EMS

    someone cant just walk up and kill you, you have to be in a high stress environment. someone else can elaborate more.