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    Wow, what a month. It's been busy here at Asylum as usual, so let's get down to the interesting stuff! As expected, our current focus is on the Town Square so that we can get it out to you as soon as possible. We're finalising the interior of the library and art gallery (shared within one building) and adding polish to the environment. Once the clothing store interior is complete following that, the Town Square environment is ready to go. We'll continuously be adding more art after release though; specifically for house furnishings, decorations and clothing. In addition to the environment art, Miroslav (character artist) has been creating all sorts of hair assets which allow us to show hair appropriately when wearing a hat or helmet. This is a big task for him as it means making variations to match the hat options for each length of hair, but in the end it'll ensure your hair always looks as you'd expect when wearing headgear. Hair under a hat; work in progress Right next to the clothing shop you'll find a bicycle store where you can get a sneak preview of some of the bikes you'll be able to ride around in the full Identity release. We showed you a bicycle work in progress last blog post and now you can see the finished result of that below. This image will give you a rough idea of the detail level you'll see in Identity's vehicles. Ridable bicycle With more final systems coming online for the Town Square release, we now have functioning phones. Each player will start with a cellphone, although you'll be able to upgrade it with three mobile OS options available. The phone OS' each have a unique and interesting style. Characters also have a designated phone number assigned when they're created; you'll be able to get a custom number for a fee. These phones work just as you'd expect. You're able to dial up another player and speak with voice remotely. Businesses can even get a business line which, when called, will contact a member of that corporation who's online. Shot from an internal system test: advertising While the art of the billboard above isn't final, it gives you a very good idea of what you can expect in Identity for advertising. That's right, you can really publish messages around the world through billboards and other means. Corporations and those running for government office can purchase billboard space to help get their message out. You'll select a graphical template from a large list of options and then attach a brief message or other customization to make it your own. These billboards can also be moderated by the server operators. There are other similar advertising systems, too. For example digital road signs can be made to show custom messages by the current government. We can't wait to show you more of Identity, and we'll soon have that opportunity with the release of an overhauled website. Those current pledge packages are about to go away forever, and some of the rewards won't be available for purchase again after the new website changes. Also, follow us on our Twitch channel if you'd like to stop in and ask questions of the developers. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday you'll find a few developers playing a random game from 4pm EST to 5pm EST. Ask any questions and they'll be happy to answer on stream. Catch some of Identity's developers hard at work and see how they make the magic happen: we'll be providing development streaming dates and times on Twitter, soon! -- John VanderZwet
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    You can most definitely influence development. We keep a close eye on this, and also converse with fans almost daily in streams. That said, releasing a video or screenshot carries more weight than that. Unfortunately, it's human nature to expect certain things even when you know it's in development. Most people, although maybe not yourself, put a lot of weight on first-impressions. If we show something lackluster because it's still being built not everyone will understand that. That said, you'll be seeing a lot of it very soon.
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    We haven't shown much of the Town Square module yet only because we're making things look right. Everything is functional, but that doesn't mean the interface looks good or functionality is smooth. In game development we get the feature functioning properly first, with placeholders, and then work everything together until it's what you'd see in a finished game. Take buying food in the bar, for example. Right now there's an apple on the table which you can use to bring up the ordering menu. That's supposed to be a restaurant menu that you use, and the interaction UI isn't quite right either. It works and functions as it should, but the interface for doing so is ugly due to some art not yet being in place. That said, we're going to show you real gameplay footage soon and following that you'll get a lot of Town Square media. The core features are about ready to be shown at this point.
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    This month in development Another month and another dev blog to keep you updated! I want to start this one by giving a thank you to everyone who's receiving this blog post by email, our backers who are making Identity a reality. It's an exciting time as our team is growing and our pace quickening as a result. Identity's beginning to get more exposure and every pledge we receive helps us produce content faster. It's been slower than we'd like in the past because our team has been tiny, but this growth we're seeing as of late has been opening doors and propelling us forward. As of this month we've now raised over $700,000 USD; a large amount of money and what we've needed to bring on more talent. Talent we've lost to other studios and existing contracts in the past, some of our absolute best, is now returning to Asylum Entertainment to work on Identity full-time. We're really looking forward to the work from those being added to our roster, which will result in more clothing options as well as much prettier environments. We're also looking to pick up another programmer and a new community manager very shortly, to improve our PR situation and give you guys a more transparent view into development. Case variations for one of three phones in Identity With our art team growing with top industry talent, we're also making some good progress in content programming. Our elevator system has been finalized after being re-hashed. This elevator system is used in the Town Square, and throughout Identity where apartments exist, to bring players up to their lofted homes. The interesting part is these function like real elevators, and you'll see other players in them going to and from their floors. They act as loading zones, so instead breaking your immersion with a loading screen we load the apartment and it's customizations in the background while you ride the elevator. By the time the door opens everything's in place and you don't even notice that you've moved into a special instance of the world. Art of the Town Square When creating new environments, we first have our concept artist draw up a layout and artistic design. From there, environment artists create the 3D assets from that piece and a level designer places them in the world you inhabit. We're pleased to have our incredibly talented concept artist, Alexander, back in full-swing as we prepare the final pieces of environment necessary for the Town Square. Clothing store concept; hotel and art gallery in rear The clothing store is interesting in Town Square because it's operating on a system we've created for many computer-controlled shops in Identity. It has a fully functioning shoplifting mechanic. In most games you walk up to an NPC (non-player character) and interact to purchase items. You then simply walk away with your items. Stores in Identity are a different story, and are unique in the gaming world. You'll add items from racks and shelves to your cart. You can then walk into the dressing room to preview those items (assuming it's clothing) or walk up to the register to pay. What if you don't pay and simply walk out the door with your cart? Shoplifting is a reality in Identity, although it's often not recommended. If you're not skilled, and most people won't be, you'll set off alarms and have a hard time getting away. You'll likely spend time in jail for the attempt. Expensive items can also not be shoplifted for game balance purposes. Even something so simple as using a shop gives freedom and oppportunity not found in any game before. Last month we showed you a bicycle which will be ridable in Identity. Below you'll see the bicycle shop concepts for the Town Square. While you won't be able to ride them in Town Square, you'll be able to browse many options which will be available to you. Bicycle shop concept for the Ash Hill town square These final two interiors are being created by our artists as we speak, and are the last environments required for Town Square's release, along with some minor systems programming and polish. Art gallery/library concept art, previously shown Art gallery and library in-game, without player art The near future One of our top priorities right now is to give all of you who have been waiting a glimpse of real gameplay in a video. Identity's funding and progress has exploded since we showed you the workings of the housing and apartment systems on YouTube, and now we want you to see vehicles, drug production and weapon systems. I can't promise any dates on this video, but it'll be soon. In fact, I expect you to watch this video before you receive the next dev blog. This coming video is sort of a catalyst, and I can't wait to show you what's in store after it. The Town Square is also getting near the point where we're going to be able to start showing off videos of the gameplay elements you'll find within it, leading up to the public release of the module. These videos will be coming after the previously mentioned video. We do regret how little we've been able to show you thus far. We're a tiny team stretching a small budget to its limits, so things take some time. Now that much of the core exists and other supporting pieces are falling into place, I'm excited that we're now really making progress that can be witnessed. -- John VanderZwet Let's Make Identity Great! Identity's development is going great thanks to the support of people like you, but systems like these take a lot of manpower and resources to create. Identity has an awesome community behind it, but when more people know about what we're creating and our budget grows from pledges, we can not only work faster but we can do more, too. If you're as excited to play Identity as we are making it, help spread the word. The gaming industry has needed a game like Identity for too long; let's make it great together!
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    Phones and cars can have a GPS. Houses DO each have a unique address, just like each player has a unique phone number.
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    No one gives a flying fuck about seeing art, we've been seeing art for years at this point all we care about is playing it.
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    There has been a recent growth in political population. Between mayor candidates, governor candidates, and citizens who choose to use their voice more overall involvement has increased. THIS IS GOOD, but due to the different mindsets and lack of education on some issues an explosion of disrupt in peace has sprouted. It is evident who the leading politicians are ( @ThomasHetch, @BobbyCruz, @JoelKeys & @LuciousTimes [myself] ) and every single one of us has one shared goal, ensure our policies provide a good life for EVERY CITIZEN on the Identity Island! It's simple! We all have a different way of going about things, BUT we all want the same thing. In this form, I want everyone that desires to have a part in the politics of Identity to discuss the following topics in the following order in order to build or at least see and analyze what policies work best. The politics that will matter in the game are: Taxes, Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Crime Punishments We will all discuss the first topic ( Taxes ). After together we have come to build something most favorable I will conclude the topic and we may then move to the next. I hope this builds peace amongst the people of Identity and foundation for the game once built. May @Motown and the other developers find favor with this.
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    Check out the replay! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/155049217
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    Unfortunately, we don't have a dedicated PR guy, or even a dedicated community manager at this time. I am, however, looking around to hire one as we speak. Given our budget all resources are currently tied up in development. As our budget expands, so too will the team. As I mention on the stream last night, Town Square requires a lot more development time than most modules. Town Square has the backend systems for the game itself. Character creation and customization, social features, and so on. All of the core elements of the game were created in the first while, which is why it seems to be taking long. However, in the grand scheme of things we're quite well advanced given the size of our team and the fact that the core elements of the game are coming in place; not only for town square, but for Identity as a whole. The game in question raised over $3m initially on Kickstarter in addition to already having a multi-million dollar budget going into Kickstarter, which is far different from where our budget lies. It'd be a whole lot easier to do so if our initial team were over 10 times as large.
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    There will be quite a few servers for Town Square, located all around the world. Town Square servers have a player limit, but we'll have a whole lot of them active for the first days of the release and we'll add/remove them as we see demand requires. We'll try to make sure that if a queue does happen, it won't be a long wait to get in.
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    With the current configuration, which also applies to civilian phones, people won't hear what the police are saying in response, but they will hear what the cop standing near them is saying. Just as it is in real life if you're standing beside someone on a phone.
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    Government Dossier of George Joseph Castelluccio III Full name: George Joseph Castelluccio III Known Alias(s): “Georgie” Birth date: 8/16/79 Crime Organization Association: Luprano Family Known Hierarchy Position: Made-Man Known Field of Work: Extortion, Narcotics, Fencing, Waste Management FBI#: 551245 Physical appearance Age: 38 Age Appearance: Roughly late 30's Weight: 170 lbs. Height: 5’6 Body build: Lean Shape of face: Pinched Jawline Eye color: Hazel Glasses or contacts: None. Skin tone: Olive Distinguishing marks: No visible scars or features. Predominant features: Large Nose Hair color: Black Type of hair: Wavy Hairstyle: Slicked back with gel, light stubble. Voice: Raspy and hoarse, somewhat of a stutter. Physical disabilities: None. Personality Good personality traits: Tries to mediate with Government Officials Bad personality traits: Bad Temper, Holds Grudges, Easily irritated (Mediation doesn't last long) Mood character is most often in: Typically in a good mood around friends, poor attitude when Government Officials are around. Sense of humor: Enjoys messing with cops. Character’s greatest joy in life: Records of playing baseball at a young age, always had a soft spot for it. Past Hometown: Castelluccio, Italy Type of childhood: Consistent arrest records from age 15 and up, life of crime. Education: Grade School education, dropped out in High School. Religion: Roman Catholic Family: Italian born parents, American born little sister aged 34 (Mugshot of George from 2006) Feel Free to use this format for yourselves.
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    Hey who would like to start a Religious Cult? We can live in the woods and sacrifice the unclean to our creator.
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    Greetings everyone, Today I'd like to update you guys on some progress for Identity. Below, you will find new pictures that haven't been shown to the public eye yet. We know you are waiting so eagerly to play, but please remember everything takes time. Thanks to everyone who has shown the developers support thus far!
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    Precision Manufacturing Unlimited Identity's forerunner in Manufacturing and Raw Material Mining. Company Mission Statement: It has been stated several types by the developers that the majority of products available for purchase would be produced in every stage by other players. There are many ambitious people and companies in Identity, they have entire business models developed, but they have one major oversight. They have nobody to produce the products that they want to sell. Nobody to supply the raw materials required to make every single product in Identity. This is where Precision Manufacturing Unlimited would come in. There is a large market share that is up for grabs, and we at Precision Manufacturing Unlimited believe that we can seize the opportunity. There is a large amount of money to be made in this field, and we need your help to do it. Employment Requirements Must own a functional microphone(by the release of the first module) Must be 15 or older(Some exceptions made) Must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA) Services Basic Manufacturing: We will produce many products for wholesale purchase by stores and companies(electronics, clothing, ect.) Raw Material Mining: We will mine our own Raw Materials, and sell the excess Raw Materials. This is a cost cutting measure and also ensures that our company branches out into many fields. Renting Equipment/Space: We will rent out our equipment and space to both individuals and companies. Consulting/Risk and Logistics Assessment: In creating this large company we will gain valuable experience. We will eventually branch out into the paid consulting field, to help others grow or create their own business. We will determine the costs and risks in doing so, and will attempt to minimize the chance of failure. This is a long term goal and is not apart of our main business model. Job Openings Owner(1/1):shadeymatt(Augusto Vallone) The owner will be mostly hands off, the company will be mainly run by the CEO and CFO. CEO(1/1): Andrew811(Andrew Cirone).The CEO will be in charge of the overall management of the business, but will leave all day to day responsibilities to the Division Leaders and Shift Managers. They must be experienced in management and leadership, and will require an extensive interview. CFO(1/1): yellowhero12(Ambrogio Vallone) The CFO will be in charge of managing the company's finances. They must be experienced in mathematics and accounting, and will require an extensive interview. Division Leader(1/2): We will be splitting the Manufacturing and Raw Material operations, each will have a Division Leader who will report back to the CEO,CFO and Owner. They must be experienced in management and leadership, and will require an extensive interview. Shift Manager(0/2): The shift managers will be in charge of managing of operations and employees. There will be 1 Shift Manager in each division. They will be able to hire and fire at their own discretion, but will make weekly reports to the division leaders. One of their many responsibilities is to run the Human Resources department and to manage the many Employee Benefits. A functional microphone is crucial for this job. Floor Manager(0/4): Floor Managers will be in charge of day to day operations on the production line. They will not be able to hire employees, but will be able to fire for poor performance. They will report directly to the shift manager. A functional microphone is crucial for this job. Production Line Employee(0/?): Production Line Employees are the core workforce of Precision Manufacturing Unlimited the interview will not be very extensive, but quality work is expected. There is a large opportunity for upward mobility. Employee Benefits Note: For all units of time, Red will indicate IRL time, and Blue will indicate ingame time. Unlike many other companies, Precision Manufacturing Unlimited provides benefits to all of our Employees.1 If an employee works for Precision Manufacturing Unlimited for 2 Months they will be granted tenure. Their contract will not be terminated for 3 Months.2 1 Week severance pay after working for 2 Months.2 A reference to any future employer after working for 1 Month.2 Precision Manufacturing Unlimited's future is promising Will you be apart of that future? PM me(yellowhero12) if you are interested in applying for a job. Reference 1: Barring breach of the NDA or employees terminated due to poor performance 2: Barring termination due to breach of the NDA or poor performance
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    THE ROYAL FAMILY PARTY PLATFORM _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Policies (Simplified) : SOCIAL SECURITY: Social Security should be privatized (not to be confused with private savings accounts, but rather, private investments). JOBS: Pro small business. Supports giving small businesses and large businesses a 10% tax on corporation profit ( profit means after employees, inventory, and other expenses have been paid for) so that more jobs can be created. TAXES: Taxes will be a very simple flat tax. 10% of your reported yearly income must be given in taxes. 10% tax will also be placed on corporation profit, not income. ECONOMY: Supports free market competition and entrepreneurship, corporate deregulation and cutting entitlement spending. SECURITY/DEFENSE: Believe in a limited missile defense. Oppose nuclear buildup in the U.S. Believe that peace is achieved through worldwide relationship building. LEGAL/TORT REFORM: Supports tort reform and limiting victims compensation,especially for frivolous lawsuits. IMMIGRATION: Support illegal alien’s ability and right to become citizens and giving them more protections under the law. FAITH: Advocate free exercise of religion. EDUCATION: Promote school choice/vouchers and homeschooling. Supports voluntary student supported prayer in school. Opposes gender and race quotes in colleges. ABORTION: Generally pro-life with emphasis on promoting alternatives to abortion. ENERGY: Wish to find environmentally friendly energy sources and solutions. Oppose increased drilling, especially in the U.S. HEALTHCARE: Strongly supports a complete separation of healthcare and state. Supports the deregulation of the healthcare industry. FOREIGN POLICY: Strongly supports worldwide coalitions and multi-national programs. Supports aid for disadvantaged countries. Supports the UN. PEACE. UNITY. FOREVER. CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM: No restrictions on contributions form any legal resident. Believe that politicians holding an office should not be able to run for another seat until term is over. ENVIRONMENT: Supports privatizing federal land. Believe in cap and trade market based air pollution reductions and that the market should regulate itself. GUNS: Limited gun control. GAY RIGHTS: Pro private choice and equality including marriage. Laws (Detailed) : Due to the game environment the worst punishment for a crime is prison time and fines. So, for all crimes criminals will be punished by fine and/or prison time. THESE ARE FIRST OFFENSE PRISON TIMES, EVERY ADDITIONAL OFFENSE WILL HAVE YOUR TIME DOUBLED WITH A $1000 FEE ATTACHED. SO, IF YOU PLAN TO MURDER 5 PEOPLE YOU MIGHT WANT TO BE PROSECUTED FOR ALL OF THEM AT THE SAME TIME. MURDER - 3 Days THEFT OVER $5000 - 2 Days THEFT BETWEEN $1000 & $5000 - 1 Days THEFT UNDER $1000 - 12 Hours POSSESSION OF ANY ILLEGAL DRUGS - 5 Hours ANY ACCOMPLICE ACTIONS OF ANY CRIME - 3 Hours Five Characteristics of a Lucious Times Economy The main features of a Times economy are as follows: (a) Factors of production are owned by the individuals. (b) Every individual has freedom to start business of his own choice. (c) All economic activities are guided by the motive of profit. (d) Individuals are the owners and acquire property and pass it on to next heir after death. (e) Government has little role to play in the functioning of the economy. Prices of goods and services are determined by the market forces of demand and supply. Important Business Information Tax on businesses is 10% on company profit. After employees have been paid, inventory bought, etc. Depending on what the company reports as profit a business could nearly have no tax! The Tale of Lucious Times Lucious Lee Times (myself) is grew up homeless on the streets of Los Angeles. In a city of crime Lucious had to be on the lookout at every turn. In Lucious' young life he grew to be very aware of the crime filled city and knew he had to do something to ensure his safety. At 15, Lucious started an organization with a few neighborhood boys called "The Peacekeepers". These boys were brutal. They cleaned the streets of crime in the most direct ways possible. Showing up to criminal hideouts and wasting away every member present, making fake visits to prisons and jails to poison and eliminate those criminals on the inside, making appointments with the LAPD to let THEM know how things would be done. The Peacekeepers were vigilantes at the finest. The city soon had a crime rate so low new schools were being built and more people migrated to the lovely city of Los Angeles. Through all the harsh deeds The Peacekeepers had done Lucious never was present for the actual action. He was the mastermind, the planner, the brain of the whole operation. Sitting behind a desk as leader of The Peacekeepers. Oh how things looked great! Lucious had made something out of nothing and became a city icon and hero as he grew older. Though soon, things made a turn for the worst. Lucious' closest partner, his beautiful fiance was capture by a man known by the name Gustavo Fring. A now well-known high profile methamphetamine drug lord. He did so because by cleaning up the city Lucious' made distribution for Mr. Fring come to a complete stop in the area. Lucious grew furious, so furious he began to walk into a whole new light. The Peacekeepers became a weapon at Lucious' disposal. He thought long and hard and then finally had a plan. After finding where Fring was located Lucious and his team of over 200 men approached the location, guns loaded and ready for anything. However, Fring was already aware of Lucious' presence and decided to retaliate. Fring killed Lucious' fiance, then sent out total war upon Lucious and his men. In the end only two men were left standing; Fring and Lucious. After few words, Lucious caught leverage and killed Fring. Though Lucious was severely injured by gunshot. He called the LAPD. With quickness, Lucious was saved and had chance to speak with the LAPD Chief of Police. He thanked Lucious for his doings and after a long conversation of tears the chief left. Lucious began to realize how much he'd loss. All his men, his fiance, his hold on the city from crime all gone! Three weeks later Lucious walked out of the hospital, grab all $789,211 he'd raised with his people, and began to leave town for a new home. A place called Turtle Beach on Identity Island. However, when he got to the town line he found something waiting for him. Over half the city was standing their with gold-colored gold-scented candles. Some of them stood to give thanks, but many stood ready to follow him wherever he went. A woman by the name of Dorris Jean approached Lucious and told him this: "We give these candles to represent who you are to the city. Forever will you be the gold we all love, the gold we all know has provided, the gold we all know will pay the price. For to us you are a leader and friend. For you have become like royalty in this city. And with you royalty we be your royal family." Lucious was proud. All negative feelings previous washed away. Lucious now felt the obligation to continue to lead. For he knew he was wise and could give great leadership. This time he wouldn't limit himself to the leadership of a groups of boys who run a city, no. That was below him now. Now he needed to lead in higher heights where he could have greater impact and influence. A position of power such as Governor would do the trick! So he then decided to venture into the political field of leadership once he arrived in his new home. A few hours later after a celebratory evening Lucious and the now called Royal Family left. 12 days later they arrived in Turtle Beach on the Identity island and the rest is soon to be foretold...
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    Dear god love the job idea I might call
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    I do agree with him but he says he wnts to side y that joel guy who wants 50 percent tax which is a definent no no for me
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    TBH, I'm just gonna make the best with what I got. I'm going to make my own weed shop, try to become a Lawyer at the same time not for the money, but because I believe there will be quite a few cops who just try to arrest people for any small detail, and I want people to be happy in Identity not to decide whether or not to log on because of the chance to be arrested by an annoying ass cop, but now that they know that I will defend them maybe they'll be on 24/7 lol #hopeforthebest
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    The design of one person per room is one for gameplay. Sometimes gameplay has to outweigh standard logic, and this is an example of that. This lets us balance the apartment/house value based on it's usability. If it were the beds placed which determined this, everyone would pool into a tiny apartment to make it their home for next to no expense. That's just not healthy for the game economy.
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    Yes, to all of the above!
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    Yes, WE will be your competition, you do not seem to be much at the moment though. You are offering 20.00 to DJ's to work for you , yet you are begging for donations to a radio station that as yet does not exist! LMAO Getting a bit ahead of yourself there aren't you? I would very strongly suggest that you treat the ladies of Identity with the utmost respect. My advice to you is to get your station up and running BEFORE you make offers you cannot keep. I look forward to watching how in the world you manage this, it should be quite amusing overall. Oh and if you want to listen to some music while you are begging for donations, please stop by our station as it works NOW! HAHAHAHAHA Take care and good luck to you also!
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    DISCLAIMER: Everything is this post is a concept and will not reflect the finished business plans and features. Welcome to Velocity Logistics Business plan, we are a logistics company that will work towards starting a solid and stable logistics core in a domestic and commercial way our services will include business and domestic delivery and collection, high priority and express deliveries, high security and documentation courier service via motorcycle, long distance logistics including mass truck delivery and collection as well as a removal service. All of these services will be offered to commercial and domestic clients. Vehicles For everyday operations in the delivery sector and delivery services, including both commercial and domestic, a long wheel base van will be used as seen below: For priority and express delivery including both commerical and domestic a smaller van will be used as seen below: For the high security and documentation courier service a motorcycle will be used as seen below: For the long distance logistics and trucking a 18 wheel heavy goods vehicle will be used as seen below: We will strive to make sure there is no delay in our operations so for that we have decided to implement our own maintenance division which will include the vehicle seen below: Headquarters Our headquarters will be a modern warehouse joint with an office in a vast and easy accessible area to meet all our operational needs. Our office and warehouse security is important to us as it is priority to keep our customers belongings and logistics safe. We have plans to implement a high security systems in both our offices and warehouses. You will need an ID certified for your employment division and for each of those divisions we will have the clearance levels needed to be operational and manage security. All doors and storage areas will have security locks that can only be opened with certain ID and clearance level. Uniform Our uniform will be sleek, modern and comfortable also practical for all our staff. Here is the uniform below: CEO's - @MichaelPayne & @VelocityLogistics Available Roles Logistics Director - AVAILABLE Financial Director - @FrankLucas Marketing Director - AVAILABLE Legal Director - AVAILABLE Security Director - AVAILABLE Head of Maintenance - AVAILABLE Warehouse Manager - AVAILABLE Warehouse Operator - AVAILABLE Driver - AVAILABLE Vehicle Mechanic/Technician - AVAILABLE Receptionist - AVAILABLE Customer Service Assistant - AVAILABLE Thank you for reading, if you are interested in being a member of our team please fill out the form below and we will get back to you. Velocity Logistics Application Form Velocity Logistics.
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    Wasnt this expected like 6 months ago or some shit and they keep pushing it back...
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    Hey there.. Wanted to introduce our Radio station that we have up and running already. 101.5 WIRP SHAMOKIN RAVENWOLF RADIO We are looking to bringing it into Identity once the game goes live. DJ Kat, DJ Ravenwolf, and DJ OldNo7 already to rock you around on the radio waves, LIVE! We play from Old school Rock n Roll to Country.. with a lil bit of the other genres in between for some added spice. We are available for events or just if you want to tune in to listen. As we wait for Identity to arrive, we already have a few events scheduled and will be posting those times as they come up. In the future, we will be looking to hire DJ's who want to rock the radio waves! Here is our link http://www.ravenwolfradio.caster.fm/ so that you can listen, enjoy and relax. Please if you like the radio.. please give us a thumbs up on the page.. Keep Rocking On Everyone!! SCHEDULE OF EVENTS As we are eagerly waiting for IDENTITY to open, here are a few times that we will be on the air! AUGUST 5, 2017 DJ KAT 8AM TO 11AM AUGUST 6, 2017 DJ OLNo7 2PM TO 5PM DJ RAVENWOLF 5PM TO 8PM AUGUST 13, 2017 DJ RAVENWOLF 4PM TO 8PM AUGUST 20, 2017 DJ RAVENWOLF 3PM TO 6PM ALL TIMES ARE EASTERN STANDARD TIME ZONE.
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    I, Ambrogio Vallone, pledge my allegiance to the Luprano Family
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    Name: Homer Simpson Age: 17 Country: U.S. Language: English (fluent) Russian (speak only) Looking for position; Corporate Lawyer, anything financial, or advertisement and promoting Just let me know if you have any questions for me to answer or have any positions within your business that i could fill out.
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    Would love to help out in every way I can, and that position would be perfect. Also, I would love to help out any other fields such as corporal lawyer if you are looking for one.
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    I, Giorgio Sirico pledge my loyalty to the Luprano family.
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    I'd like to also nominate @Norway174 and @JamesLuck01 in the category of their previous nominations. And I would like to nominate the Luprano Family ( @Frank ) for ICA Underworld Awards.
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    Concept image of Velocity Logistics high-end premium packaging:
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    I Silvio Romano, pledge my loyalty to the Luprano family.
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    Hey guys, The reason why your pledges have glitched is because of a DDos Attack on the servers/ database and which causes the pledges to not register into the database correctly. If you guys haven't already sent me a PM, please send me with these following details: Store username, Email used for the pledge Pledge amount. Thank you very much for your patience, time and understanding. Regards, LuckyDuck.
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    5 and 9 aside, you can do all those things! As for #10, I know Motown plans on being homeless. Given that he works on Identity for free, I think he's just planning for his real future.
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    I am still very much excited for the Town Square Module. I have followed many games through their development over the years when they catch my interest. I can say that is game is absolutely following a normal development cycle as far as in-depth indie games go. It wasn't so long ago that games would make it even farther through development than this one has already before anything is announced to the public at all. I see it time and time again, when a game is announced very early or even when there is a very early access playable alpha, it gives the illusion that it should be progressing faster than it is. With just a little research you can see that some aaa titles of the past had been in development for 3-4 years before the 1st work was even hinted to the public. This gives the illusion that the game had been developed to a great playable version in a short amount of time. This game is not being developed by a aaa corporation, even though I commend them for the thrilling concept and amazing art they have presented so far. All in all and through all my years experience, I feel the game is entitled a good time longer before there should be any worry of development. All that being said, I do understand that dates/timelines had been discussed and not met. And although you should be weary of what you call a promise, I admit that so many companies are guilty of not making deadlines. It is a flaw that has always been in game development and likely will never be cured due to the nature of developing programs.
  37. 4 likes
    Never cared for any module. I only care about the finished game hence why i'am not preordering. Game could be a flop so i'd rather keep patient.
  38. 4 likes
    low key hoping they arent updating us cuz they want to suprise us with the full game but since thats not possible ive learned to just be patient. it will come out when its supposed to
  39. 4 likes
    I believe that they are keeping quiet about it for a reason. If we knew everything about it, what would be the fun in surprise? They could be adding things that aren't expected, and could be a surprise to us. Also, yes it may be taking a while, but with that comes better content. Would you rather wait it out, and receive better content, or get it now with less to do? Just an idea.
  40. 4 likes
    Citizen pack said : " Get your passport for access to Identity when completed and released (pre-order). " I find it clear enough .. They talk about Beta, but it also includes the Alpha. The modules will remain until the release of the game yes, but it has no relation with the pack. Do not look any further, $ 15 = Full game on release. $ 30 = Upon exit of the first module.
  41. 4 likes
    @QuasarVX True- There is no game. YET and ya know why? COZ THEY ARE STILL MAKING IT! Its not like " See its finnished. Take the crap thing where you cant do anything except looking at some poor textures" its more like "Wait until we say its finnished, then you can play a game better then everything you had to this point with good textures and even better gameplay." If u dont like to wait dont do it.
  42. 4 likes
    But seriously, you gotta try the... NEW MEGA DICK SOAP!!! 19.99!!! TWELVE STROKES AND IT'L BE TWICE THE LENGTH! I agree though.. These ads are brutal. They should implement some type of code or registration from now on that you need to make a forum account. Like a CD key or something that comes with every copy of Identity sold. Make em pay for it.
  43. 4 likes
    The Mods are normaly pretty fast in clearing the forum from spam, but they cant be online 24/7 . I already made an Thread a time ago where i mentioned a few ways to make it harder for the spambots but i dont think that the right person read it. Only thing we can do is report all spam we see like @Genesai already said.
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    Damn you, you made me believe it bumped up to 90%. I actually went to check. However, personally I believe it won't jump up anymore until the release. As far as educated estimates go on these forums, people believe that would have to be during this summer. We can only hope that's correct. And with that live stream a few days ago, we could all see how far they are standing with the library. It looked very promising. Still no regret on making a steep pledge. <3
  45. 4 likes
    It is your opinion if you think they are scamming, but people asked for a development stream, they got them starting to do that and still some are un-happy. The more you push the more likely this game will be ruined. If you don't like the devs working at their own pace then you have that choice to refund, you also have the choice to be patient and wait or you have the choice to be impatient and complain making a "NMS" more predictable. They are not scamming us as well, they are refunding those people who ask for it. If you don't want a refund and you don't like the pace, I would go and occupy myself with other things instead of complaining to make the game turn rotten even when it is not the intent of doing that. I believe the devs are going as fast as they can, and they are trying to please us as much as possible and get so far with giving something what we ask for but then others don't like what was asked for by the majority. Yes we all want the video, yes it is taking too long for it, but we can put faith in the devs decision as I think they know what they are doing and they deserve to take their time as some don't get paid as they chose for the money to be spent on assets and more devs instead to create the game faster. Patience is all what is needed and I think if you are not happy with the things we get then I don't believe you will be as satisfied with just the video. The devs are trying, they are responding with giving more things shown, how much more can they do to keep most of it a surprise? I am sure many things but I am sure the devs have looked over most if not all of them.
  46. 4 likes
    It was the progress of the Library/ Gallery which was shown and also on the live stream, they said that they want to surprise us with things instead of give us everything and have nothing for us to not have seen. e.g. Showing us everything we are excited for means no more excitement for it. Yes a video will be out soon enough and we just have to wait for it which is the combat video.
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    Not bad but what about people that hunt and what are your thoughts on gun ranges?
  48. 3 likes
    I, Joseph Moretti pledge my loyalty to the Luprano family.
  49. 3 likes
    TBH I've always wanted to own a weed shop IRL. I could either grow it myself and sell it in shop or have a supplier that would grow the weed for you and deliver it to your shop that you would sell it in. Also, you could have a head shop which is like selling pipes bongs etc. Just tell me your thoughts on this and tell me if it is a possibility if you have like bongs and such as well.
  50. 3 likes
    Oh yes I knew that, I'm just emphasizing that we need the devs to answer these questions... or @LuckyDuck