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    A visual feast! As we approach the release of the Town Square, it's time to start showing off! Identity's gameplay is unique; there's no game in the world which accomplishes what we've set out to create and as a result, this will be one of the most immersive gaming experiences available. In some senses, graphics weigh heavily on environmental immersion and we've really started to show Identity's beauty in this last week. Last week, we did a short live stream on Twitch to show off the Town Square in motion. If you weren't there for the stream, check out the details below. Ash Hill Cinema ticket booth In addition to Identity's artistic beauty, we also want to show you what the base gameplay will be like in the Town Square. We do plan on doing another stream shortly where we'll move on into the interiors and interact with some of the features you'll find when you log into the Town Square. We'll have to mute the karaoke and streaming radio elements for Twitch and YouTube, though. I really do wish we had more time in our last stream but we were an hour late getting the stream started and what was meant to be a 10 minute display ended up being half an hour long. Half of that time was spent in character creation, so if that's of any interest to you be sure to check out the stream. I'll leave the video below. Ash Hill's Town Square in early morning Ash Hill's Town Square at night With our next gameplay stream, I'd really like to show off the Town Square at night. Check out the screenshot above to see why I feel that night in Identity has an incredible atmosphere. Night will be useful in Identity too; for example, some animals will be more active when the sun goes down. Just imagine running from (or with) the cops in the dark of night! A beautiful and well-designed environment makes great gameplay even better. Ash Hill's fruit and vegetable market As you can tell by now, I went a bit overboard taking screenshots of the Town Square environment. I'm so proud with what our art team has accomplished, so you're getting a handfull with this developer blog! The market seen here is in the Town Square, although it won't be the only food market in Ash Hill. Markets play a fairly important role, and not only for your own access to food. Gathering and growing food will be a safe and reliable way to make some money in Identity. It doesn't require any sort of investment, so it's one of your options for making a living the moment you step foot in the world. It will get much easier with a vehicle, though. RIDE bicycle shop The screenshot above is from the interior of the bicycle store you'll find in the Town Square. You won't be able to buy them right away, but once we start implementing our final vehicles we'll likely unlock the bikes in the Town Square, too. Bicycles will be an important tool in Identity. If you can't afford a vehicle (they're not cheap) then they're your best option for getting around town without dishing out cash for a cab. Ash Hill Tattoo interior My final screenshot today was the interior of the tattoo shop you'll find in the center of Ash Hill, and thus the Town Square. Hidden in the back of the parking lot behind the DMV, this parlor will be opening shortly after the Town Square release. Tattoos in Identity are either paid for or earned; some tattoos are only unlocked with achivements, most of which being for less than legal actions. Tattoos aren't available during character creation and must be gotten through a shop such as this. Town Square gameplay live stream YouTube Town Square preview stream If you missed our live stream of Town Square gameplay last week, click on that big image above to check it out now. If your email client is afraid and you don't see the images, you can always click here. I spent the first while creating a character and then took a quick look around the exterior of the Town Square environment. I can't wait to show more! The tasks at hand Our new task tracker has been one of the most well received additions we've ever released, and it's very easy to see why. As the Asylum developers continue to knock out tasks daily, we're getting very, very close to allowing you all into the Town Square. As of my writing this, only 3 primary tasks remain and are already in progress. The tracker is showing only Town Square tasks, although many of those in our team (who don't have anything left for the Town Square release) are already hard at work producing SWAT module content. It won't be long before you start seeing a lot of our SWAT efforts appearing, and I'm extremely excited to give you more information on how it'll play. Keep your eyes on the tracker, as it will continue (even after Town Square release) to be the best indicator of when you can get your taste. A quick thank you to our supporters We've been working hard to create the game that can, quite seriously, affect the entire MMORPG industry. Nothing like Identity has been done before, mostly because a game of this scale is a risky project for any established studio. It is because of you receiving this update, our pledgers and supporters, that our dreams and ambitions are becoming a reality. The ultimate RPG is on the horizon, and I'm so very grateful to the wonderful community around me. Again, I just want to say thank you as I sincerely appreciate your support. You're helping to create a game which thousands, who don't even know we're here yet, will come to enjoy. You're here on the ground floor. The Twitch Clips If you've been following Identity's development closely, you probably already know that developers stream their work live on the Identity Twitch channel every Tuesday and Thursday. We also use that time to answer almost every question that gets asked about Identity's development and gameplay. Now that we've been doing this a while, we've answered a lot of questions. Our awesome community manager, BeachBall, has taken the time to compile a massive list of questions linked to clips where they're answered by a developer. Get comfy and head over to the Twitch Clips Directory forum thread. If you haven't found this already, be prepared to spend a good bit of time listening to all sorts of awesome information. This is the best place to get to know the fine details Identity! -- John VanderZwet
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    We were all just taking breaks and watching TV, but after reading this post you've set us straight! Thank you for getting the team back on track.
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    Salutations everyone, I just wanted to give you all a quick heads up as to how Tuesday's stream will function. The current plan is to host a regular development stream for about 45 minutes, then give John (the CEO) a moment to stream some gameplay near the end. Both streams will take place in the usual spot: https://www.twitch.tv/identityrpg The goal is to give viewers a brief tour of Town Square after he creates a character to play as. While we won't show off too many features just yet (we need a few more programming + UI tasks to be completed in order to make some features look and operate properly), the prospect of seeing a character move within Town Square's environment is quite exciting. We know many have grown fatigued of seeing Art streams, so we hope that this will be a welcome change in atmosphere. If you can't tune in on Tuesday, don't worry. I'll make sure the VOD is preserved on YouTube, and I'll most certainly be recording highlights of the stream using Twitch's Clip feature. That's all for now! I hope you all have a safe and wonderful weekend, see you next week!
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    You'll see both today. Neither are automatic, I have to do both manually and I've been swamped. I did intend to update the tracker last night but I lost track of time in a meeting at the end of the day yesterday. Sorry about that. The tracker data is automatic but the website update process is manual, for now. It'll be automated and updated most likely by the hour on the new website.
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    I'm happy to see you guys enjoyed the stream. It was a lot of fun for us to finally show it off. To answer a couple of the concerns above, all of the buildings are enterable with full interiors. This had to be a short stream because we started an hour late and it was only supposed to be 10 minutes long to start. We'll show more! I do agree that the player animation needs more work. They're improved, but we're still working to replace the animations for the mid-speed jog. The slower walk and sprint are pretty good, I think. I'd also like to implement more interaction animations. We do actually have some done already that just need "plugged in." As for visibly carrying items, you're thinking of weapons. Weapons will be visible on your character and some items can also be held in your hands. There's no feasible way to show all items on your character, though.
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    It's amusing to me how much people wanted me to jump. You can jump, but I just never even thought to do it given that I was running on a flat surface the entire time. Once I turned off the PC and walked out into the main work room I heard about the jump spam requests!
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    This 'hard man' just joined our Discord and declared war on us! Firstly he doesn't even know the first thing about us and our motives. Then he has the audacity to say that he will declare himself an enemy of any criminal organisation, and to that I wish him and his 'army' good luck. After asking him several times how many men he had, he refused to give me a number or even a range and instead said, "Enough", "you cant even count that high" and the most professional of all, "". The Yakuza aren't exactly the most admirable people in terms of fighting crime seeing that they're "members of transitional organised crime syndicates". Their own people call them "violent groups", so his idea of peace is at best delusional. I suggest that if he wants to take on the rather ambitious goal of calling himself the, 'Yakuza', that he does research into it first and find out who and what responsibilities he's taking on. Nevertheless his hyperaggressive entrance on our Discord made him the subject to jokes and laughter, of which, will not be forgotten!
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    Every single day, for the past few days, the development task tracker has been updated, yet nothing on it has actually changed... Why is this? Seem's like a way to trick users into believing tasks are being done more often than they actually are.
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    This is unreadable. Please consider calming down and re-writing this post.
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    Why are people so understanding??? OMG, No you did NOT forget...HOW DARE YOU forget...It's inhuman...I backed a developer on a small team and they NEVER forgot to update their anything, EVER! Btw that was all sarcasm...You guys keep it up, don't mind the cry babies, they need to cry about something to feel important. Most of us understand and are rooting for you guys. Less time wasted fending off attacks on the forum's might make this process easier...People do realize that there isn't a deadline, other than the ones they set for themselves? Why would anyone think that we can be any more hard on them than they are already on themselves when something don't goes right. I know I've been there, and I notice gamer's don't show much empathy these days...in fact unless it's them who are in trouble, and want your understanding for what they are going thru, that concept often doesn't go both ways.
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    Identity should add elements to the game to bring in the players that enjoy grinding/leveling without compromising their existing strategy. Imagine if one day a week you could put on a shirt (perhaps limited to your apartment) that would show off your best level in a design that looked great but had a number incorporated with a graphic that represents that skill. Imagine if you are an Identity gang member and in your hangout you could select a progressive sleeve tattoo that starts small at the wrist at level one and hits your shoulder at 99. The design would be unique and readily recognized as a leveling tattoo for gang related activity. Imagine a store owner being allowed to display a picture on one wall that represented a commerce related achievement in units sold or monetary totals. This kind of soft leveling reward system wouldn't punish new players that come on board later and would attract the numerous people that want games with leveling options. Little or no game benefits, just pride in developing the skill.
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    DISCLAIMER: Everything in this post is a concept and will not reflect the finished business plans and features. Welcome to the Velocity Logistics business plan. We are a logistics company that will strive towards building a solid and stable logistics core in a domestic and commercial way. Our aim will be to tackle our clients needs by offering them logistical solutions. The services that we will provide will range from, but are not limited to: ➤ Supply Chain Management ➤ Document Courier Service ➤ Logistical Solutions & Advice ➤ Home & Office Removal Service ➤ Commercial Delivery ➤ Domestic Delivery ➤ Specialty Delivery ➤ Heavy Haulage For more information, see "Future Technology" section of the post. (Video created by @Zebra) At this time as we do not have a feel for the games economy or market. So the financial department has decided not to release pricing until the games release or until more information is released about how the games economical systems may work. Below is the Start-up Cost sheet as of now for Velocity Logistics. These are subject to change due to the variability of costs in game. These are just estimates and does not include a pro forma (projected) profit and loss statement or a pro forma (projected) balance sheet. Those will be added after the economy in-game has been flushed out properly. Anyone looking to invest should contact @MichaelPayne or @VelocityLogistics. - Andrew, Financial Director This vehicle will be used for everyday delivery for both domestic and commercial operations: This vehicle will be used for high-priority & express delivery, again, for both domestic and commercial sectors: For heavy haulage, long distance and larger cargo, the vehicle shown below will be used: For commercial and domestic removal service, including homes and offices, the vehicle below will be used: To ensure that there is no delay in our operations, we have decided to implement our own maintenance division which will include these vehicles shown below: The future technology section is to showcase our ideas for future mods for when mod support is added in Identity. Whether it be vehicle technology or a pseudo global warming mechanic. See below for some of our current ideas. The above images show a custom in-vehicle operating system that allows the driver to log in with their unique credentials provided to access an array of custom features including delivery schedule, navigation maps, important updates from HQ, panic button, SOS breakdown recovery (and more). We would also like to implement a custom "Start/Stop" system, acting as a type of AFK mechanic. So if your vehicle is left unattended or idling for more than 15 seconds, the engine will cut off and then will automatically resume when the accelerator is pressed. This will save fuel and add immersion. Here is the PDA that we plan on using for our drivers when they are delivering goods. Our warehouse will be modern, in a vast and easily accessible area to meet all of our storage and operational needs. Exterior: Interior: This is our high detailed warehouse plan, it was made with full efficiency and productivity in mind. We took numerous hours to plan and assemble the blueprint. See numbered legend for specific details on each room. The office building will be the back-bone of our company, so we want to make sure it's comfortable and stylish for our employees. Exterior: Interior: Here at Velocity Logistics, security is of the up-most importance. So it is vital to us that we keep our customers belongings and logistics safe. To ensure this all employees will have a ID card for access to our warehouses and offices. The plan I have envisioned for Velocity Logistics is a consistent and efficient security procedure which will allow for smooth operations in any situation. Now I know that data protection is a very worry-some topic among businesses, so here at Velocity Logistics, all of our data centers will be kept securely in an isolated room with 24/7 surveillance and if that isn't enough, all electrical devices will have anti intrusion software which changes it's algorithms to match whatever type of cyber attack is happening. As stated above, all the employees will be given a special key card, with higher authority allows access to more places. Our warehouses will be fitted with hidden CCTV with facial recognition. As for our delivery vehicles, they will have GPS tracking integrated inside, as well as alarms. - Jin, Security Director Our uniform will be sleek, modern and comfortable. In addition it will be practical for all our staff. Below are the official partners of Velocity Logistics. Click on each image for more information. Skull & Bones is subsidiary of Velocity Logistics and specializes in signing talent and releasing music. Grimson Law Firm is our partnered law firm and specializes in a plethora of legal matters. We have partnered with Kylson's Fruit Imports to take care of all their logistical needs. APA is our partnered promotions agency and will be dealing with a lot of our marketing and advertising needs. Supreme is our newest partner and we will be taking care of all their logistical needs. If you wish to become part of the Velocity Logistics team, please fill out a short application form below and we will get back to you. Please note that applicants must have have a microphone and may be asked to join our discord server. Please note that higher positions (Directors etc.) will require a more experience and a more in-depth interview. Roles with available positions are marked * Available Positions CEO ➤ @HarryM & @MichaelPayne * Logistics Director ➤ AVAILABLE Logistics Management ➤ @Rhys1101 Financial Director ➤ @FrankLucas * Marketing Director ➤ AVAILABLE Legal Representation ➤ @Saavedro (Grimson Law Firm LLC.) Security Director ➤ @Jin * Personal Driver Operations Manager ➤ AVAILABLE Human Resources Manager ➤ @iLife Business Development Manager ➤ @nikichuu Head of Maintenance ➤ @Vincent_Luciano Secretary ➤ @JohnCrawford Warehouse Manager ➤ @Cstove * Business Development Team ➤ AVAILABLE; (Limited: 0/2) * Human Resources Team ➤ AVAILABLE; @PopStar (Limited: 1/3) * Warehouse Operator ➤ AVAILABLE * Personal Driver ➤ AVAILABLE; (Limited: 0/5) * Vehicle Mechanic/Technician ➤ AVAILABLE * Customer Service Assistant ➤ AVAILABLE * Driver ➤ Unlimited (Not Listed) Velocity Logistics Application Form Our Discord server has now been opened to the public. Anyone is welcome to join, if you have any questions to ask, want to apply, pre-order any services or anything else you can do so by asking a member of staff in our Discord. We hope to see you around. (Click to join our Discord) Thank you for reading. www.velocitylogistics.uk (Coming soon) - Velocity Logistics
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    Decorative Bowl (Chalice-like) by Antoine: Other Decorative Bowls by Antoine: Evidence Box by Antoine:
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    They are a new company, they are learning as they go. This is their first game as a team. If that scares you, then don't pledge. But if you believe in this game, and these Devs then show them some support!
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    Guys, the new website is pretty much finished but until the Credit Card Company sort out their end of things, that is out of the devs hands. They waited around 3 weeks or more for anything and "John/ Paratus" is still trying to sort it out with them as yes it is only their part in which needs to be done to have the website ready to launch. You might ask why does it matter about that CC company? Well it matters because the new website promised that their would be more payment options, for those who cannot pay using Paypal or a card. This is why it is important and well it is the company who are being slow on doing their part for the devs. I hope this helps answer the concerns/ questions. Regards, LuckyDuck
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    Just that. In light of the TS Module being delayed (again), and it apparently being so close to being finished. One would think that you would see some more gameplay videoes and screenshots coming from the devs to whet the appetite of those excited and to calm the nerves of those skeptical. It's just a weird choice not too release more in my opinion. Thoughts?
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    We don't need police/sheriff in the Town Square, we only need mall cops, because they are cheaper labour force than police/sheriff and... -They dont need weapons, maybe taser, flashlight or nightstick but mostly mall cop uses hot sauce as their primary weapon -Cheaper labour force, they will save millions of dollars for city in salaries -Mall cops uses eco friendly vehicles like segway or they walk -And they are funny
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    According to developer, the prison system shall consist of a maximum sentence of fourty-five minutes. However, certain criminals shall possess the opportunity to request for a lawyer and/or jury in order to engage in a fair trial, which shall determine whether the suspect is either innocent or guilty. Unfortunately, such a system would be meaningless based on the following reasons: 1. Organizing the trial may take longer than fourty-five minutes. 2. Traveling to the trial may take longer than fourty-five minutes. 3. It would take at least thirty minutes to several hours for the defendant and accuser to disclose any valuable information to their respective lawyers in order for the case to be argued effectively. 4. The police department would be required to engage in an in-depth investigation in order to present information against the defendant 5. Arguing both perspectives within the courts shall take longer than fourty-five minutes. 6. It would take longer than fourty-five minutes for the jury to determine whether the defendant is innocent or guilty directly after reviewing the information with one another. 7. The defendant may prefer to undergo fourty-five minutes in prison than to spend several thousand dollars on a reputable and credible lawyer. 8. Both legal representatives would be expected to continuously review updated information on an hourly to daily basis. ------------------------- In conclusion, based on these premises, the current judicial and prison system is deemed to be pointless considering that it eliminates the aspect of role-play within the game. Why is it meaningless?: Since Identity is a ROLEPLAY-ORIENTED game, judicial trials should be heavily promoted in order to ensure that players are capable of truthfully experiencing the lifestyle of a judge, jury, lawyer, defendant, and accuser. In the process, it would increase the demand for well-skilled Lawyers that are expected to heavily assess the LEGISLATIVE (Politically-enacted laws) and JUDICIAL (Judge-enacted Laws) on a daily or weekly basis in order to ensure that one is familiarized with the Law. Thus, a few ALTERNATIVES must be formed in order to ENHANCE the role-play aspect of the game. ALTERNATIVES: 1. Heavily increase the time that an individual is expected to spend within prison for MAJOR offenses. I.E. Executing a Law enforcement officer should be altered to 1-2 hours. 2. Repeated offenders should receive a 2x longer sentence for committing the IDENTICAL offense within an X amount of time within Identity Island. I.E. 15 minutes the first time of committing theft, 30 minutes the second time of committing theft, one hour the third time of committing theft, and two hours the fourth time of committing theft. 3. Since prisons are intended to be extremely interactive and engaging, it would be 10x more interesting if inmates were to spend more time within prison in order to develop a "prison lifestyle" with other inmates. I.E. Prison riots, prison gangs, smuggling contraband into prison, visiting inmates within prison through a phone and a bullet-proof window, "court/yard time" activities such as basketball or weightlifting, and "prison-breaks". The "prison experience" seems meaningless when the maximum sentence shall only be "45 minutes". 4. Criminal offenses should produce a criminal record that is available to any employer that requests for such records by a Law enforcement officer, causing criminals to heavily rely on a well-trained lawyer in order to maintain a good-standing with the corporate world in the future. 5. It increases the NEED for investigative-related services within police departments and private-security companies in order to present their findings within court as a means towards determining whether a suspect is guilty or innocent. The list could be endless...
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    HURRY THE F*** UP! <3 Casino
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    Damn, what is wrong with people these days?? Swallow your damn anxiety dude! Learn to freaking wait like everybody else, you are not special, as your parents probably told you. I've been waiting for this game since it was announced, too many years ago, so what? Go play something else and stop complaining.
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    The 100th post complaining about the developers. Either: A) Request for a refund B) Post within one out of the hundred topics on "the developers suck/game takes too long" Individuals sound like spoiled self-entitled children with these topics... Create your own game if one considers such a task to be this easy. If anything, the developers should produce a "Complaints" section within the forums in order to filter out these unnecessary topics that spam "The Town's Square" section of the forums. Two posts within the account? Clearly a troll.
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    Put your dummy back in your ass mate. Development is going well and the developers are doing really well so quit your bitching or take your refund and go buy some paitence.
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    Another typical whinger who has no argument or anything constructive to say other than "devs r lazy dur de he hur" 😂😂 probably friends with ecorp or something.
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    Okay so looking at this post I can see that your argument is full of flaws. - 2.5 years for 33% of the game isn't exactly correct, you are saying that every module is the same size(which they are not). The first module is the largest since it is the foundation of the game, it includes all the main mechanics. and even if they were the same amount of work they would be over the 33% since half the development team is working on the other module. - The graphics are great if you think about the fact its made by a small team. The time it took to make the game though cant be an argument here seeing that they have had to rewrite their code. - Far Cry 5 is not a comparison you can make with Identity. first of all the team behind Far Cry 5 is quite large unlike Identity. Secondly comparing graphics is like comparing apples and oranges, there are many different styles of graphics and even though Far Cry looks quite realistic it doesn't have the steam coming out of the grates like Identity does, there are many different details in Identity that Far Cry doesn't have. - Your last point is sketchy as well, we don't know anything at the moment as you stated, sure Identity might take some time to release but as I said before, the first module is probably the biggest as it is the foundation of the game, you cant compare one module with the whole game. If you really don't support the game then don't, just get a refund, but there is no point of posting this in the forum. This forum is mostly used to ask questions, not to share your opinion.
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    It would be unfair to say the developers are lazy because unlike the developers of Far Cry, Asylum has a smaller team and does not have a base model to build upon as what they are trying to produce will be ground breaking in it self. Think about this: if the team was to put out an unpolished result and try to refine it while users are testing, we all would be complaining that it is garbage which will result in the project crashing before it has a chance to change the gaming arena. 2015 until now may be a very long time to be waiting given the build up of anticipation and I would think asylum knows this and are trying to speedily get the ball rolling. I can be very impatient at times but if asylum completes what I envision this game to be then it will be well worth it.
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    Short Afro Hairstyle by Miroslav: Sandals by Umut: Socks by Umut: Round Ottoman by Jade:
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    About Us Have you ever been to a nightclub? We assure you that you haven't been to one like this. Nova represents the peak of the night life, outshining and rising up against all the competition. We guarantee a night of escapism, excitement and amazement. Providing the best, most popular Dance, House and Techno tracks with our in house DJ, we are the only venue to consider for your nightlife. With very late closing times you can lose yourself to the night and forget the stresses of reality as you indulge in some of the best experiences life has to offer. Our bar is fully stocked and the drink never stops flowing. So what are you waiting for? Join us at Nova and Bring On The Night! Rules At Nova we pride ourselves on the freedom of our customers. You will not find many rules within our premises. There are however a few exceptions: Standard laws apply. Failure to adhere to the law will involve suspension from the premises and the authorities being called Illegal drugs are not to be consumed on the premises No firearms or weapons are to be taken into the premises Fighting with other customers may invoke suspension from the premises Vomiting, whilst not against any rules, is strongly advised against No fighting/arguing with the bouncers Apart from these very few rules, the possibilities at Nova are endless. Bring On The Night Our Bar This is what you can expect our bar to look like. It will stock a variety of popular drinks/beverages for all of our customers. There will be special events such as happy hour on certain days at certain times. As you can see, the architecture of our premises is by far some of the best in the nightlife scene. The VIP Lounge For an extra fee, a VIP wristband may be purchased. This will grant the wearer access to the VIP lounge which includes a booth, private music, a private bar and table service. We also provide all of our VIP wristband holders a free drink as an act of courtesy. Merchandise We offer a range of merchandise advertising our famous logo. We offer a range of shirts in a variety of colours. Here is an example of a few that can be purchased from our establishment. More merchandise will be posted soon Music Below are some typical examples of the types of music you can expect to find within our establishment. We will take requests from our customers on certain nights. These songs are explicit and are clicked at your own doing: https://youtu.be/fV3VifeC7Xw https://youtu.be/yKtUv2QQavk https://youtu.be/pYbIVhYm8tc Current Positions CEO - BreadlyHovis Manager - 0/2 Bar Staff - 0/5 Table Service Staff - 0/3 DJ - 0/2 Doorman/Bouncer - 0/2 Security - 0/3 Cleaner - 0/2 Please contact BreadlyHovis if you are interested in any of these roles and wish to join us!
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    Due to the sense of community Velocity Logistics has, we would like to extend our hand to any players that lost their jobs because of this structural change. Anyone interested may fill out an application here. Velocity Logistics Recruitment Team
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    I've been playing about on 3DTuning(http://www.3dtuning.com/en-US/) playing with cars I'd like to see in Identity (knock-off versions). Wondered if anyone else does this and if so could share their designs here. Here are a few of mine.
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    Instead of making predictions just let the devs do their work, the game will release when it does.
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    Why are so many people trying to remake Identity lol ... legit there are parts in this video that are from the town square dev stream like the road ending with those yellow dustbins and the stores and the character customization a little.
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    HITMAN Are you interested in killing people? This is the right place youve come to then. Youll be able to kill people here and earn money from that. We are HITMAN and we don´t show mercy. IF YOU WANNA JOIN, LEAVE A POST OR PM ME
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    Just a quick post to say my opinion has changed now since the gameplay stream, anyone else more positive?
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    Checkers Pieces by Philipp: Game Controller by Jade: Headphones by Umut:
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    There are no new tasks being added, they are the same tasks getting done.
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    When I think scam, I'm imagining a person/people deliberately baiting others into giving them free money without intent to deliver. It's more probable that this game keeps getting snagged by a couple of things to make it in danger of reaching a thing we indie devs call Development Hell. Firstly, people need to realize that this project is ambitious beyond belief even for a seasoned developer. These types of games typically require a studio hundreds if not more devs working full-time to get done as quickly as the player base is demanding. Secondly, the budget funds raised for the game are nowhere near enough to sustain a team working full-time on this project. Which means unless they dipped into their own pockets to fund or found another source of funds, this project would have probably tilted more on the side of a Passion Project (working on a game in spare time for free/for the love of game dev itself). Thirdly, especially in an indie studio where the team is on the smaller side, life stuff happening chisels out dev times harder than in a team where there's plenty of people to cover if one or more people are out of commission for awhile. So my fear and hesitation for this game isn't so much that I think it is a scam (I personally do not believe it is - from a fellow indie game dev POV), but that it is a project that is highly susceptible to fall indefinitely into Development Hell at some point. Especially in the long run of things. MMO's are a pain to maintain and keep content fresh and updated. It's a neverending developed game, unlike offline games. ^^;; The only problem I have so far with this game (other than the extreme Dev Hell risk) is that there needs to be a touch more understanding on management: How to market/maintain their backer interest, prioritizing certain things, etc. for example the lack of communication by way of making gameplay videos and "pledge package" details, etc. NDA-type stuff is mandatory for large companies that fund their own games. It shouldn't be so hard to find organized pockets of info and gameplay videos and all that for a game that is crowdfunded. A.K.A. you can't create a crowdfund game and treat the marketing the same way a AAA-title game company will. I mean you CAN, but it's not really a nice thing to do.
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    right can we please have this sorted? every week now there is at least 2-3 posts like this where it's someone whining about anything and everything. yes people are entitled to express their feelings but legit this is every week if not every day and most of us are fed up of seeing it. also if you've been here for 2 years like you claim then you'd know to be patient like the rest of us as opposed to some people who have been here a few months and think they deserve everything for nothing.
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    A bit misleading with a title like that...
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    In the game no, they are not allowed and will be removed!
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    Greetings everyone! The Twitch VOD of John showcasing character creation and the Town Square has been uploaded to the Identity YouTube!
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    You're completely right, we are going to use all the feedback we receive to change/fix different aspects, but right now the game isn't out so criticizing different things won't do anything.
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    You're a special kind of stupid aren't you? I don't usually go down this route but you clearly don't understand how this works so I'll break it down. First the town square gets released eventually which is the foundation and ground work for this game. Then afterwards, modules 2 and 3 are released down the line respectively and that gives us more of the game to enjoy. Thirdly the beta is then eventually released even further down the line after all 3 modules are out. The beta is as close to the real game as we will get until the full release. So no this game isn't a scam and you demanding the beta right now makes you look like a self entitled, demanding brat. You clearly haven't been here long enough to know what goes on and certainly haven't been here long enough to warrant a right to make demands and call this game a scam. Please come back when you get educated on how game development works.
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    Side-Parted Hairstyle by Miroslav: Water Cooler by Antoine: Megaphone by Jade:
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    Get over it, thats all you get when a game of this magnitude isn't finished yet. Quit being a baby and wait.
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    I must admit being a "PC Gamer" is kind of a let down from all the hype I've heard from ppl over the years...I seen so many games, playing on consoles and now PC for a year, go for $60 and not even come close to the scale this game aims to be. I've seen people say $45 is too much!?!?!? WHAT?! How many games have sold for $60 years after they were released. I don't understand why it's so hard for people to understand how massive Identity actually plans to be, with enough support from us, and how early in the process we are...I see some of the moderator's tell others that they are shooting for 2020-2021 release...GOD I hope NOT! No game has ever been made on a scale like this and it takes years to make games a fraction of this size, from more established, fully funded, veteran developers. With many MANY years of experience making games just LIKE it, though they get better and better with every iteration. Asylum making Identity would be like Rockstar making GTA 7 or 8 as it's first game...Red Dead Redemption 2 has already taken 7+ years, and that's from a well established developer, that didn't have to wait for more developer's or funding. If we expect Identity to be the game it can be...Then this team, in it's current size, will need more time than that 20-21 release date, and so much more funding. I can't understand how people actually expect a smaller, newer, less seasoned company to make a game in scale like Identity, and do it in less time, with lot less money. Than an experienced developer with a solid foothold in the industry, and with how many games under it's belt?...come on people let's be realistic...If we can't start acting like gaming enthusiasts, I don't really see many games becoming the games that can really set PC gaming apart from any other platform...unless of course they already have everything they need. Asylum is basically skipping years and years of development making smaller games to jump to their piece de resistance. The ONLY way this happens, is if we believe in their vision, and give them the support they need thru us banding together as gamer's and telling the industry the games WE want to play! We aren't gonna get better games, than the games going for $60, if we keep hearing games shouldn't cost X amount on a platform that's supposed to be for gaming enthusiasts.
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    Looked fantastic, really glad to finally see it. I'd assume that the reason the Dev's ignored chat for the most part was to stop the stream getting derailed and sidetracked which IMO was probably purely necessary... I hope that the gameplay and future content quells some of the doubters and reassures anyone on the fence. The content looked incredible and detailed. The graffiti leak, in addition to all the other stuff, chess, movies, tattoos, etc for instance just highlights the level of attention the Dev's have and justifies the development time/delays IMO. Can't wait for release. Any chance you wanna give me Dev access in the meantime 🤣🤣 Seriously outstanding work...
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    I was quite impressed with the town square. Obviously there were some bugs with the clothing and I think the shaders need work but the graphics were pretty solid especially for a what is basically a pre-alpha build . Some people are disappointed but I didn't expect it to be polished. Maybe im more impressed because i've only been waiting around a year, not 3. But overall, it was larger than I expected compare to the concept art and it exceeded what I was expecting. Looks like a solid foundation to build the game on. Great work devs even if it did need to be pushed back
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    Game-development isn't instant, nor does it always go according to schedule. Asylum is working everyday for hours on end to get this out as fast as they can to make the community happy. This is simply part of game-development, and when, or if, you donated, you should have been aware that delays and/or new tasks being added is part of it.