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  1. What guns do you want to see?

    Heckler & Koch P8, I'm military and got to shoot with this german pistol, prefer it over the Beretta M9
  2. Crafting and how will it work?

    Ok so I found this, and don't know how I missed it the first time... What's the difference between a career and a job? A job is a task which anybody can attempt at any given time, while a career is a dedicated path players can follow with its own progression and growth. For example, hunting animals and delivering pizza are jobs, although the police force and fire department are careers with ranks, rewards and achievements of their own. Can I have many careers at once? You can only belong to one career at a time. You can change careers when you wish, but you may face a small penalty in the career you're abandoning. So this is really helpful, but at the same time still leaves questions. Are things like mining/hunting jobs or careers, my guess would honestly be jobs but many consider mining a career in the real world. Hope this helps some and even gives more for us to all converse about.
  3. Hi y'all

    Welcome to Identity!
  4. Crafting and how will it work?

    @Hatoful @Capped , Thanks for your insights. Honestly I'm hoping for something more on Hatoful's theory but would be happy either way in the end really.
  5. Great Futures!!

    Thanks @Hatoful and @JamesLuck01, really excited about this game.
  6. The Neighborhood - Recruiting!

    1) Age? 20 2) Location? U.S.A. 3) How long have you been gaming? 15 Years, started when xb came out 4) Which role do you currently prefer? (Undecided is fine) Politics, or medical related occupation. If architecture is confirmed as an occ. I will be doing that most likely. 5) PvE, PvP, or Hybrid? PvE on most games, only enjoyed PvP on games like TESO. 6) How many hours per week do you plan on playing? 50+ hrs a week 6) What is the reason why you want to join? As a political stance having people back you and put you into office is great. I, much like yourself, love leading and having people who agree with you and support you. Not only this but there will be some who don't agree with me allowing me to see other points of view and allowing me to learn new things not only in-game. I really enjoy close knit teams and know this will be a great experience and educational opportunity for myself and all those involved.
  7. Tow Truck Driver

    I would also like to see how they will control car crashes, lets say your'e a tow truck or even a trucker on a mission. Then lets add those annoying people who like making your day terrible and crashing into on purpose messing up the cargo and making a mission not worth it. Would there be any way to stop this?
  8. Architecture?

    Yes 100+ but for millions of players, its stated in the video released that there are a number of houses but not unlimited like apartments. Besides also adding architects could create new buildings for apartments in the most likely case that the map will be expanded at some point in the future. People opening up shops or choosing business could also hire these architects to make plans for a building perhaps. Anyhow you answering for the devs is somewhat annoying, i understand your opinion but you answer in a way that makes it seem like you have authority, as in "there wont be any architecture jobs" makes it seem like you have a hold on whats being processed. Not in an offensive manner but just know these are opinions and suggestions for the game.
  9. Crafting and how will it work?

    This I know, and you can become a miner (metal) and hunter (leather) as well, but can you do both of these without hassle or do you have to choose one?
  10. Architecture?

    This isn't about being hired, just a profession in game, people wanting to expand the game for the better of said game. Of course they would get ingame cash for their profession if their ideal was taken on, but i think its another great way for the community to effect the world even more.
  11. Now it was stated that this game won't level like most other mmo's so I was wondering how that would effect crafting. As someone who likes to spend lots of time creating things in games, I would like to see a level-like system so that you have something to work towards. I also would like to know more about how you would obtain the materials you need and if you are limited to choosing 'mining' or if you could mine and become a lumberjack. Please post any information you can release to us about how crafting will work.
  12. Pizza Delivery?

    I feel that if the devs give these drivers the option to steal my pizza, I would go hungry.....
  13. Architecture?

    I would actually really enjoy this as a job and put tons of time into it, maybe it could be a job to help create new houses for the game.
  14. Apartment/Housing Customization Video

    Looks absolutely amazing, I can't wait to begin crafting I can already see a lot of time going into this game. Is there anyway you could make a teaser or video more about crafting?
  15. Great Futures!!

    Hello everyone, I'm Venser. I am 20 y/o and don't quite know how this game stayed under my radar for this long but super happy I found out about it. I really cant wait for all the new experiences this game will create and all the new people I will meet on the way. See you all in game, and if you can't wait (like me) comment below and create a new friendship