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  1. We will have discovered transportation to other dimensions before identity gets released.
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  6. Yeah imma make some identity montages
  7. accepted as trial!
  8. Roster Bunni, Gutchi Thero Salty.Connor Winchester Steve Spacegod Mur Noliver Zane Trials not listed Inactives Com, Hank Storm, Walt Jr, Toasted, Blaine_TV, Newfie, Zane, Ernie, Hectic, Fudger, Aleco, Bob Lee, Crusoe, Liam, Witz, raaid, Apache, dog Banned Members s0mething, promethus, scofield / Logan Yankee, sean carboni, lbear, katheeri, Analdo, Tiger, Jwilly, Connor McGreggor, Mako
  9. [A gang made to fight and have fun.] Requirements - Knowledge of cartels - Know how to get kills - Tactical communications - Team oriented - Have someone vouch for you - Financially Stable - Active Application Format In-game name: Timezone: Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot): Previous gang affiliations: Why we should accept you: Member who can vouch for you :